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Orthopedic surgeon and spine

Dr. David Edis is an orthopedic surgeon and spine.

David's main interest is the management of spinal disorders in adults. He has special expertise in less invasive techniques to manage spinal deformities. David uses minimally open lateral surgery (or OLIF) and posterior robot guided percutaneous screw placement, which can reduce blood loss, perioperative risk, and recovery times for patients undergoing spinal fusion surgery. David has extensive experience in all facets of spinal surgery, from the simplest to the most complex, covering cervical and lumbar pelvic disorders. Active researcher and medical teacher, he believes in lifelong clinical training. He constantly updates his skills and helps other surgeons update their skills.

Spine surgery in the adult
Hip and knee arthroplasty
Arthroscopy of the knee
Orthopedic trauma
David believes in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and works closely with leading caregivers, pain specialists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, nurses and occupational therapists to provide modern, evidence-based care. for patients with diseases of the spine.

David considers that surgery is only part of the solution for patients and encourages them to seek additional information about their medical conditions so they can make an informed choice and, if necessary, to follow. non-surgical treatments and self-management before making the surgery decision. It encourages supervised rehabilitation of all patients undergoing surgical treatment and follows patients for 12 months or more to monitor results.