ssh – Is it possible to transfer TCP remotely via a free proxy

I know you can transfer the connection from a proxy server like this:

ssh -R 8080:localhost:80

But I'm curious to know if it is possible to transfer from a free proxy such as:

It seems unlikely to use the ssh option since I would not have access to the server. If so, what would be a practical way?

usa – Traveling with a tourist visa to the United States while studying remotely at an American school

I am in a situation similar to
subject except I'm studying remotely for a college based in the United States and not working. The school is an accredited, diploma-awarding school and I study for credits towards a diploma. I plan to visit my school for 1 to 2 months to spend time with my classmates, meet the teachers, etc., while studying "at a distance" for my lessons. My school confirmed do not sponsor F1 visas. Can I enter the United States on a B2 visa? The B1 visa for working digital nomads does not apply to me as I do not "meet business associates".

Before someone asks, yes, it is a legitimate school and not a diploma mill. I wish to remain anonymous so I will not reveal which school it is but it is a famous school. I have an official email, ID card, etc. from school, so this is not a scam.

Windows – Cannot run Power-Shell Get-NLBClusterNode remotely

I have created a small cluster of 2 Win servers in one domain and another for remote executions.

I can run Get-NlbClusterNode locally on each of the servers.
I can establish a remote session with the 2 nodes and have all the permissions in place.
I can run the Get-NlbClusterNode command remotely if only one of the servers is in the cluster, but when both are in the cluster, I get:

PS C: Windows system32> Invoke-Command -ComputerName -ScriptBlock {Get-NlbClusterNode} -credential $ Creds Access is denied. . :

Is this what is called the PowerShell double hop problem? How could we solve this problem?

Thank you

sleep wake – Cannot connect remotely after startup

I have an iMac running Catalina (10.15.2) on which I don't have a keyboard or mouse connected. I just want to use it via screen sharing and SSH.

The problem is that often when I want to use it, I can't. SSH crashes, screen sharing does not connect. I tried to restart it via the power button, but even when it gets to the login screen, I can't use SSH or screen sharing.

The only thing that seems to work is plug in a keyboard and mouse and connect normally. Then SSH and screen sharing start working. They continue to work for a while. Finally, I come back and it is back in bad shape.

In the Energy Saver settings, I checked "Prevent the computer from sleeping" and "Alarm clock for network access" as well as "Automatically start after a power failure", the nap 39; power and standby of the hard drive are not checked.

patch management – How do I update Windows 10 Pro Endpoints remotely?

Here is the scenario,

We have about Windows 10 Pro (100 endpoints) all physical. It is an MS Windows AD environment. What is the best solution for updating these remote endpoints? Looking for something that does this job, not a host of other features. The tool should update all endpoints with the MSI package and possibly generate a report (not required) looking for options other than Microsoft System Center.

Appreciate your contribution. Thanks in advance.

How do I trigger a Sunpak 4000U flash remotely?

If you want to use the Sunpak DF4000U as a non-camera TTL flash with a Canon camera, you need a set of Canon E-TTL compatible wireless radio triggers or a Canon E-TTL compatible flash / optical controller that can act as a "master" when attached to the camera hot shoe.

The Sunpak DF4000U has a optical receiver who can take the optical pulsed light communication from a Canon "Master" flash, such as a 580EX II or 600EX RT, an ST-E2 optical pulsed light the transmitter or the built-in flash of your Canon EOS 80D.

If the 80D's relatively weak built-in flash is powerful enough for your shooting scenario, you don't need anything else. Set the pop-up flash in the camera as the master (you can also tell it not to fire as the main flash, but only as the flash controller during pre-flash sequences that occur for a moment before opening the shutter) and set the DF4000U to all the instructions called "Canon E-TTL receive mode".

If you need a greater range or to take in a brighter light than the pop-up flash of the 80D allows, you can use any set of Canon E-TTL compatible radio triggers for control the DF4000U off camera. In this case, you need to set the flash as if you were attaching it directly to the hot shoe of the camera – the trigger receiver basically cheats the flash into thinking that it is the camera, everything as the transmitter basically cheats on the camera that it is the flash. Please note that there are many different Canon E-TTL compatible wireless triggers which all use their own proprietary radio communication protocol. You need to make sure that your transmitter and receiver work using the same radio protocol so that they can "speak to each other" in the same language.

