Remove WhatsApp images from OneDrive Photo library

I’m trying to remove WhatsApp clutter from my private photos folder on OneDrive. I’m using OneDrive on Android and it seems it is being used as the backup target for WhatsApp and Viber.

I really need a suggestion on how to remove the whole WhatsApp lot from the OneDrive and stop syncing new ones.

If there is an API and a WhatsApp tag of some sort, I’m open to creating a shared script on github.

Can’t remove .kext using Mac Catalina

I tried the solution above, but when I was in reboot mode, I couldn’t get to the Utilities menu to go into Terminal. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks

I will remove background Professionally for your E-commerce product, or from documents for $15

I will remove background Professionally for your E-commerce product, or from documents

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Remove header/footer on business card Microsoft 365 version

Added watermark to business card and Word automatically put on headers and footers. I have tried "remove headers/footers" and it does not remove it in this application. My document did not have h/f until the watermark was added. How can I remove them?

I will remove Photo background with Adobe Photoshop, for $1

I will Remove Backgrounds of any image of your choice with the help of Adobe Photoshop with precision and my 1 year expertise of the program. you can check out my work here.

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usability – Select and remove accordion option


I have a website where you have the ability to select a delivery option but also read more information on each one and potentially have some custom options for each option too. Depending on the options they can become rather lengthy. This is the solution I have come up with.

My solution:

I have some delivery options in an accordion that shows information text text (and potentially other selectable options, lists etc) in them.

To select a delivery option (only 1) I have a ‘select’ button placed next to the accordion arrow. I also need the option to remove it and show its selected which is starting to get cluttered and it doesn’t feel like a good experience. See below:

enter image description here


Does anyone know of any better patterns for this or know how this can be improved?

Remove custo permalink base from CPT custom category and custom tags

I have a ‘resources’ CPT with ‘resources_category’ (custom category) and ‘resources_term’ (custom terms). They are all working, however the category and terms URL’s pick up the base permalink slug (‘news’) which is used for the blog posts.

ie. the following 2 URL’s are working



however the taxonomy URL’s are



I wish to change these to (remove the ‘news’)




'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'resources/tags', 'with_front' => true ),


'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'resources/tags', 'with_front' => false ),

returns a 404 error.

office365 – How to Remove MS Teams Meeting from Outlook Calendar

How do I prevent a Meeting scheduled in MS Teams from showing up on the calendar in Outlook?

I have multiple Teams meetings that repeat every day and they are being echoed in the Outlook calendar. They do not represent something that needs a reminder, and I do not need to worry about conflicts with other meetings. Their presence in Outlook is accomplishing nothing except cluttering up the calendar in Outlook and making it impossible to see other more important, non-repeating items.

Is there a way to kill this “feature”.

Remove fields and validations for street and city in checkout

I am trying to remove street and city field from checkout on Magento 2.3.5-p1 but the validation is throwing me an error for required city and street. I have tried to add a value in the DB eav_attribute for city and street but nothing. I have added lines in billing and shipping at vendor/magento/module-checkout/… False for city and street as mentioned in other questions here on stack but nothing… Did anyone has a working solution?