[ Politics ] Open question: Are you going to vote for removal?

I am currently undecided

Where can I find a complete list of all DMCA removal reviews from Google Search (NO DUPLICATE, READ CAREFULLY)?

Where can I get a complete and detailed list of links in the particular DMCA complaint other than on the Lumen site to which all the answers seem to refer me?
The fact is that they hide these links for any reason and provide only one token to access them, allowing them to know your email. Next time you want to check it, your email will not work anymore. I bet there is some kind of invisible pervert before monetizing the entire DMCA process, so I wonder if there are any alternatives to this Lumen site in order to consult the full list of links in a DMCA complaint.

Removal – Alternative DBAN – Information Security Stack Exchange

so I sell my computer (hard drive). I have had important data on this subject. Do not tell me to physically destroy this reader, I need the money: D So I'm looking for a reliable solution that could erase elements that DBAN can not, as far as I know, erase the protected area of the host, the device configuration overlay and bad sectors. The questions are:

  1. I've heard that Secure Erase (HDDErase) can seemingly erase that. What do you think, is this a better alternative :)?

  2. What is the best software to check if this hard drive is really erased? Even paid, I can get a license for many programs with a discount.

Thank you very much and good day!

php – The WC_Customer removal function returns an error

Here is my code:

function woo_delete_customer(){
    $customer = new WC_Customer(get_current_user_id());
  $val =  $customer -> delete();
       $customer -> save();
       $data = ();
       $data('Status') = 'Customer was successfully deleted';
       return new WP_REST_Response( $data, 200 );
       new WP_Error(
            'Can't delete customer!',
                'status' => 403,


And here are my journals:

2019-11-16T05:29:23+00:00 CRITICAL Call to undefined function wp_delete_user() in /home/test.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/data-stores/class-wc-customer-data-store.php on line 235

Help me, please! ((

YouTube video removal notification

How can I be notified when a YouTube channel cancels / deletes a video? (Immediately it is not necessary.)

Some services monitor changes to the website, but a YouTube page is too dynamic (the full list of videos only appears when scrolling, links to videos from other channels are constantly changing and will result in notifications) .

Why should the Conservatives support the removal of Trump?

Because one day, the Democrats will hold the White House. And no matter what the Conservatives let Trump get now, this Democrat will do even more.

You want to say that the incumbent president can try to fire the special investigator? Are you sure? Would you agree to have President Warren do it?

You want to declare that it is acceptable for a president in office, based on evidence of conspiracy theory, to send his personal solicitor in a campaign to persuade another country to investigate its political rivals and use the levers of US foreign policy to entice them to comply? Really? Are you sure you want the AOC President to be authorized to do that?

Because they're going to do it. Democrats will not do these things. They go. And unlike you, the media will not lead the dismissal brigade against a democrat. So they will probably have even more freedom than a Republican.

One way to make sure they do not do it is to show that it has consequences.

Database Design – Does it make sense to place a single constraint on a nullable software removal flag?

So we currently have the following:

COLUMN: ID (INTEGER Primary key, auto-incrementer)

Now, it is necessary to allow an unlimited number of deleted records, but to allow only one record not deleted for each date + company.

I suggested changing the schema to:

COLUMN: ID (INTEGER Primary key, auto-incrementer)

Although my colleague believes that this "goes too far with constraints" and that we should simply trust the verification of uniqueness in the application.

Is there a generally accepted best practice here?

python – Recursive removal from top to bottom in the binary tree

I want to delete the sheets consecutively in a BT (not BST!). I tried to delete it using the reverse order command, but once I found the leftmost node, that I deleted it and that I tried to return it, I can no longer handle additional recursive calls.

I've tried to break the recursion using exit () and all my program has stopped.

enter the description of the image here
At the first call, only 1 must be deleted. At the next call, the 6 should be deleted. At the next call, 17 should be deleted. Then 21, then 19, then 10 and stop when you get to the root (basically swimming).

My current code looks like this-

def del_leaf(node):
        return 1

    left = del_leaf(root.left)
    if (left == 2):
        root.left = None
        return 3
    if (left == 3):
        return 3

    right = del_leaf(root.right)
    if (right == 2):
        root.right = None
        return 3
    if (right == 3):
        return 3

    return 2

This does not remove the items from the order in which I want to delete. The reverse course (https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/reverse-level-order-traversal/) also uses pitch.
I am not strong with trees and recursion in general. Any help is greatly appreciated.

3D Meshes – The removal of greens forms a mesh if it is inside a trigger / object in the unit

I am the only developer of a game called Project Serene. I have the basics of the global generation, health, hunger, inventory and complete construction, but you do not have the means to deform the environment that surround you. I had some idea of ​​how this might work, but I can not find any tutorial on its implementation, nor basic information about worm removal.

what i'm trying to do is remove the green ones they're inside a trigger or object with a specific tag, so i can have the raycast player this object on the floor from the camera (the Ray casting party is over), this way the player can deform the terrain around them. I'm using cubes running, but I can not find a tutorial on them.

here is the game page, there are some screenshots to check.

thanks for the help in advance!

DMCA notice and removal on a page affecting traffic on other pages

Yes, if the date of the DMCA notification and the decrease in traffic overlap or are close to each other (assuming everything else to be constant), it is almost certain that the decrease in traffic is due to the lower ranking Web pages. .

Google has updated its algorithms to register a site-wide penalty for a website receiving DMCA notifications or withdrawals. And they apply that very strictly.

You can visit this site to check if your site is penalized due to DMCA notifications or withdrawals.

Also check the date on which you received the DMCA notification and consult your search console to check your average positions (in the Performance section) to make sure that these two events occurred within a few days of each other. # 39; other.