International Travel – Dutch Refugee Passport

I am a refugee in the Netherlands from Kenya. I want to return to Kenya for an emergency visit. I can not use my Kenyan passport and I am afraid to use my refugee passport issued by the Government of the Netherlands because I have heard that you can not use it to visit your country. country of origin. The reason I'm not scared to go back to Kenya is because I can stay safe if I stay there for only a few days … the reason I'm not there. I asked for asylum in the Netherlands is a bit unique. My question is: are holders of a Dutch refugee passport allowed to use it to travel to their country of origin?

visas – JFK's American Refugee Travel Title to Sri Lanka

AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! I write this now and after 8h flight to Sri Lanka via Dubai. My situation is as follows: my asylum has been granted to an asylum recently received by RTD and is now going to Sri Lanka via Dubai from New York. My question is

1) Do I need a visa?

2) There are customs / border problems in Dubai? Sri Lanka?

3) Do I use only the RTD for the whole trip (I always have a valid citizen from my home country) or do I have to use my passport?

Help me, please?

Do I need a visa to travel to Mexico as a holder of a green card with a refugee travel document?

Today, the airlines of Alaska will not let me board, because I do not have a visa on my refugee travel document. My original (non-US) passport has expired.
1 year ago, I went to Cancun Mexico with RTD & GC without problems. Is it because of a harmful supervisor?

As of March 1, 2010, all visitors to Mexico by air, land or sea must present a valid passport or travel document (not expired) from their country to enter Mexico.
In order to facilitate and promote travel to Mexico, as of May 2016, all foreign nationals, regardless of their nationality, traveling to Mexico for tourism, commercial or transit purposes are NOT required to travel to Mexico. 39; obtain a Mexican visa if they have a valid visa (not expired) Visa or permanent residence from any of these countries: United States of America, Canada, Japan , United Kingdom or Schengen zone (European Union).

Does a Syrian refugee living in Germany need a visa for Lebanon?

I am Syrian and I am a refugee living in Germany, Berlin. I wondered if I could travel to Lebanon without a visa.

Can I travel to Greece from Holland? I have a refugee travel document while my residence permit is still pending?

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Traveling with a South African refugee passport / travel document

which countries can I visit with the South African passport / travel document for refugees? I need the list of countries of the world visa-free listed on the refugee passport / South African travel document. Thank you.