black and white – How do I remove yellow discolouration from a scanned B&W photo in Photoshop?

I have a b&w photo that seems to have been impacted by sunlight. It’s not an overall yellow cast, but lots of imperfections. I have photoshop, and although not an experienced user, I have some knowledge of the basics such as healing brush. I get a little lost on layers and stuff. Could someone point me in the right direction of the best steps / YouTube videos etc to try and get back to b&w. Ideally I’d like to print it again. It’s my late father in the picture and it’s one of my favourites.image attached for reference. Many thanks

Does the Order of Scribes wizard’s "Master Scrivener" feature remove the need for costly material components?

The Order of Scribes wizard’s Master Scrivener feature provides the ability to create a magic scroll of 1st or 2nd level (TCoE, p. 78):

Whenever you finish a long rest, you can create one magic scroll by
touching your Wizardly Quill to a blank piece of paper or parchment
and causing one spell from your Awakened Spellbook to be copied onto
the scroll.

The spellbook must be within 5 feet of you when you make the scroll.
The chosen spell must be of 1st or 2nd level and must have a casting
time of 1 action. Once in the scroll, the spell’s power is enhanced,
counting as one level higher than normal. You can cast the spell from
the scroll by reading it as an action. The scroll is unintelligible to
anyone else, and the spell vanishes from the scroll when you cast it
or when you finish your next long rest.

Does casting a spell through the scroll created this way require material components? For example, could I cast Find Familiar or Arcane Lock through the scroll without having to spend the 10gp / 25gp component?

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site

pages – How to remove 2 carts on e-commerce site – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

Using CSS, how can I remove a Woocommerce grid from a specific page that has ::before & ::after inserted in it

Everything between the before and after needs to go

The specific page ID is 6329

I have tried different variations of the CSS below, but still can’t get it to work!

CSS used:

.page-id-6329 .products.columns-3 {
display: none !important;

and other variations on the same lines with no success. I think it has to do with the ::before and ::after, but have no idea how to write the CSS.

I am setting up a website that caters for retail and wholesale. The retail will show the normal category grid to the user, while the wholesale will have a special page where a list of products shown in a table.
The wholesale page, as it is now, shows the category grid AND the table underneath. I just need to get the grid to disappear for that particular page.

Any help will be appreciated.

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art – able to use the user-installed app even if we remove the app’s odex file

I want to get the answers for the following queries:

If I remove the app’s odex file from the data/app/packagename/oat/arm64/base.odex , then does it mean that the app will run in the same way as it would have run in the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) environment?

Is Android Runtime DVM compatible? The reasons for asking this is I removed the app’s odex file as described above and still I am able to run the app?

Thanks a lot for your response.

How do i remove family link supervision after 24 hours

So I went into the app family link and I clicked stop supervision. Then I waited 24 hours so I can stop, but after 24 hour it wont remove it and it says remove supervision failed. There is also a retry button there but when I click it, the message comes up again. Does somebody know how to fix that because I cannot access my phone now because of that, thanks.

seo – How do you remove the trash left by previous domain name owner?

Your website is (it would have been simpler to say so immediately at the start of your question insteady to rely on screenshots that are difficult to read, impossible to search on or to quote, even so much here that the important parts are just text lines that you could have pasted as is).

The software you show in screenshot seems to try some random not existing URLs such as If you go there, and look at source code, you see:

    <script language="Javascript" src=""></script>

This seems to be a default “404” handler that will generate a page for any random URL not existing, hence explaining your “which are not present on the root directory of my server,”.

Try and you will get the same page and same error.

Some security tool are testing random pages like that to search for vulnerabilities.

But this page served is reported as having “HTTP served in HTTPS”
because you are serving a page over HTTPS that includes elements (here a Javascript) served over HTTP. This should be fixed because nowadays browsers will at least flag that, if not even refuse to load this HTTP content, as otherwise it creates a security risk (the security of a whole system is the security of its weakest link: if you run “inside” and HTTPS page a Javascript downloaded over HTTP, this cancels the security you gained with HTTPS as that script over HTTP could have been completely hijacked in transit)

Your solutions in no specific order nor are they exclusive of each other:

  • look if the above content served over HTTP can be served over HTTPS and if so, fix that URL
  • look at your configuration and why you are serving those kind of pages in case of 404. Do you really need them? Specifically because right now besides showing a spinner they fail to do anything useful. Remove this specific “404” handler or have one not depending on HTTP resources.

All of this has nothing to do with previous content. Your current content is what is above and generates the errors of “HTTP in HTTPS”.

sharepoint online – How to remove Quick links, news with json

I would like to remove default team site components such as: Quick links and news. So far I have been using Site design JSON schema to change navigation(remove, add new) on the left side.

Can this be done with a script and JSON schema ? Maybe it can be done in some other way e.g. with power shell ?

multistore – How to remove ?___from_store=default from other store code url of my magento 2 website?

I have 2 stores on my Magento 2 website.
one for Srilanka & the other for Australia.
I am redirecting my customers based on customer’s IPs to relevant sores.
Whenever I am redirecting the customer to an Australian store, I am getting the URL like below

After going through the product page and category pages URL is appearing without /?___from_store=default

I tried 302 redirects using htaccess file like below. But no luck.

Redirect 301 /aus/?___from_store=default

This is happening only on the home page. How can I remove this from my url? please help to short this out.

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