Can I configure Apache httpd to remove / replace all request headers that match a template?

I use Apache httpd as a reverse proxy in front of a web application. Authentication is performed by a module (mod_auth_mellon), which defines various query environment variables with details about the authenticated user (username, display name, etc.).

I am using mod_headers to remove the headers from the incoming request and replace them with the value of the request environment variables defined by mod_auth_mellon.

RequestHeader unset mellon_uid
RequestHeader set mellon_uid "%{mellon_uid}e" env=mellon_uid

So any customer supplied mellon_uid the header is discarded. If mod_auth_mellon considers that the user is logged in, a new mellon_uid the request header is added to the request sent to the web application.

So far I've made this manageable using mod_macro:

Use Attribute uid
Use Attribute display_name
Use Attribute email

… and so on, where Attribute is a macro that spans both RequestHeader above guidelines for the attribute provided.

However, some user details are multivalued, for which mod_auth_mellon defines multiple form request environment variables:

mellon_foo_0 = first
mellon_foo_1 = second
mellon_foo_2 = third
mellon_foo_N = 3

Since the number of values ​​for an attribute can vary, I cannot rely on a static list of variables to treat like this.

I would like to avoid using MellonMergeEnvVars, which would rather define the following:

mellon_foo = first;second;third
mellon_foo_N = 3

… because it means that the web application now has to deal with the complexity of correct analysis of the mellon_foo request header, dealing with values ​​that themselves contain semicolons, etc.

search – How to remove animation when searching for a channel in a web page in Google Chrome for Android?

How to remove animation when searching for a channel in a web page in Google Chrome for Android?

For example, searching for "law" with the Chrome "Search in Page" feature on takes more than three seconds of scroll-down animation before displaying the first occurrence of "law" in the page:

enter description of image here

macos – Remove the delay in updating the order of recent windows of the same application?

Love it Cmd + backtick allows the user to switch between recent open windows of the same app, I am bothered by the fact that there is a delay in updating the order of recent windows after I released both keys.

For example, I opened window A, B, C, for Chrome, in that order. Now the order of recent windows for the Chrome app is

C, B, A

Now when i press Cmd + backtick, active window switch to B.
If I release the two keys, after an unknown delay, the order will be updated to:

B, C, A

However, if I press the keys again immediately, too quickly, before the time expires, the command has not changed, it would show up A, which is not what I expected. I want to bring up C. I know I can probably do it by Cmd + Shift + backtick. But the order is governed by this delay, which I have no control over and of which I do not know when the order is updated reliably.

What I hope is that the order is updated immediately after releasing the two keys. Remove the delay. So that the quick invocation of this functionality reliably passes between the two most recent windows of the same application. And of course, if I don't release Cmd key, the order does not change, which allows me to go back further in history.

Is there a way to set this delay to 0 ms to reach what I want?

online sharepoint – Remove social footer and comments from the SPO site page

Other than the script deleting comments and social footer from a site page, is there a way to delete objects using the GUI?

For reference, where is the SP PNP command that I use to delete the objects.

Set-SPOSite -Identity $SiteURL -SocialBarOnSitePagesDisabled $True -CommentsOnSitePagesDisabled $True

How to remove duplicate texts from a single cell in the Google spreadsheet?


You want to remove the CELL BRAKE ADJUSTMENT.

nodejs – Why don't you let me remove the element from my code with Node.js and Express?

I am currently learning NodeJs and I am trying to make an application where Bicycle is added but that won't let me delete them for more than the POST message of deletion, it's 200 (success) but i get that my model has not been changed (304) of course in the interface it seems that even if i click on delete button it does not delete the item .

