Low prices for /22, /23, /24 from RIPE IPv4 and IPv6 lease. ASN registration also possible!

Hi there,

we have IPv4 addresses /22, /23, /24 and IPv6 addresses for lease. An ASN Registration is also possible.

We are a solid German business with offices in Stuttgart and Munich.

The Prices are:


/24 = 65€ per month

/23 = 125€ per month

/22 = 240€ per month


/48 = 20€ per Month

bigger than /48 = Ask us

ASN registration:

20€ per Month

We are looking especially for long-term agreements.

You can find more information at https://develapp.me/en/rent-ip-address/.

Feel free to contact us directly via ip@develapp.me or via the contact form at our website!

Business Contact:

Mo’s Operations GmbH

Konrad-Zuse-Straße 12

D-70134 Böblingen


Franz-Joseph-Str. 11

D-80801 Munich


plugins – How to block domain from registration

I am using UMP (Ultimate Membership Plugin) in wordpress website for the subscription and using inbuilt form of this plugin. Problem is that, some spam user registering into the site. And, I want to block specific domains to register into the website.

I have also used “Ban Hammer” plugin but that also didn’t work as well.

Rebill.me Registration

Is there any requirement to register in rebill.me?

When i tried to register it pops "You cannot use this WMID, try another one"

Any one have the account?

UML diagrams of user registration flow

This is my first UML diagram for the user registration flow.

After checking the diagram, I feel like I have a crowded diagram compared to what I can find in Google search.

My questions:

Are my alt and else correct use of branches?

Is it worthwhile to include error responses in sequence diagrams?

Is it worthwhile to include the notes that I have included?

Here is my sequence diagram design:

enter description of image here

And here is my sequence diagram code:


actor Client
participant Controller
participant UserRepository
participant UserProfileRepository
database MongoDB

Client -> Controller ++ : Registration Request
note left
Http Method: POST
end note

Controller -> Controller : Validate token type,nemail, passwordnand email not alreadynused

alt if all are valid
Controller -> UserRepository ++ : Create new user
UserRepository -> MongoDB : Save creatednuser in DB
UserRepository -> Controller -- : Return created user

Controller -> UserProfileRepository ++ : Create new user profile
UserProfileRepository -> MongoDB : Save created usernprofile in DB
UserProfileRepository -> Controller -- : Return created user profile

Controller -> Client : Return user id
note left
Http Status : 201 Created
User id returned in Header
Location: /users/USER_ID,/usersProfiles/USER_ID
end note
else if invalid token
Controller -> Client : invalid request
note left
Http Status : 400 Bad Request
end note
else if invalid email
Controller -> Client : invalid email
note left
Http Status : 400 Bad Request
end note
else if invalid password
Controller -> Client : invalid invalid password
note left
Http Status : 400 Bad Request
end note
else if email already used
Controller -> Client -- : user already exist
note left
Http Status : 409 Conflict
end note


magento 1.9 – Magento1 how to check emails during registration

I do the verification email before registering. But I can't check with the code. I need everyone's help

public service createPersonAction () {

$ data = $ this-> getRequest () -> getPost ();

$ session = Mage :: getSingleton (& # 39; core / session & # 39;);

$ person = Mage :: getModel (& # 39; cours / cours & # 39;);

        //$customer = Mage::getModel('course/course');
            "Email Exist";
        $session->addSuccess('Add a person sucessfully');
    } catch(Exception $e){
        $session->addError('Add Error');

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Can i include paypal in drupal 7 user registration

I have a drupal 7 website. I need the user to register and subscribe to the website with payment. I do not want to use any trade related module. I need the user registration to be redirected to Paypal upon submission, where the user will pay and return to the site.

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