Disc film cameras that use replacable batteries?

NO batteries required.

Use, or Modify?, a 4×5 Large format film holder so you can attach or tape the film, removed from the cartridge, in the middle of it. Assuming it will not interfere with the dark-slide, you may have to remove the plastic center piece in the disc of film.

Now use the 4×5 LF film holder in Pinhole camera that accepts 4×5 LF film holders. It will expose all of the negatives simultaneously. Make an enlarger negative holder for the film and print it as one photo. Or send it to a lab and have each neg printed and then assemble in the same orientation. Think outside the film cartridge.

Or variations on that theme. Experimentation encouraged.

NOTE: Of course all work with film will MUST be done in a dark room, I.E. A room with absolutely no light.

No affiliation with the zero image camera i linked to other then i own one and love it. (Another option is to make your own)