robots.txt – Google Search Console reports Soft 404 on an Excel file

since the middle of this month, an Excel file that was indexed in Google search is reported as a Soft 404 on the Search Console


We have several Excel, Powerpoint, Word, … files indexed and working according to so we do not know what is the origin of & # 39; error is for this specific file.

What we did to fix the problem

  1. Download file in multiple browsers by inspecting network traffic and response headers – same file returned, same response headers (as expected)
  2. Inspected URL in Search Console – this shows the Soft 404
  3. Checked with Google tester robots.txt to make sure Google sees the file – the answer is yes
  4. Checked HTTP response codes using – returns status 200 and the same headers we saw in step 1.
  5. Submitted the file for validation to Google – Google Search Console returned with "Failed to validate".

Before resubmitting for re-validation, I would appreciate if you have any ideas on what we may have missed in our testing process?

thank you so much

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Daisydisk reports over 40 GB of "still hidden" space on macOS Catalina

Daisydisk analysis results

On my Mac running macOS Catalina, I noticed that there was less and less free space in the past few weeks in which I had made small additions to files or installations software. Scanning with Daisydisk returns with the above results, with an "still hidden" part of the space taking up more than 40 GB.

I tried tmutil listsnapshots / and tmutil listsnapshots /System/Volume/Data and found that there was not a single local snapshot on my machine.

Does anyone know what caused this "still hidden" space and how can I free it?

reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting windows

reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting windows

There have been some reports of an extremely serious security issue affecting the windows. If the reports prove to be correct, a fix should be released today.

I hope all Windows users and Windows hosts are ready to apply the patch immediately after it is released, if the reports are in fact true.

| AMD Epyc | AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9 | Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / i9 | Intel Xeon | ARM devices |
| Custom server builds | Server repair | Server upgrades | System and network administrator |

seo – Ahrefs reports new blog posts are "orphan pages"

I have a custom PHP website and a WordPress blog integrated with the website. When I post a blog on the website, Ahrefs treats that blog as orphan pages. I have interconnected the whole blog with one blog to another blog, I have also added outbound links, our links to the main service pages as well.

I have created two separate XML sitemaps just because my main website is PHP and the blog is WordPress. I have submitted 2 site maps to the search console.

My concern is why is my website increasing orphan pages day by day? How can I resolve these issues?

I have attached a screenshot from I found more than 120 links that SERP treats as orphan pages
enter description of image here

Vulnerability Scanners – Static code analysis VeraCode reports "Incorrect neutralization of CRLF sequences in HTTP headers" for front code

I have the following code in my front javascript which basically reads the value of the cookie csrf and defines it in ajax calls made via jquery.

    var csrftoken = self.getCookie('csrftoken');
    xhr.setRequestHeader("X-CSRFToken", csrftoken);

This seems to be a very standard technique and yet Veracode reports it as a vulnerability.

Looking at the details of this type of vulnerability, at, I don't see how this could be a problem given that the http header is defined from the client side, not the server side. If the value of the csrf token is injected incorrectly, the request will not succeed anyway due to the mismatch of csrf.

Why does Veracode consider this to be a vulnerability or is it a vulnerability that I cannot understand?

google chrome – Download Amazon Order History Reports

I tried to download the order history reports from Amazon to view my purchases during a date range. Unfortunately, the resulting report downloads are almost always empty (only 3 of 26 downloads had data).

Would other users have experienced it and have a solution or solution?

I used Chrome on Windows 10, but I have the same problem with Edge.

Hostwinds ignores reports of abuse | Web Talk Hosting

allegedly filled out abuse reports on this site due to phishing runescape but hostwinds refuse to terminate the site, I guess it now becomes a blackhat bulletproof host

hxxps: // secure.runescape. /m=weblogin/loginform.ws121,336,107,68548522.php?mod=1

Do not see option to download / download some SSRS reports

I have an SSRS 2016 instance with hundreds of reports on one of my servers. I want to migrate these reports from this instance to a new existing instance that already contains reports for different business units. So basically I upload all RDLs and upload them to a new instance.

While working on this task, I found a strange thing when downloading reports because the option to download some reports was not present. My question is how do I download these reports and why do I see this behavior?

jasper reports – Generate the jar executable of a class with the main method by opening JasperViewer, java EE runtime

We have the following problem: in a web application we generate custom paper labels and when printing in PDF format the browser does not keep the paper measurements on the argox os-214 printer, we use JasperReports

The idea would be to use JasperViewer which prints correctly but is a desktop application. It would then be possibleenter description of image here load a class into memory with the main method pass the JasperPrint parameter, generate a jar of this class for the client to run on your machine.


public class PrintTags {

static JasperPrint print; //Parâmetro a ser passado (Rel. jasper já pronto)

public static void main(String() args) throws JRException {

    JasperViewer viewer = new JasperViewer(print, false);




I appreciate the help.

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