tls – Replacement of revoked SSL with new cert but domain still displaying old cert revoked

I bought and installed an SSL certificate for my domain, but then I changed my mind, canceled the purchase and bought another cheaper one. The old cert is then revoked and I proceed to install the new cert.

It is here that things got worse. The domain still displays the old SSL revoked, which prevents the loading of my site in Firefox or any browser using OCSP. I've tried to reinstall the new cert and even reissue it, but to no avail.

Can any one tell me exactly how I can purge the old revoked certificate of the new certification? I thought it caused downtime on my site.

Is this a problem with the SSL provider or the server side? The hosting company was still bouncing and blaming the SSL provider while the other was pointing at me for the hosting company.

sublimetext3 – Replacement of all class identifiers with a specific name using regEx in Sublime Text

I have a huge CSS file and I want convert all identifier selectors to the class selector using regEx in Find and Replace area in the text editor. j & # 39; uses Sublime Text 3.

In this file, I have hexagonal colors like #333 and #ff0000 which must be taken into account and the regEx model must not follow it.

expected result


#333 /*do not track*/
#ff0000 /*do not track*/
#item1 /*found*/
#item2 /*found*/
#item3 /*found*/


#333 /*do not track*/
#ff0000 /*do not track*/

What is the best regex template to convert #item to .item?
Thanks in advance!

Replacement help, templates, rules?

I've tried replacing the multiples of a thing in an expression, for example:

(E (4s – 2z) + E (8s – 4z) + E (12s – 6z)). {(4 s – 2 z) ->

However, I end up with the output of E ^ meow + E ^ (12 s – 6 z) + E ^ (8 s – 4 z), where I would like it to be E ^ meow + E ^ (2 meow) + E ^ (3 meow) instead.

Also I would like to replace the following
(g_1 + g_2 + g_3 + g_4) /. {g_1 -> h1, g_2 -> h2} However, I would like it to be a template for it to replace all g_ # to h # instead.

Note: by g_ # I mean a hint #

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry, I can not really give much more information because I do not really know much about mathematica.

Video loading is slow with a bad disk replacement

Hi guys, looking at this graph, is this the reason why video streaming is getting slower? one of the disks has been replaced and now it is resynchronized. I do not know if that's why loading is slow for videos.

(root @ localhost home) # cat / proc / mdstat
Personalities: (raid1) (raid6) (raid5) (raid4)
md125: active raid1 sdd1 (2) sdc1 (1)
4096000 super blocks 1.2 (2/1) (_U)
resync = DELAYED

md128: active raid sdf1 (10) sdb1 (0) sdl1 (9) sdk1 (8) sdj1 (7) sdi1 (6) sdh1 (5) sdg1 (4) sde1 (2) sda1 (1)
62511161344 super blocks 1.2 level 6, 512k chip, algorithm 2 (10/9) (UUU_UUUUUUU)
(> ………………..) resync = 1,8% (145655296/7813895168) finish = 87756.0min speed = 1456K / sec
bitmap: 31/59 pages (124 KB), block of 65536 KB

md126: active raid1 sdd2 (2) sdc2 (1)
307904 super blocks 1.2 (2/2) (UU)
bitmap: 0/1 pages (0KB), piece of 65536KB

md127: active raid1 sdd3 (2) sdc3 (1)
112747520 super blocks 1.2 (2/1) (_U)
(===========> ……..) recovery = 60.8% (68553344/112747520) finish = 10.1 minutes of speed = 72739K / sec
bitmap: 1/1 pages (4 KB), piece of 65536 KB

replacement – Identifies the complex expression and replaces

I have trouble finding a way (if there is one) to analyze an expression, identify a complex pattern and replace it with another element. I think it will be easier to explain my problem with the code.

I have these expressions for mx and my:

mz = MZ(x, y, t);
ang = ANG(t);
mzX = D(mz, x);
mzY = D(mz, y);
mod = Sqrt((1 - mz^2)/(mzX^2 + mzY^2));
mx = mod (Cos(ang) mzX + Sin(ang) mzY);
my = mod (-Sin(ang) mzX + Cos(ang) mzY);

I calculate the derivative of mx with respect to t, which gives a very complicated expression:

deriv = D(mx, t)

enter the description of the image here

I want to identify the parts corresponding to the definitions of mx and my. This may involve grouping terms, distributing products, and so on. And then, I want to replace these parts by "mx" and "my" to get a simpler expression to the eye. Note that FullSimplify does not reach what I need.

