layout – How to remove compare product icon from new products widget?

As the title asks, how do I remove the “add to compare” button from a “new products” widget? Currently this is what’s I’m seeing … but only within this widget:

enter image description here

I’ve got the following XML in my theme’s default.xml but the compare icon is still visible in the new products widget:

<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true"/>
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true"/>
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true"/>
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />
<referenceBlock name="" remove="true" />

force customer to remove product from cart if not same type magento 2

if the same type of products is in the cart then force the customer to remove the products from the cart. Customers will not move on the checkout page till then cart having the same type of products.

Otherwise, an error will be displayed to remove products on the cart page

magento2 – I want to remove light box and enable magnifier in product image

I tried this

        <var name="magnifier">
            <var name="fullscreenzoom">20</var>  <!-- Zoom for fullscreen (integer)-->
            <var name="top"></var> <!-- Top position of magnifier -->
            <var name="left"></var> <!-- Left position of magnifier -->
            <var name="width"></var> <!-- Width of magnifier block -->
            <var name="height"></var> <!-- Height of magnifier block -->
            <var name="eventType">hover</var> <!-- Action that atcivates zoom (hover/click) -->
            <var name="enabled">true</var> <!-- Turn on/off magnifier (true/false) -->

and this

<var name="gallery">
          <var name="allowfullscreen">false</var> <!-- Turn on/off fullscreen (true/false) -->


How to remove the open to work frame on linkedin without changing other things

I am actively looking for a job and used open to work feature on LinkedIn (all LinkedIn members can see that I am open to work). Recently Linkedin comes out with a new feature”open to work frame”, which means if I allow all the LinkedIn members to see that I am open to work, the ‘open to work frame’ will automatically be added on my profile photo. I really do not like the photo frame and want to remove it without change my ‘open to work’ status, however, it seems that Linkedin does not give me this option. I wonder, is anybody in the same situation as me? I really want to convince LinkedIn to give me an option that ‘open to work without open to work frame’.And anybody knows how to do it? Thank you very much.

How do I permanently remove all deleted pages Google (only the home page should remain)?

Google seems to have many pages in its index that I deleted years ago.
My site currently has only the home page at
What do I do in Apache to permanently remove all those deleted pages from the Google index?

How do i permanently remove all pages except the home page from google?

Google seems to have many pages in its index that I deleted years ago.
My site currently has only the home page at
What do i do in apache to permanently remove all those deleted pages from the google index?

wrong forum, please remove

sorry wrong forum. Please delete

plugin development – Twenty-seventy theme remove additional CSS from head

Is it possible that additional CSS that we add in customizer section, display somewhere else instead of head? I am using twenty-seventy theme. I know its fetch and rendering code is available in wp-include/theme.php something like this

function wp_custom_css_cb() {
    $styles = wp_get_custom_css();
    if ( $styles || is_customize_preview() ) :
        $type_attr = current_theme_supports( 'html5', 'style' ) ? '' : ' type="text/css"';
        <style<?php echo $type_attr; ?> id="wp-custom-css">
            <?php echo strip_tags( $styles ); // Note that esc_html() cannot be used because `div &gt; span` is not interpreted properly. ?>

But i wish i remove this from head and add in some other separate file.

<span> tag on post name category. how can i remove this?

this is my category post name result, i just creating some category and adding into my post.

css – Cant remove border form menu

i cant remove a black border that is appearing every time i click on one of the main menu options. I’ve tried several css adds but none of them work. If i click on the menu item home a big black border still appears not sure whats going on..