Amazon Web Services – Removing and then reinstalling Anaconda on an AWS Ubuntu Deep Learning EC2 instance and unable to enter in-depth learning environments

I just set up an Ubuntu Deep Learning AMI EC2 instance. I am a beginner on AWS / Packet Processing.

My goal is to use the instance to run a Python deep learning script. This script uses a variety of packages.

When installing some of these packages with conda, an error has occurred indicating inconsistencies in the environment for more than 100 packages. After several attempts to solve this problem, I thought that removing Anaconda and reinstalling it could do the trick. After that, I realized that I had perhaps further spoiled my instance. I can no longer use the predefined deep learning environments for which the AMI has been configured because they have been accessed using conda commands, which seems to have been removed (IMO).

I've tried repeating the commands, but I get an error stating that these environments no longer exist. A tutorial using these commands is mentioned here:

active source tensorflow_p36

I was expecting the above to enter the tensorflow_p36 environment. A sin:

(tensorflow_p36) ubuntu @ ip-172-31-45-96: ~ / scripts

However, this gives an error message:

impossible to find the environment: tensorflow_p36

I realize that the uninstallation of conda was a major rookie error that seems to have totally disabled my instance. If anyone has any ideas to get it back, it would be very appreciated!

thank you so much

Unable to decrypt the encrypted home directory after reinstalling Ubuntu 18.04 (fscrypt)

I've encrypted my / home / directory on Ubuntu 18.04 by following

Due to an update failed, I had to reinstall.

As I had / home on a separate partition, I first tried reinstalling with reuse of the / home partition. Unfortunately, it did not work. I could not connect. No warning, return to the login screen.

So I did an install on a partition, using the same username and password as before, and manually mounted the old / home partition and tried to Decrypt my old / home directory with the help of fscrypt unlock, but that fails.

Fscrypt status of my home directory:

fscrypt status aak
"aak" is encrypted with fscrypt.

Policy: 5a49d89d52d640f9 Unlocked: No

Protected with 1 protector: PROTECTOR BOND DESCRIPTION
                    [filesystem /mnt: no device with UUID "e2a3115b-7111-4cb8-ac31-966baea755c3": cannot follow filesystem link]

And when I try to unlock it:

aak @ aak-XPS-15-9570: / mnt $ fscrypt unlock aak --verbose
2019/07/06 11:43:22 keyringID (_uid.1000) = 251180423, 
2019/07/06 11:43:22 KeyctlLink (251180423, -2) = 
2019/07/06 11:43:22 keyringID (session) = 753358341, 
2019/07/06 11:43:22 KeyctlSearch (753358341, keyring, _uid.1000) = 251180423, 
2019/07/06 11:43:22 Reading the configuration of "/etc/fscrypt.conf"
2019/07/06 11:43:22 context creation for "aak"
2019/07/06 11:43:22 aak is on the ext4 file system "/ mnt" (/ dev / nvme0n1p9)
2019/07/06 11:43:22 performing mental health checks
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/policies directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/protectors directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 found the policy 5a49d89d52d640f9 for "aak"
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/policies directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/protectors directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 were able to read the metadata in "/mnt/.fscrypt/policies/5a49d89d52d640f9"
2019/07/06 11:43:22 found the policy data 5a49d89d52d640f9 on "/ mnt"
2019/07/06 11:43:22 file system data and path of access
2019/07/06 11:43:22 KeyctlSearch (251180423, logon, ext4: 5a49d89d52d640f9) = -1, key required not available
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/policies directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 The /mnt/.fscrypt/protectors directory has incorrect permissions.
2019/07/06 11:43:22 optionFn (5a49d89d52d640f9)
2019/07/06 11:43:22 selection of a protector
2019/07/06 11:43:22 when loading the option: file system / mnt: no device with the UUID "e2a3115b-7111-4cb8-ac31-966baea755c3": impossible to follow the file system link
fscrypt unlock: unable to load protectors

You may need to mount a linked file system. Run with --verbose for more information.

Any help appreciated.

el capitan – I can not exit recovery mode (OS X Utilities) by resetting or reinstalling the OS

I have purchased a used iMac and, when I turn it on, the OS X Utilities screen appears. I would like to install the operating system but I can not do it.

I have tried everything on any other questions on this topic:

  1. Back to factory settings

That is to say. formatting the hard drive (as indicated by Apple) and reboot. According to the Apple website, this was supposed to display the country selection screen, but this is not the case. It just takes me back to OS X Utilities.

