Why did Trump say "don't be a cupcake" when a reporter asked if anyone who needed a fan could get one?

Telling someone where to get a fan requires knowing where that person is and where the closest person is. Let's face it, it's a medical emergency and giving everyone a ventilator who asks for one isn't an option.

In short-

"Ask a stupid question – expect a stupid answer!"

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why did Trump criticize a reporter just for asking a question?

What a raging and angry sociopath. He was unable to answer this damn question, so he resorted to personal insults. I am ******* tired of him and his delusional supporters of white garbage.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIwMCGJspmc&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0Sdt4agW0L3amuQYpO8UoQA0IZAvhT-fNv-zOjf4btbBHWHyhIb0kt_CI He denied the number of deaths. He is delusional. "I have always been right." I mean, seriously? He is dangerously narcissistic and unforgiving.

Mac App – NetSpot PRO – Wi-Fi Reporter 2.11.1000 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 13 MB

Collect data on WiFi networks, create surveys on WiFi sites, draw a realistic WiFi coverage, analyze your WiFi with more than 12 interactive visualizations and solve the problems related to WiFi!

Installing a WiFi network is not always easy. Interference from neighboring wireless networks and radio noise from electronic devices can cause serious connection problems. Although you can overcome them by trial and error, there is a much better solution: the NetSpot PRO WiFi scanner is here for you!
NetSpot PRO is a Wi-Fi analysis application that allows you to get all the necessary information about WiFi networks, measure the WiFi signal strength, locate wifi interference issues, and Analyze and troubleshoot your wireless coverage. The NetSpot PRO WiFi Analyzer offers advanced visualizations and powerful reporting capabilities. WiFi thermal map visualizations include:
* Signal to noise ratio
* Signal level
* Signal to interference ratio
* Quantity of access points
* Noise level
* Frequency band coverage
* Cover in PHY mode
* Wireless transmission rate
* TCP / UDP Iperf
* Download speed
* Download speed
* Troubleshooting
NetSpot PRO features:
* Supports WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac standards and 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz channel bands
* Advanced customizable export of your survey projects
* An unlimited number of access points can be viewed simultaneously
* 50 zones per project, 50 snapshots per zone, 500 data points per thermal map
* Super flexible grouping of access points by SSID, channel, etc., as well as custom group creation
* Better AP management with custom aliases
* Easy detection of your wireless network problems and recommendations for improvement
* No special knowledge required: simple and fast wireless data analysis
NetSpot PRO is the ideal WiFi analysis and troubleshooting tool for IT and network administrators, mobile service providers, engineers, hardware vendors, consultants, WiFi Deployment Agents, SMBs , homeowners and IT professionals seeking to optimize their WiFi network.
Other features of NetSpot PRO:
* Active monitoring of the wireless site with and download speeds of the WiFi network to which you are connected
* Detection and analysis of hidden networks
* Configurable automatic registration
Predictive location of access points on thermal maps
* Detailed settings collected on each network
To fully use NetSpot PRO, you will need the following:
A Mac laptop or Mac desktop computer with macOS 10.13 and above onboard
MacOS 10.13 or later 64-bit


javascript – I have a problem with the reporter when I try to run the test cases in the Microsoft browser. I receive an error

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Windows of the application – Complete Genealogy Reporter / Builder 2018 Build 190819 Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

Full genealogy Reporter / Builder 2018 Build 190819 Multilingual | 12.6 MB

Complete Genealogy Reporter uses GEDCOM data exported from any genealogy data management program to create comprehensive genealogy reports, books, or websites. Complete Genealogy Builder is a new genealogy data management program that provides 99.

9% genealogy data standard compliance through a user interface that provides maximum data visibility, fast navigation capability, and layered data entry forms.
These can be configured to include narrative text, notes, sources, images, ancestor and descendant diagrams, family tree diagrams, and occupation, location, dates, anniversaries and fully referenced individuals.
Simply export your data from the "File" menu of your genealogy data management program in GEDCOM format, specify the result as an input file for The Complete Genealogy Reporter and you can start producing a high quality report in a few minutes!
Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for a better alternative to your genealogy data management program, no other known, standards-compliant product provides the full range of standard GEDCOM data fields and supports all types of data. international files (Unicode). ) character sets
Includes all the basic features of "The Complete Genealogy Reporter". (Full specification of report preference options and section customization are enabled only when Complete Genealogy Reporter is installed and registered separately.)
Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


Windows App – NTFS Reporter 2.1.5 Permissions | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 4.10 MB

Permissions NTFS Reporter is a modern, easy-to-use tool for reporting directory permissions on your Windows file servers. It allows you to quickly see which groups and users have access to which directories and allows you to export this information to a file for later replay.
A flawless stay

Reporter Authorizations 2 now offers advanced permission report filtering features, allowing you to find exactly what you're looking for while excluding information that you do not care about. Filters can be applied at the time of analysis (when defined at the project level) or after analysis (once the report is generated) to produce exactly what you need, at the right time.

