google play store – Repair apps without uninstalling

I need to fix an app without uninstalling it. The game works fine except for one setting! I tried to reinstall without uninstalling because I am afraid of losing my progress. Can i fix the game app without uninstalling it?

repair – Disassembly of the Carl Zeiss Triotar 135

I bought a Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 135 f / 4 with a rigid focus ring. I disassembled the lens to fix the focus ring, work done.
But now I would also disassemble the lenses because the internal lens is dirty and I want to clean it.

In front of the lens, I don't see any screws or notches to unscrew the lenses. On the back there are three notches, for three different screwed rings.

Which should I unscrew to disassemble the lens?

enter description of image here

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Elixir appeared for the first time in 2012. It is a functional programming language. José Valim built it on top of the Erlang virtual machine called BEAM. He made his choice for good reason. He wanted his new programming language to be a simultaneous and productive coding language, just like Erlang.

The Elixir Core team manages the source code. This team is made up of José Valim, Eric Meadows-Jönsson, James Fish, Aleksei Magusev, Michał Muskała and Andrea Leopardi. The team never changes the code base until there is a mutual understanding of the changes among all members, which is good for programming Elixir.

There have been 96 versions of Elixir since 2012. The last stable version (version 1.7.3) dates from August 2018. Elixir already shows good results in its repository even if it does ; is a young programming language.

Follow this article to learn more about the Elixir programming language.

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partitioning – Recovery / repair of BitLocker USB

I have found many messages on the subject of BitLocker, but I have found nothing that has resolved my situation.

I had my BL encrypted USB connected to my laptop, closed my laptop to sleep (and sometime later), removed the USB and put the laptop away. A few days later, when I went to finish my project, the USB now appears to need formatting. I thought it still had to do R / W processes when I deleted it.

Now I still have the PW, but not the RP or RK information (I'm still looking to see if I have the RK saved to a file). I have tried using repair-bde to create an .img file and it seems to have been successful (reported 100% decrypted), but I can't figure out what to do next. I checked our M3 recovery, and it shows all the data I need, but I can't really justify spending $ 150 + on a license for it. So I'm trying to figure out what to do now.

When I try to mount the .img that the recovery has recreated, I get the same message about the need to format and / or the corrupted image. Formatting and attempting to use Recuva doesn't give me the files I need / want from the player, and nothing else I haven't found until now 39; now.

So at this point, I guess the reason the .img file doesn't mount properly is that it doesn't have partitioning data, but IDK. I have seen things about using different software, and I have tried each of them, but they give nothing that I can actually mount without reformatting, and of course, the formatting does nothing.

windows – wireless network – disconnects until repair

I'm on a 64-bit desktop with Windows 10.

Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN 802.11ac is my wireless adapter, PCI-E NIC-the driver has just been tested, the new version is available. The machine disconnects spontaneously and no wireless device is visible until a diagnostic window correction is made. Then it works a whole suddon again and resets the wireless adapter.

About 1 to 2 days, the machine is not affected and again this happens.

I'm just ready to write a script to check the network every minute and if it is not connected to me to reset the wireless. Is an idea? Is an idea?

Opticam 135mm 1: 2.8 lens repair

I'm working on fixing the aperture for this lens which I picked up really cheap as a "let me see if I can" project and I encountered an obstacle to get the aperture of the lens.

Basically, under the focus screw, I think I have to get out, but I don't really know how. Maybe his pressure was fine, then I don't know how to remove it. But I'm curious to know if there is just one tip I miss, see the photos of the lens below for the focus screw, the little screw that sits under the threads and the front of the lens with just the first optical output.

Wix – Windows-Installer checks if repair is necessary

I install a set of files using an MSI generated via WiX toolset.
Is there any way to find out if any of the installed files have been changed manually after installation?
I know MSI has a repair option, but I would expect this to overwrite the file. I prefer to have an earlier step which only detects that the installation is corrupted and ideally on which file.

Need someone to repair the search engine on the data life engine

Hi, I'm using the Datalife CMS engine and the main problem on the DLE CMS search if my database is 1GB on the site, it takes 20 to 30 seconds, so I'm only looking for an expert for the datalife engine. Normally, the search takes 1 or 2 seconds

repair – How to determine the order of lenses in the rear group?

I've bought a Canon 100D of opportunity after starting to photograph this summer and using a vintage lens still attached to my father's Pentax ME Super (Asahi Pentax-M 50mm 1.4 SMC, a remarkable advance by compared to the Canon kit). lens supplied with the camera).

Recently, I recently got a good price for some vintage K-mount lenses, at 30 euros for an Asahi Pentax-M 135 mm 3.5 SMC in perfect condition, for some Pentax 28-80 3.5-4.5 lenses at zoom / macro with jammed diaphragms and for a Makinon Zoom 35-105 f3.5-4.5 MC. The latter is the lens in question …

I could not get the lens to focus, and there were signs of tampering (some half-stripped screw heads, and the metal was scratched on the back of not using a tool appropriate lens aperture) but nevertheless, it seemed smooth, did not scratch on any of the glasses and seems to work properly. So I looked at it and everything seemed fine. The only thing I can find is that the element / group of rear lenses has been opened (slight fingerprints inside the assembly), so I have disassembled and cleaned everything, but still not in focus.

So, my theory is that the one who dismantled this first one did not leave all the objective pieces in the right order and so he would not focus.

I did my research but I can not find any diagram of this objective, so I can not check it either. So, for anyone who has more experience in this area, is my theory correct? Or what else could be at fault?

And does anyone have a way to do or an order of operation to find the right order of assembly? Because there are 8 glass lenses in total, about 5 spacing rings and an inner tube piece to center the smaller lenses, it results in a lot of order combinations.enter the description of the image here

repair – How to remount the opening of the lens Smena?

I was testing a Smena lens, which was, unexpectedly, likely to cause glare, compared to other Smena lenses that I used. So I disassembled it to make sure the elements were properly positioned. The opening is open unexpectedly.

I have no problem to put the first blades in the case (@ 11 o'clock), but when I get on the slide that must slide under the first to reach the corresponding slot, previously positioned blades come out and I have to start again.

Is there a trick that would help replenish the iris?

Smena lens disassembled