Hardware – Browse the data on the hard drive of the old computer, without booting the computer or removing the hard drive?

For my current laptop, I have a 2017 MBP under OSX 10.14.

I have twice as many old Mac laptops on which I want to get data, one of them is a 2007 Macbook and the other a 2004 iBook.

In addition to disassembling them, removing the hard drives and placing them in an enclosure, is this a way to browse the data from these older laptops, from my current computer? Maybe by connecting my current computer to the old via USB? If so, should old laptops be turned on?

dual boot – rEFInd broke macOS after removing the partition

I have a problem, help if you can …

I wanted to install Linux, what I did is, I installed rEFInd then I installed Linux on a separate partition of 21 GB. Now I wanted to delete it, so I deleted the Linux partition in Disk Utility. After a reboot, the message "error: no such partition" was received. I have followed several tutorials to find out how to restore it like this one.

However, that did not change anything. After pressing alt on startup, I do not have a boot drive to select, neither Linux nor MacOS.

Then I came across forums suggesting to do fdisk -u /dev/disk0 in the recovery mode terminal. I tried it and I had the following error:

fdisk could not open mbr file /usr/standalone/i386/boot0 no such file or directory

It seems that my partitioning table is messed up. I have also found this. While I was able to run fdisk -e /dev/disk0, I could not find the Partition Inspector because I can not boot to MacOS or Linux.

I should also mention that I use MacOS Catalina (official version), which could have caused problems.

If someone has a clue, that would be really useful …

terminal – Removing verbose message zsh in macOS Catalina

I know Catalina uses zsh as the default login shell and interactive shell, but it's very annoying to open iTerm.app or execute a command with /bin/bash, It shows a commented message as below

$ /bin/bash
The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run `chsh -s /bin/zsh`.
For more details, please visit https://support.apple.com/kb/HT208050.

MySQL: removing privileges from a single user

On Mysql 5.1.72, I created a replication user. Just before running FLUSH PRIVILEGES; did this thought went through the mind if there were any unpatched privilege updates?

  1. How can I remove the privileges of a single user?
  2. How can I check the
    list of changes about to be applied once FLUSH PRIVILEGES; is
  3. If things go wrong, is it possible to go back?

linux – Use libcurl3 and 4 simultaneously and prevent Seadrive from removing itself

(Posted first in the bad forum :))

I've been trying for weeks now to prevent Seadrive from deleting (automatically). Seadrive uses libcurl3 and when I install apps like Lutris Seadrive and Lubcurl3, they are removed by APT. Is there a way to use libcurl3 and 4 simultaneously and prevent Seadrive from removing it?

I am very crazy about this problem and have already done things like add Seadrive, Lutris and libcurl3 to APT> NoAutoRemove, disable APT Autoremove, etc.

Btw. I am using Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.

I would be very happy for your help.

Thanks in the council!

dnd 5th – Would removing the "full coverage" portion of the Divine Sense from a paladin unbalance this characteristic?

Inspired by this question: what is the divine meaning of the paladin for?

I run Lost Phandelver Mines introduce a few people to D & D (just me and my two players, I use DMPCs to liven up the party), and one of my players is a paladin. During their stay in Thundertree, he used Divine Sense a few times to try to detect zombies throughout the city (there's a sign saying "Beware! Zombies" or something like that, so that's what it's all about. was an absolute must in the character).

As the related question points out, this is a very specialized capability in D & D 5th, I did not know it very well; I remembered that he was detecting the undead and their enemies (within 60 feet of the celestials forgotten at the time), but I had forgotten the total cover. So we proceeded without the full coverage part of the capacity. It was very useful to spot those hidden zombies in buildings.

It's only later (because of a question here, I think – it was a while ago), I realized that the was Part of the way it worked, and informed my player that, what had happened, but that one should keep in mind the total coverage. His answer was basically "ok, you're the DM, but does not that make it useless?"; my only answer was the detection of invisible demons or undead, which he elegantly accepted, but I doubt we would see much more use of it …

They are now in Wave Echo Cave (our sessions are quite infrequent), but have not yet encountered any undead, and will eventually head to Out of the Abyss, which has many goals, and in light of the To which I refer to the Top, I begin to wonder if I should go back and let my paladin use the Divine Sense as he used it in Thundertree. I think it will be more fun if he can use his abilities outside of his otherwise rare niche uses.

This question concerns impacts on balance. What problems would result from my decision to ignore the total coverage rule of Divine Sense? Would the ability become overpowered or otherwise out of balance with other classes?

Applications removing their permissions in OAuth

We design a web application for a client and the main use case is that users will use the system for a few days to a few months.

The customer wants to offer users to use existing Identity Service Providers (Google, LinkedIn, etc.), but at the end of the process, wants to ask them to revoke the authorization granted.

Is there a simple way to do this on the side of the application or will it need to refer to the vendor documentation on how to revoke access?

Need help removing some text from an image

Hi all,

I have to delete a few words and 2 sentences from a scanned image. The background is a little gray, I have tried using the Stamp tool to copy from other sections, but the editing remains visible. Any other means should I use? Please help me.

Tbody selected not removing multiple tbody with jquery

I know it's a very simple request, but I spent my whole day running it, but I was unlucky. So please do not downvote, I ask. It's urgent for me. Here, I am trying to remove a tbody with his ID but this is not the case, by any of the methods I found on the Internet. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here.


(tbody has dummy content for the test.Please ignore it.)

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq wwwwwwwwwwwwww eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I receive this layout from a CMS where I want to delete "tbody" selected.

5th dnd – What would be the implications in terms of removing the academic restriction of learning spells for Eldritch knights and arcane scammers?

I repeat the same answer that I gave to a previous question that I will link to it, but I think it is still valid:

The DMG has a Workshop section to customize your game, and one of this section is "change spell list". He says (among other things) that:

Changing the spell list of a class usually has little effect on the character's power, but it can dramatically change the taste of a class.

So really, there should be no problem doing it from the point of view of power. Your class might play a little differently if you choose thematically different spells, but you have to wait for them.

You will find this section on page 287 of the DMG.

In this case, the impact will probably be even less on the power side, as these two classes already have some free choices in the full list, so any fate they might have under your rule is already available.

It will almost certainly be a change of flavor.