Filter usage examples:
Report on permissions that do not conform to your organization's security policies
Report on files with permissions assigned to accounts that no longer exist
Exclude specific accounts and permissions by name or security identifier
Report on accounts for which access to the file system is specifically allowed or denied
Much more!

Added an "Analyze with Permissions Reporter" shortcut for folders (and drives) in the Windows shell.
The XML export and import functions have been updated to include group member data (when enabled).
The Excel Export now includes an optional sheet containing group membership (linked from the folder report).
The basic permissions column for Excel export is now colorized.
The Excel export now divides the header line so that it stays on the screen while scrolling.
The file report now participates in filtering operations (honors the visibility of the filter associated with the parent folder).
Memory management has been improved and overall congestion of the workgroup has been reduced.
The export and import operations of the authorization report data can now be canceled.
The data import tool now allows the user to specify whether the file report, share and owner data is imported.
Improved event logging in all areas of application.
XML permissions exports now include a report timestamp.
Various bug fixes and minor feature enhancements.

What's up


Download from Filefloater

Download from RapidgatorDownload from Nitroflare
A flawless stay

magento2 – Reporter JS / CSS Magento 2 via files loyout?

After reading a lot of devdocs, I can see that it's wise to differ in CSS and JS in the manual


However, I do not manage to make this method work. I am either putting the files in the wrong location, naming them incorrectly, or not using the correct syntax because none of them are provided in the documentation.

I've tried to put different methods in the interior app / design / frontend / theme / name / Magento_Theme / layout / default_head_blocks.xml but I was unlucky except for the removal of some css, as described in


It seems that I can not delete JS via default_head_blocks.xml or implement the report to a CSS or a JS. And to be honest, the instructions in the documentation are confusing and many examples do not include features. Or the directory structure does not exist. My Magento theme files are all in / vendor / magento / and not in / app / design /. I'm using a cloned copy of Luma. I have modified the recording and other files to be able to use it as a renamed theme. the xml layout instructions are not very well done.

If anyone knows what syntax to use to report CSS or JS in the header, it would be greatly appreciated that the method I tried seems to have no effect.

Aaron Heslehurst, ALWAYS VIBRANT Business reporter for the BBC

I've been watching Aaron Heslehurst on the BBC for years and his energy is just amazing! In my opinion, people generally get bored or lose energy over time. Not the case with Aaron Heslehurst. How to come?

the crows returned polly roads arrives reporter

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the crows returned polly roads arrives reporter

Reporter model for builders in C ++

In some specific scenarios, I want to execute the code once the constructor of a class has been executed (ie: access std :: enable_shared_from_this :: shared_from_this ()).

To resolve this without introducing an error-prone init method for all classes with this behavior, I built a generic model that allows constructors to "postpone" lambdas execution after the constructor's execution. (example at the end of the extract):

// If derived from these subclasses, it can call enable_defer :: defer in their
// constructor to execute the code directly _after_ their constructor is finished
// This is useful when, for example, the constructor wants to access weak_ptr
// from std :: enable_shared_from_this in the constructor.
// Comment on the naming convention for std :: enable_shared_from_this & underscores to avoid collisions between subclasses
enable_defer class
// Authorized factories
    friend std :: shared_ptr make_shared_deferrable ();

    friend std :: shared_ptr make_shared_deferrable (Args && ... args);

// Allowed implementations
    friends class __impl__;

std :: vector <std :: function> deferred;
built bool = false;

// Only friend classes can have access to this type
// this is only intended for those capable of implementing the interface
class __Tag__ {};

virtual void __constructed __ (__ Tag__ = __Tag __ ()) = 0;

// Implemented private unlock enable_defer
// to be sure that only the factories of the above friends can
// build implementations
    class __impl__: public T
static_assert (std :: is_base_of:: value, "Must be enable_defer");

// Base class builders forward
using T :: T;

virtual void __constructed __ (__ Tag__) override
built = true;
for (auto fn: deferred)
fn ();


void defer (std :: function fn)
// make sure that defer is only called in the constructor
affirm (! built);
defered.push_back (fn);

// Create std :: shared_ptr from enable_defer
std :: shared_ptr make_shared_deferrable ()
shared auto (std :: shared_ptr(new enable_defer :: __ impl__());
shared -> __ built __ ();
shared return;

// Create std :: shared_ptr from enable_defer
std :: shared_ptr make_shared_deferrable (Args && ... args)
shared auto (std :: shared_ptr(new enable_defer :: __ impl__(std :: forward(args) ...)));
shared -> __ built __ ();
shared return;

class Example: public enable_defer, public std :: enable_shared_from_this

report([this]() {
shared_from_this (); // Works!

// Factory
static std :: shared_ptr create()
returns make_shared_deferrable();


  • Are there better ways to apply the implementation class and factories?
  • General improvements
  • Bugs?
  • Appellation?
  • General thoughts on this model.