I share the code
../models/b cycling.js

var Bicicleta = function(id, color, modelo, ubicacion){ = id;
this.color = color;
this.modelo = modelo;
this.ubicacion = ubicacion;

Bicicleta.prototype.toString = function(){
    return 'id: ' + + " | color: " + this.color;

Bicicleta.allBicis = ();
Bicicleta.add = function(aBici){

Bicicleta.findById = function(aBiciId){
    var aBici = Bicicleta.allBicis.find(x => x.if == aBiciId);
        return aBici;
        throw new Error(`No existe una bicicleta con el id ${aBiciId}`);


Bicicleta.removeById = function(aBiciId){
    for(var i = 0; i < Bicicleta.allBicis.length; i++){
        if(Bicicleta.allBicis(i).id == aBiciId){
            Bicicleta.allBicis.splice(i, 1);


var a = new Bicicleta (1, 'rojo', 'urbana', (-12.0557, -76.9360));
var b = new Bicicleta (2, 'verde', 'urbana', (-12.5557, -76.4360));


//falla el boton no elimina de la lista
module.exports = Bicicleta;

I also insert the controller code

    exports.bicicleta_create_get = function(req, res){

exports.bicicleta_create_post = function(req, res){
    var bici = new Bicicleta(, req.body.color, req.body.modelo);
    bici.ubicacion = (, req.body.lng);


exports.bicicleta_delete_post = function(req, res){



var express = require('express');
var router = express.Router();
var bicicletaController = require('../controllers/bicicleta');

router.get("", bicicletaController.bicicleta_list);
router.get('/create', bicicletaController.bicicleta_create_get);'/create', bicicletaController.bicicleta_create_post);'/:id/delete', bicicletaController.bicicleta_delete_post);

module.exports = router;

and that's the app.js code

var createError = require('http-errors');
var express = require('express');
var path = require('path');
var cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
var logger = require('morgan');

var indexRouter = require('./routes/index');
var usersRouter = require('./routes/users');
var bicicletasRouter = require('./routes/bicicletas');

var app = express();

// view engine setup
app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'views'));
app.set('view engine', 'pug');

app.use(express.urlencoded({ extended: false }));
app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'public')));

app.use("", indexRouter);
app.use("", usersRouter);
app.use('/bicicletas', bicicletasRouter);

// catch 404 and forward to error handler
app.use(function(req, res, next) {
  console.log('Cometiste un error');

// error handler
app.use(function(err, req, res, next) {
  // set locals, only providing error in development
  res.locals.message = err.message;
  res.locals.error ='env') === 'development' ? err : {};

  // render the error page
  res.status(err.status || 500);

module.exports = app;

Remove tag in the queuing xls file using SQLPLUS

Can anyone help me remove < p > tag at the start of SQLPLUS output when using MARKUP HTML ON.
SQLPLUS output

This is my code.

My code

Pie 9.0 – How to remove "Pre-LockScreen" before unlocking the model on Android 9.0

Is it possible to remove "the pre-lock screen" on Android 9.0. Basically, when I press the power button to wake up my phone, what is displayed is a gray lock screen showing the time and date, if I scroll down to the high, he asks me to unlock the fingerprints or unlock the pattern.

A little annoying because if I want to take a look at my notifications, I have to swipe up first, then when it asks for the pattern, hit the Back button to view my background lock and my notifications etc.

The first image shows the pre-lock that I want to delete and the third is where I want it to be whenever I press my power button to wake up my phone

Pre-lock screen
Unlocked pattern where I can press
Lock screen

views – Why can't I remove the% 20 from a URL evaluated by a context filter (Drupal 8)?

I created a view with context filters with taxonomy terms that have two words, so the space creates a% 20 on the URL. I discovered that the solution is to check the box "Convert spaces to dashes in URL", but that still doesn't remove the URL. Does anyone here know why? I am attaching screenshots of the view configuration and URL template that I defined with the pathauto module. Thank you!
drupal view

drupal view

drupal view

drupal image

drupal view

dnd 5e – How to remove the curse spoiling my plot hooks?

My players have met Fiachra, cursed to be a crow unless she brings McGuffin's Scepter to Ebil Wissard III (grandson of the legendary Ebil Wissard).

Of course, the group clerk launches Remove Curse and the problem is resolved. No need to go on a long perilous quest through the swamp of fire, above the cliffs of madness, and into the pit of despair. Not at all. Weeks of planning and preparation in the tubes. Tonight's session, they spent the rest of the time helping Fiachra repaint his castle, then everyone watched the paint dry (ok I admit it was one of my most interesting sessions).

So, what is a frustrated DM supposed to do? Obviously, I can no longer have hooks that depend on a curse or can I? Is it reasonable to remove the curse and say that this curse was made by a level 42 wizard, so you must be level 42 to break it? How do other MDs handle this?