php – Selects content between tags using regex

I therefore need to select the content between all

Keywords. They look like this:

//Code i need to get

I've tried creating a preg_match_all but his selection of the tables I want is not

$data = preg_match_all('/(.*?)/s', $page);

What should I change in my regex or what is wrong?
Thank you to all of you.

Google Sheets – Regex – Extract text only from first brackets

If I have a string such as:

(text1) blablablabla (text2) blalal

How to extract only what is inside first ()?

I use this formula to extract content between ()

REGEXEXTRACT(B52, "((.+))")

With the formula above, I would get: text1)(text2.

I do not know how to limit it only to the first pair of (), where I would only get text1

python 3.x – regex string after the plus symbol

Match string after the "+" symbol and separated by a space:

import re
s = '(A) 2011-03-02 2011-03-01 Call Mom +project1 +project2'
re.findall('s(+.*?)', s)
# result ('+', '+')
re.findall('s(+project(0-9)*)', s2)
# result ('+project1', '+project2')

The parts of my target are +project1 and +project2. Why this reason re.findall('s(+.*?)', s) can not find these targets?

How can I get URL PATH with Regex?

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regex – How to check if the string is in one of the 2 javascript scripts

I understand that the following checks for the Greek unicode script
But is it possible to check if the script is one of the 2/3 options?

I tried to do


But these do not seem to work.

Regex, how to match: string + any group of characters between + string

This seems to be a very simple problem, but I do not find how to do it.

Here is my test string:
For example.


What I have here is a JSON hours of closing / opening a store.

I just have to check if the 3rd day of the week has this exact string:closing":"00:00"},{"opening":"00:00"

Two things to note here.

  • Between the "3": and closing":"00:00"},{"opening":"00:00" Character strings ANY number of characters may exist, this is not fixed because stores may have 1.2 or 3 hours of closure. If this was fixed, I would simply use X number of wildcards in my regex and I would not ask that question.

  • Please also note that searching for closing":"00:00"},{"opening":"00:00" the chain must not be made outside the limits of the 3rd day of the week. So, the closing hook ] the 3rd day of the week should be where the correspondence stops, because I do not want the chain to be matched in the remaining days.

javascript – Regex help to format numbers with commas

I have a string of numbers that looks like 999999999.99999 and I would like it to be 999,999,999.99999

Using the code below works, but I get commas after the decimal point, like this: 999 999 999.99 999

var numberstring = 999999999.99999;
numberstring.toString().replace(/B(?=(d{3})+(?!d)(W))/g, ",");

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

sublimetext3 – Replacement of all class identifiers with a specific name using regEx in Sublime Text

I have a huge CSS file and I want convert all identifier selectors to the class selector using regEx in Find and Replace area in the text editor. j & # 39; uses Sublime Text 3.

In this file, I have hexagonal colors like #333 and #ff0000 which must be taken into account and the regEx model must not follow it.

expected result


#333 /*do not track*/
#ff0000 /*do not track*/
#item1 /*found*/
#item2 /*found*/
#item3 /*found*/


#333 /*do not track*/
#ff0000 /*do not track*/

What is the best regex template to convert #item to .item?
Thanks in advance!

regex – Rounding and some manipulations using regular expressions

I have a geojson file (800+ mb) and a large part consists of polygons with the parameter "heightroof" which is poorly written. "Heightroof" must be replaced by "height", there must be no quotation marks before the height parameter, and the height parameter must be rounded. Here is the sample.

Instead of that:

"shape_area": "854.66243317866",
"heightroof": "21.3423423",

I need this:

"shape_area": "854.66243317866",
"height": 21,

I am able to search "heightroof": "(. *?)" and replace with "height": 1 using regex in Emeditor will work, but I can not round the numbers.

regex for extract number after word in a file with python

I have a txt file with the number of tests passed and failed as below

**** Tests passed: 20
**** Tests failed: 4
I want to capture the number for past and failed and write it to another file separated by a tabulation

I have tried the regular expression below but it only gives the number passed although the script reads all the lines of the file, help would be welcome.
"Successful tests: ( d +)"
"Tests failed: ( d +)"