An overview of current Canon flash options is available from the Canon Europe website.

A word on why there are no "Canon" or "Nikon" versions of the Sunpak DF4000U:

The hot base of the DF4000U has pins for both Hot shoe contacts from Canon and Nikon. The Canon system places the contacts in a different model than that of the Nikon system. The DF4000U has both sets of pins and the same flash can be used with Canon or Nikon cameras with full E-TTL functionality. Apparently, the DF4000U also has the ability to use its optical receiver to receive optical pulsed light signals from Nikon or Canon wirelessly.

dnd 5e – Digital tools to play D&D 5e remotely

Two of the guys I play D&D 5th recently moved to another city.

We would like to continue playing, but for obvious reasons, we cannot meet face to face as much as we wanted to.

Is there an online tool to facilitate the game?
Is there anything official?

(please let me know if this question is off topic)

Access to private publications via the REST API, the same code that works remotely does not work locally

I am able to retrieve private messages via the wp rest API by calling


I authenticate well and receive a valid token, no problem

But with the same site working with Laragon (Windows 10), while working well with authentication, I cannot recover private messages


    "code": "rest_invalid_param",
    "message": "Invalid parameter(s): status",
    "data": {
        "status": 400,
        "params": {
            "status": "Status is forbidden."

I get the same response (as expected) when I use Postman and I have the Bearer token correctly configured header

What is going on? I ran out of ideas

* I can retrieve public publications

Linux – remotely turn on or restart a frozen computer in 2019

Since the last thread on this topic was written in 2011 and no update has appeared and I am too new to answer (1 rep) I am forced to write a new message because I still face a similar challenge in 2019.

I have a headless home server (old laptop) with linux arch running and the USB drives connected to provide the NAS sometimes prevent the system from restarting even if it is properly disconnected via the systemctl entry or the unavailability of the full connection if a VPN cuts all access from the network or a simple "blue screen" situation even if rarely in Linux and the need for a cold restart / hard is required.

What are the options in 2019?
One idea that I connect to is a wifi socket that I can turn on and off via the mobile app and the Internet of Things – just wait for the battery to run out or remove the battery – because USB hard drives are connected to the laptop's battery acts as an independent power supply of a few hours which I will not miss.

I have also looked for server solutions that replace the "on" button in tower solutions by connecting an interface to the motherboard, to the ps2 and vga port but it is not available for private users , just for business, so it's for me.

Again, what are the options in 2019? (I'm not afraid to solder, but not soldering or disassembling / removing the laptop's power button would be appreciated and a solution without someone passing and their request to restart it or maybe a Linux software solution running on another tty, I'm not aware of?)

remote access – Can not use Azure AD accounts to authenticate remotely on Windows

How can I use an Azure AD account to authenticate remotely on Windows joined to Azure AD?

J & # 39; have:

  1. I have tried to authenticate myself remotely using Azure AD accounts and all the connection formats I know (listed below), but all of them result in a message of mistake The user name or password is incorrect and audit failure event with ID 4625, status 0xC000006Dand sub-status 0xC0000064 which means the user does not exist.
    • %UPN%.
      For example,
    • AzureAD%UPN%.
      For example,
    • AzureAD%username%.
      For example, AzureADusername.admin.
    • AzureAD%securityID%.
      For example, AzureADUsernameAdmin. I don't know why Windows does this, but it does.
    • %NetBIOSDomainName%%securityID%.
      For example, EXAMPLEUsernameAdmin. This is how Windows displays in Computer Management → Local Users and Groups → Groups → Administrators.
  2. I've tried using PsGetSid locally and I found that it could resolve the following Azure AD connection formats:
    • %UPN% (only if the user account has already logged in).
    • AzureAD%UPN% (regardless of whether the user account has connected previously).
    • AzureAD%securityID%.
  3. Tried to authenticate locally using Azure AD accounts and the aforementioned login formats and found that local credentials can handle the following:

    • %UPN%.
    • AzureAD%UPN%.
    • AzureAD%securityID%.
  4. I tried to authenticate myself remotely using local administrator accounts and found that they were working fine.

So it seems that Windows can manage Azure AD accounts but only locally and not remotely, unlike AD DS accounts.

All that I have found online is not for this particular scenario or is simply other people who are experiencing the same problem.

Is it only possible?