The OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “(null)” reported an error

I created a linked server to MySQL database server on my SQL Server database server. I tested the connection. It succeeded successfully for MySQL connection. I can see the databases on MySQL instance via my linked server but when i try to run a query with OPENROWSET, it gives me an error message like below. I have searched it on google many times but i couldn’t solve my issue. What is the problem? Why do i get this message and how to solve it?

The OLE DB provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “(null)” reported an
error. The provider reported an unexpected catastrophic failure. Msg
7330, Level 16, State 2, Line 25 Cannot fetch a row from OLE DB
provider “MSDASQL” for linked server “(null)”.

JSON API response reported as XSS by the vulnerability scanner. Is this a false positive?

When a user tries to access a URL (including a non-existent URL), my web service returns an HTTP 401 response. This response is JSON encoded and the body of this response contains the path requested by the 39; user, presumably for diagnostic purposes.
The answer also includes www-authenticate on your mind. If a user visits this URL in the browser, this triggers their browser to request credentials.

However, the automated scanning tools report that this is an XSS vulnerability. This seems to be due to the fact that the requested path is included, and if the requested path is also valid JavaScript code, that path is returned with the response. See the cURL output below:

curl -i & # 39; https: //"
HTTP / 2 401
server: nginx
date: tue 19 may 2020 15:02:20 GMT
content type: application / json; charset = UTF-8
content length: 167
strict-transport-security: max-age = 31536000; includeSubDomains
www-authenticate: Basic realm = "Spring"

{"timestamp": 1589900540080, "status": 401, "error": "Unauthorized", "message": "Full authentication is required to access this resource", "path": "/"}%

I think this is a false positive, because the API response is JSON coded, according to this question: XSS reflected via JSON executed with Burp, but how to do it under realistic conditions?

Am I right?

Is Trump responsible for the coronavirus pandemic if he didn’t listen to his intelligence agencies when they reported about the situation?

No, he is not responsible for the pandemic (is Trump the president of the whole world?), nor even in the US…  But his downplaying of it for months probably resulted in many more deaths…  Remember how he said ON TV “I don’t want that cruise ship to pull into port, because it will cause a rise in ‘my’ numbers?”

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do trumptards resort to posting questions & giving their sock accounts best answer? Is this a violation of YA TOS to be REPORTED? Asking for my gram.

google search console – How can I fix the indexed issue, although blocked by robots.txt if the reported pages do not exist at all?

I found related information like How to fix Google "Indexed, although blocked by robots.txt" but that doesn't answer my question.

The pages I saw in the report do not exist at all.

enter description of image here

For example, the two links above do not exist at all. I don't know why people add a number or a image?url= to my URL. He's so weird.

How can I tell Google to ignore these URLs?

8 – Obtain programmatically a list of all users who have reported a specific node

I created the flag follow available for article entity with scope Personal.

Connected users can choose to follow / not follow any item.

I am trying to programmatically get / browse a list of all users who reported (followed) a given item.

Here is what I have done so far, but I can't find a way to load only the users who have reported (followed) the given item.

$ArticleID = "16";  // Nid

// Get all Users who already flagged the above Node ID.
// For Condition Parameters @See:
    $uids = $storage->getQuery()
      ->condition('roles', 'owner')
      // ->Need to pass a condition here to check if the current user has flagged Node ID: 16.

    // Load all User entities according to their IDs
    $users = DrupaluserEntityUser::loadMultiple($uids);

    // Loop through loaded users.  
    foreach ($users as $user) {

     // Do Something here.


Using ->condition or one if statement or anything alese doesn't really matter to me.

autofocus – When a camera performs autofocus, is the current focus distance reported from the lens to the camera?

Many modern SLR lens systems (maybe most) return the focus adjustment data to the camera.

Potentially the accuracy of the data returned could be high – something better than 1% of the range would be possible and meaningful with modern systems.

However, it seems that most if not all systems use a simple gray coded system * with perhaps 16 steps. The number of steps varies by manufacturer and even with the lens model.

A Gray code is a binary code (generally but not essentially) in which a single bit changes with each change of position. This means that if the position swings back and forth to the limit, erroneous codes cannot be sent. In a normal binary code, where 2 or more bits can change at a time, if one changing bit changes before another due to mechanical tolerances or contact bounces, completely erroneous codes may be sent in error.

Standard binary code
At 3 to 4 limits, 3 bits change at the same time. If any of these things happen sooner or later, many illegal codes could result

0 0000
2 0010
3 0011
4 0100

From my head Gray-code
I have NOT deliberately followed what may be the most logical sequence.
What is important is that at each step only 1 position changes state – erroneous codes cannot be caused by bounce or tolerance errors:


Some brand-specific samples – plus anon:

State here that the Cannon EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM only uses a 2-bit code = 4 positions. – interesting discussion with some relevance.

Minolta / Sony A mounting system the objectives i have inspected use a simple mechanical distance coder coded in gray with a precision of 4 bits / 16 positions.

Nikon: Here's a nice Nikon discussion with gray coding information at 16 specific levels for a lens, more circuits and lots of related hardware.

Modification of TC16A teleconvector – with a lot of related material – excellent.

Gray codes for an example goal:

Here, a 4-digit code is returned with 1 = open circuit and 0 = short-circuited to ground contact.
0000 70mm
0001 75 mm (approx.)
0011 81 mm (approx.)
0010 85 mm (approx.)
0110 94 mm (approx.)
0111 101 mm (approx.)
0101 109 mm (approx.)
0100 117 mm (approx.)
1100 126 mm (approx.)
1101135 mm (approx.)
1111 145mm
1110 155mm
1010 169 mm (approx.)
1011181 mm (approx.)
1001 195 mm (approx.)
1000 210mm

Adding gray code sensors to the manual Nikon lenses to allow operation with more modern bodies.
He discusses adding coding for the fcal length and focus position.
The electric accordion – its main purpose is to "deceive" the deliberately crippled low-end bodies, but the principles apply.

Example of a rotating gray code template. It is for coding in gray a button or a dial but the rotation of the focusing of the lens uses the same style of pattern. There are many different gray codes.

enter description of image here

Excellent discussion in gray code with a specific reference to len focusing.
Position encoders and Gray code
From the above:

enter description of image here


Nikon DIY lens protocol converter – upgrade old or incompatible lenses.) (Http://

Canon Gray Code patent February 2012 !!!) ( and PDF here – may or may not be linked to the lens.

Google Search Console search analytics showing only a fraction of the traffic reported by Google Analytics

Although Search Console and Analytics never match perfectly, these should generally be much closer. What changes did you make to your site three months ago? Stephen's comment on the different versions of your URL could help explain the problem. In Search Console, there is a difference between https and http, www and not www. So if you've changed something on your domain to require https or to force www, Google Search Console no longer tracks the correct version for your domain. You can read more information on this and some other possible explanations here.

Which countries have NOT yet reported Covid-19 coronavirus cases?

I continue to find sites that list or map countries WITH coronavirus. I would like the opposite – a list of safe countries to travel WITHOUT the virus.