Ads Budget Refund


i started using digit point ads 2 weeks ago and i add $25 fund to my ad account

i used some of the $25 and there $10 left

can i do refund for this $10?


bookings – British airways refund

I booked a flight from MAA to LHR direct flight for for a travel in January. BA kept cancelling the flight and finally I changed the booking to a connection flight (MAA -> BOM -> LHR) for the 28th of April via another airlines.

since the change was initiated by me, BA asked for a hefty sum. So when talking with the BA call center support over phone on 10April I asked for the full cancellation and refund.

The representative confirmed he will cancel and refund in a few days. However after a few days, the refund did not come through and now the booking reference says “Sorry, we are unable to display your booking as all the flights have been flown.”

Is there a way to get my refund now?

google play store – How many times I will get refund for in-app purchases for same app?

I’m doing in-app purchases for a game for myself and for my friends. I will do daily 2-3 transaction daily. But today when I purchased an item in that game it was not added to that game account. So I refunded from Playstore and it was successful.

If the same problem arises in future for same game Will I get refund form Playstore

Is there a Blockchain Refund Department

Is there a Blockchain Refund Department – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

air travel – TAP Airline Refund

I purchased two tickets to Prague in November 2019 to leave June 16, 2020 on with the airline TAP -Then COVID hit. In May 2020 I was told by Priceline that I had to call TAP to reschedule or get a refund/travel credit. I did and they told me I had to wait until the day of my departure. I called and called and called on the day of my departure and none answered. I sent an email, no one answered (and still has not almost a year later). I got on Facebook and contacted TAP they said it’s Priceline that needs to refund me – Priceline says its TAP. I want to take the trip again when it’s safe, I just want a travel credit and not one person in TAP or Priceline will respond or help. I paid with American Express and they said that since TAP won’t respond there is nothing they can do. I’m out over $1000

How to Get a Refund from Justfly

How to Get a Refund from Justfly


Netherlands import fee refund when leaving country with stuff

I have bought a laptop from the US. They sent me the laptop to my address in the Netherlands by UPS.
Before delivering the laptop, UPS asked me to pay 380 Euros for the Import fee.
I am a businessman living temporarily in the Netherlands with a residence permit.
I have bought this laptop for my personal use.
When leaving the Netherlands, can I claim for refund of the import fee?
If yes, How should I handle it?

Magento 2 : How to refund as per payment method using credit memo?

Is their any way to refund online to payment method within credit memo ?

Please share your thoughts on this.

Qatar Airways cancelled the flight, but I cannot get a refund. What can I do?

My girlfriend booked a flight from MUC to CGK:

  • MUC -> CGK: 22.05.2021
  • CGK -> MUC: 13.05.2021

Yesterday Qatar Airways wrote her that the flight MUC -> CGK is no longer available. They offer her to fly one day later (23.05.2021, “Acknowledge changes”) or “Request a refund”:

enter image description here

She wants to fly one day earlier instead (21.05.2021) and keep the flight back. This is available and even cheaper. So we clicked on “Request a refund”. Then we get redirected to the general help page:

enter image description here

There I can see a German call center. I called this multiple times during the day, but they always directly hang up. I don’t even hear them taking the call.

I’ve reached out to them in private on Twitter and pinged them in public on Twitter. No reaction.

What can I do?

Trying to edit / change the flight

I tried to change the flight, but there is no button to do so:

enter image description here

Why does Magento2 add 0.0001 in the credit memo refund processing?

I am talking about the file


here in codes

if ($desiredAmount < $this->priceCurrency->round($maxAllowedAmount) + 0.0001) { 


if ($desiredAmount > $maxAllowedAmount - 0.0001) {

why is there addition and subtraction of the amount 0.0001

Can’t this be done without this?

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