Can someone help me better?

Replacement rules for partial derivatives

I have a system of EDP, and it contains terms of the form $ A ^ {(n, m)} (x, t) $, which is a shortcut for $$ frac { partial ^ n} { partial x ^ n} frac { partial ^ m} { partial t ^ m} A (x, t), $$ (that is to say Derivative(n,m)(A)(x,t)) and want to replace the output of the form $$ A ^ {(n, m)} (x, t), $$ with $$ partial ^ n_t (-i partial_t ^ 2-2 partial_t) ^ mA (x, t). $$

I think I can take care of the $ partial ^ n_t $ part by defining a rule for the derivative, that is to say
ruleDerF = Derivative(n_, m_)(f)(x_, t_) -> D( f(x, t), {t, n}), then apply it to the output in question.

However, I do not know how to care about the expansion of the next operator. For example, I can define the operator $$ – i partial_t ^ 2-2 partial_t, $$ by, let's say L_1(x_,t_)=(-I*D(#,{t,2})-2*D(#,{t,1}) then apply L_1(x,t)(A(x,t)). I do not know how to apply this $ m $ time, nor how to configure these replacement rules for this operator.

All suggestions are appreciated.

operating systems – Which page replacement algorithm causes thrash

It is a rather simple conceptual question. I can guess the answer, but no text explicitly addresses restrictions in the context of a different page replacement algorithm. So, I want to take your confirmation for my assumptions.

The definition of the thrashing is(1):

In computing, destruction occurs when a computer's virtual memory resources are overexploited, resulting in a constant state of pagination and page faults, which prevents most of the processing at the same time. application.

My assumptions about page replacement algorithms that can cause bruises:

  1. Least used page replacement algorithm (LRU)(2): I think LRU can lead to a fight. This can happen when the pages are viewed in the order 12341234 … and the number of available frames is equal to 3. In this case, each access to a page causes a page fault, which results in page movements and, therefore, a contraction.

  2. Most recently used page replacement algorithm (MRU): causes blows for reasons similar to LRU.

  3. The least used page replacement algorithm (LFU): causes blows for reasons similar to LRU. (I feel that LFU can behave like a FIFO in some page access sequences and that the FIFO can cause workarounds, LRU can also cause workarounds.)

  4. Replacing the FIFO page (First In First Out): causes blows for reasons similar to LRU.

  5. Optimal page replacement: I believe it's the only page replacement algorithm that does not cause thrash.

I am writing with these five assumptions above?

Dungeon World – Do you need the original movement to make a replacement move?

Movements that replace other movements require you to move before learning the replacement movement. This is explained in the rule book of the Play the game section:

Requires and replaces

Some movements that you gain at higher levels depend on other movements. If another move is listed with the word Requires or Replaces, you can only get the new move if you have the specified move.

If you do not have the Dungeon World book, you can find these rules in several online sources under CC-BY and OGL, for example here.

[WTS] – * High Quality * Dedicated Hosting | Host tested

This is a discussion on – * Dedicated Hosting * High Quality | 24/7 assistance! in the Webmaster Marketplace forums, part of the enterprise category; Exmasters is one of the world's leading providers of adult and high-speed web hosting, which offers a new concept of …


Find a replacement enom | Talk Web Hosting

Find a replacement enom | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. Find a replacement enom

    So, I am trying to move from the enom. Prices are correct on my whmcs account. My biggest complaint is $ 3.75 / year for who's privacy … when the slot of the registrars offer this for free, so I want to offer it for free too. So I have to find a reseller account on which I can get it for free or at least under $ 1. Recommendations? Cloudflares registrar looks promising because I've already set up my clients with cloudflare accounts, if only these really supported direct records.

  2. Specially 4 you ||| Raise your sites
    JoneSolutions.Com (Jones.Solutions or Jones.Hosting) is on the net Providing 24/7 stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001

  3. This looks promising. I have never heard of that before. But do not they offer an api? I can not find any information on this subject. This would unfortunately be a blocker if they do not do it.

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