  1. OS X Resintall

There is an option to reinstall OS X El Capitan. After being connected to iCloud (with a new account, I had to create this – I did not have one before), the error message "This item is temporarily unavailable". I've googled this and tried the many fixes to no avail. Apparently, the iCloud account of the original user should be used, but I do not have access to it and I do not want them to be linked to this computer either.

  1. Other macOS recovery modes

Apple gives key combinations for other recovery options. I have tried all three as shown, but I am still asked to enter the details of iCloud.

  1. Start from CD

I do not have the original CD with the operating system on it, nor access to a computer capable of burning a bootable disc. To be honest, this is not an option I want to consider – resetting an Apple computer does not require it, according to the many guides and videos on this subject.)

Screenshots of the formatting of the hard disk:

Format the hard drive

Formatting successful

Screen capture of the iCloud error:

ICloud error

EFS recovery on Windows 7 after reinstalling Windows

My brother has formatted my PC, deleted the old version of Windows 7 and installed a new version. Before formatting it, I encrypted some files with the help of EFS on Windows 7, using an account name: YYYY. I do not have the certificates of the old version of Windows. Can I open the old encrypted file with EFS?

Complete Restore of Portable Chrome Profiles After Reinstalling the OS / Windows

I had to reinstall Windows 7 and possibly test something in Chrome; I only use portable versions. Profiles half works, but some very limited customizations do not work (for example, the Home button does not display even though the theme works).

Iran chrome: // version / and it is indicated that the location of my profile is: C: MEDIA INTERNET Chrome 72.0 Data profile Default

I suspect something in the C: Users [user] Application Data directory must be restored or corrected (doubt that this is a registry problem). How I fully to restore portable Chrome profiles?

SharePoint Web Part Error After Reinstalling IIS Features

Recently, a reinstallation of the IIS features was performed on my server to resolve FBA connection issues. The connection is now fixed, but I am facing errors from the web part.


Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this page can not be viewed or imported. The type Collection1.Admin.Search.SearchProduct, Collection1, version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = 7ebf4da56cd32d99 could not be found or is not registered as safe. Correlation ID: d952c29e-7e0f-a069-cd71-622d35148aa5. 

This has happened for all my web parts.

I have tried redeploying my .wsp drop but in vain.

In web.config, the secure control entries for my Web Part still exist.

Can I know if reinstalling IIS features will require me to update the PublicKeyToken my web parts in the web configuration?

Thank you.

network – Reinstalling mac in recovery mod without internet connection

One day, my mac is suddenly closed and after that, when I wanted to connect, it always stops when the main user is loaded on the login page. I want to reinstall x without using my data and have therefore launched recovery mode with CMD-R .. When I choose the option "Reinstall mac …" in the menu , he invites me to access the installation menu and I click on the "Continue" button. Stucks at this window.

I guess it's because I'm not connected to the internet. This is because when I try, the message "Try to get closer to your wireless router." I tried to use network configuration command on the terminal and command error not found given.

Is there a way to reinstall os x without an internet connection or to fix the problem that prevents the computer from connecting to the internet?

Password error when reinstalling the MYSQL server

I have a MYSQL 8.013 server that was working fine until I play with a program written by another encoder, then all stops and the following error message is that the server does not recognize the password.

I've therefore passed all privileges to the root user by following the advice of stackoverflow:

And then I tried to reconfigure the MYSQL server via MYSQL windows Installer. I use Windows 10.

But, the password that I typed is still not granted.

And I can not continue to reinstall mysql server from there.

I hope someone can tell me how to overcome the password error.

enter the description of the image here

Reinstalling Xubuntu without losing data

I have to reinstall Xubuntu on a new larger hard drive (I do not find way to increase the size of the partition, but it's a separate issue). How could I do it without losing data, installed software, preferences, etc.?

thank you,

vps – removal of redundant kernal libraries after reinstalling kernal

Serverfaulters, I am learning to administer a VPS that has an openVZ core (= go easy …). I was thinking of trying to load a missing kernel module by reinstalling my kernel with:

sudo apt-get install -y linux-image - $ (uname -r)

Not only did it not get the module I needed, but my disk usage doubled. My VPS host administrator loaded the module into the host kernel, which solved this problem. But now, I have more than 8GB of redundant operating system libraries. How can I remove these redundant libraries? apt-auto-delete did not help.

In addition to starting from scratch, would like to receive suggestions on how to recover the 8 + GB SSD space that I would lose carelessly!