– Why is Apple Mail loading remote content in Spam Messages?

For a while now, likely including and pre-Big Sur, whenever I actually go through my Spam box message-by-message, when I click on one message is initially loads with the spam bar, the off yellow bar that includes “Load Remote Content” and “Move to Inbox”, but then the message pane “refreshes” and loads like normal.

I am then reminded of this bug and annoyed, because I inevitably leaked information due to remote content loading.

I have 3 IMAP accounts, two Gmail based and then one third party IMAP that gets no meaningful traffic. If any spam is going to it I’d be surprised, but the significant majority of them are no doubt those coming to the Spam addresses I’ve had and used for over a decade now. (Insert old man yelling at cloud here.)

Why does this refresh happen? Unless I explicitly remember to click outside of a message and then ⌘a to delete them, or right click them first and use that menu to delete them, is the only way I can manage spam messages, and this means messages I’m on the fence about, but ultimately have to delete, still leak information due to the afore-described behavior.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – An authentication error has occurred (0x609)

Authentication Error when trying to connect to my macincloud Remote Desktop Connection Screenshot

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Weird screen behavior in remote desktop

After working fine for months, my remote desktop suddenly started behaving weird during established connection. I don’t really know how to describe it, the screen kind of shifts with the cursor and even in full screen mode it doesn’t fit the actual screen (it did before it started behaving weird). Also, the cursor of the remote computer is now visible, which wasn’t before, and its response lags considerably behind the cursor of the local computer. Here is a gif, showing the issue

It is very possible that I accidentally pressed some keyboard shortcut, changing some settings, but I’m unable to find any solutions or figure it out myself. It is extremely annoying. I connect from a Windows 10 machine to a Linux Ubuntu machine, using Remote Desktop Connection available in Windows.

ilo – HP iLO4 Remote Console Java Applet display

We have an HP Proliant DL360 G8 server, with iLO4 installed. I normally uses Firefox to access the iLO web interfacefrom an Ubuntu server. The Ubuntu server hopped through 2 subnets to get to the iLO interface.

ubuntu$ xhost +
ssh -X
ssh -X
firefox -no-remote

Then https://… to logon to the iLO interface. However, when trying to run Remote Console using Java Applet, the normal Ice tea applet window is not showing anything, and there’re no remote window popping up. Is that because of export DISPLAY does not apply to JAVA applets? Is there something I can do to fix this?
enter image description here

active directory – Why would a server in an AD environment allow Remote Registry access by FQDN, but deny and lock out accounts over IP address?

We have a situation where a software application cannot be installed because the admin account used during installation gets locked out during prerequisite checks. After some investigation, we found the cause: The prerequisite check looks at remote registry settings of other servers by RPC call to the server’s IP address rather than its FQDN, and for some reason this causes authentication to fail and lock out the account.

We validated this by doing the following:

  • When using regedit and attempting to connect to another AD server’s registry using the server’s FQDN, it connects without issue.
  • When we attempt the same connection using the server’s IP address, it prompts for new credentials.
  • All AD credentials will fail and eventually lockout the account being used, but using a Local Admin account has no problems.

We performed this test from other servers in the environment as well, but they had no issues with connecting and authenticating by IP. We compared NIC/DNS/WINS settings, but there was no notable difference. We’re at the point of cross-checking GPO settings, but we don’t expect to find anything.

We could obviously just use Local Admin accounts, but we want to understand why an RPC call using an IP address rather than the FQDN causes AD authentication to fail and lock out AD accounts. Any ideas?

remote access – Kernel failing to connect to the frontend

I’ve been using Sakra’s tunnel to try to connect my mathematica in Linux to the server of my university.
The problem being that even though the SSH connection works well in the terminal, Mathematica seems to get

The kernel … failed to connect to the front end. (Error =
MLECONNECT) . You should try running the kernel connection outside the
front end.

I’ve set it up so I don’t need to insert the password in the terminal so that shouldn’t be a problem.
Anyone knows what could cause this problem?

impdp – Same user cannot ‘see’ view on remote oracle database athough dblink is valid

I am running an impdp job that I have extracted the DDL from to determine why the job hangs. It consistently stops on the first object created using a dblink. I am running the impdp job as system as recommended by Oracle. The job must be run on two separate, different instances on the same database using a unique dump file for each instance. The impdp job only imports one schema from the dump file, the same schema name, in both instances. The two impdp jobs are interdependent on dblinks. At the point where the job is indefinitely waiting on either impdp instance job, it is unable to retrieve data from the specified dblink, as confirmed per DDL extract run on SQL Developer. The links have been sucessfully created in each database instance and SELECT * FROM DUAL@DB_LINK returns a value but SELECT * FROM 'view_name'@DB_LINK returns ‘ORA-00942: table or view does not exist’, although I have confirmed the view exists in the remote schema. I have researched creating and fetching data via dblinks and understand the dblink querying user must be granted access to the remote object(s). In this case the user is the same with identical passwords on both database instances. How can I grant permission on all schema objects to the user of same name in separate instance so that the DDL can complete?

How to take a remote SQL server database backup to local machine?

I’ve to take a SQL database backup from remote machine to local Linux machine and through command line. Hence executed following command –

sqlcmd -S -U <username> -P <password> -Q "BACKUP DATABASE [TestUser] TO DISK='TestUser.bak';"

But this takes backup on machine where database server is installed. Is there any way I can get backup on machine where it is executed?

**NOTE: ** I can see many questions which asks same but are old ones and answer – either this is not supported or use of third party tools. Hence asking question again, in case has solution with latest stuff.