errors – WP SiteHealth check reports “The REST API encountered an unexpected result”. Where to setup SSL *client* cert for *internal* WP use?

I’m running WP 5.7 on Linux. It’s an Nginx server.

I’m setting up an internal site with policy that requires all services using SSL client cert verification enabled.

The WP host listener has ssl config that

server {
    listen ssl;
    ssl_certificate        "/projA/wp.projA.server.crt.pem";
    ssl_certificate_key    "/projA/wp.projA.server.key.pem";
    ssl_client_certificate "/projA/corp_ca.crt.pem";
    ssl_verify_client on;
    ssl_verify_depth 2;

So far so good. Access is limited to external-connecting SSL-verified clients only. Most everything’s working over SSL without any problems.

When I check WP “Site Health” I get this notice

"The REST API encountered an unexpected result.

The REST API is one way WordPress, and other applications, communicate with the server. One example is the block editor screen, which relies on this to display, and save, your posts and pages.

The REST API call gave the following unexpected result: (400) <html> <head><title>400 No required SSL certificate was sent</title></head> <body> <center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center> <center>No required SSL certificate was sent</center> <hr><center>nginx</center> </body> </html> ."

I’m not completely clear but that looks like WP ‘internals’ trying to connect to itself.

And that I need to tell WP to use & submit a “/projA/wp.projA.client.{crt,key}.pem” key pair,
or disable ssl verification for internal use.

I’ve tracked down these

and finally this

and setup a plugin that sets

if ( '' === $_SERVER('REMOTE_ADDR') ) {
    add_filter( 'https_ssl_verify', '__return_true', PHP_INT_MAX );
    add_filter( 'http_request_args', 'http_request_force_ssl_verify', PHP_INT_MAX );
    function http_request_force_ssl_verify( $args ) {
        $args( 'sslverify' ) = false;
        return $args;

THAT works for disabling the verify request.

I’d rather get it right than turn it off.

Where do I setup the SSL client cert WP should use for API connections like above?


Great. With that plugin function, it doesn’t report the problem as a “Recommended Improvement” anymore. NOW it’s a “Critial Issue”.

So clearly NOT better.

magento2.2 – Why Google can no longer find my homepage when I do a google search but in Google search console finds the URL and reports no issues

My website which is on a Magento 2.3 platform has ranked on the 1st page of Google around the number 4 position for several years so I know it functions well and is properly optimised. A week ago a 3rd party added 250 new products using a feed from a spreadsheet and FDP for the pictures. I also removed some categories from the homepage as the associated products were no longer being sold.

Google can no longer find my homepage when I do a google search although it lists many other pages from the website but not the actual homepage.. I have performed a Google search on the actual Homepage URL and it doesn’t find it. Google search console however finds the URL and reports no issues.
Any ideas how to fix this issue.

Personal Finance App Monthly Reports Database Design ( SQLite )

I am building a personal finance mobile app that supposed to generate monthly reports, now I have a problem, confused about how to design the database to be monthly, I need the wallet to get archived after a month from the day it’s created and transfer the remains/loss to the new wallet ( next month ) if exist.

enter image description here

Now my idea is to generate one wallet with xx money and let the user change the start date and make the mobile app automatically generate a new wallet every month on that day with the necessary transactions like there a loss/remain from the old wallet, and archive or prevent the user to make any transaction to the old wallets.

does my logic make sense or …? ( Note I’m still learning and this my first app using SQL/Database so please be patient with me )

seo – Does Google consider a website that publishes data reports (same words, different numbers) as duplicate content?

I am working on a website that generate reports from a template. This template will be using the exact same keywords but different numbers to generate webpages that contains reports.
The generated reports (web pages) will have completely different numbers but will be same keyword structure.
The template is about 1400 words checked for plagiarism and has 100% unique content and it will use the same keywords to generate reports with different numbers.

What are the possible challenges that could happen from this approach?

Why Oracle AWR report’s I/O stats are different from the I/O monitoring data captured on operating system?

I am using Oracle 11.2 on Redhat 6.8, and working on some I/O issue.
I got a AWR report of Oracle DB for a certain day, and I found that “Read per Second” in “IO Profile” section is 848.2.
AWR IO Profile
I also checked my Zabbix monitoring data, which is called “Disk read rate”, of the disk that Oracle DB installed for the same date, I found that there is not that many requests.You can see, the max number is about 116.
Zabbix read rate
“Disk read rate” means, “r/s. The number (after merges) of read requests completed per second for the device”.
Disk read rate meaning

And I tried using iostat tool to capture some real-time I/O stats on that disk. It also showed that there wasn’t so many read requests happened.
enter image description here

So the question is,why I am getting such differences between Oracle AWR report and the OS monitoring data? Or have I misunderstood anything?

reports – KPI of the elearning sector for a BI tool

I am working on a BI tool, specific to the elearning sector. Currently the metrics concern Users, Courses, Enrollments and Learning. Data that is purchased from LMS platforms.

In your opinion, what can be added and / or what are the best metrics for such a tool?

page speed – Lighthouse API reports occasional spikes in total blocking time

I am using the Lighthouse API to get page load metrics for my site. I’m getting some huge outliers for my Total Blocking Time (TBT) metrics.

Since the results are a little different with each request, I’m taking the average of 5, so I’m making 5 requests per URL I’m testing.

All other metrics differ slightly with each request, except for TBT. Usually it ranges from 0 to about 80, but then sometimes it comes back appx 800. See screenshot below, where TBT is third column of data, and the rows are 5 requests for one URL. The last row is the average.

enter image description here

windows 10 – Why can’t I send some crash reports to Microsoft?

You are showing a screen shot of Reliability History. I am very familiar with this report.

The items in bold have not yet worked through the reliability system. It may take a day or two.

Wait until the 3 reports clear and show as normal type / reported.

It may take a day or two, but the reports eventually will report to Microsoft. You cannot hurry the process.

Mac reports “Hangs In The Main Graphics Engine”

Mac: MacBook Pro, mid2012, 9,1 Core i7 2.3Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, nVidia 650M, IntelHD 4000

I use several macOS systems incl. the default one – Lion. 2 weeks ago slowdowns began to occur – apps slow to launch (even such lightweight ones as Console), Finder crashes, icons bouncing off the Dock – something that was never the case during the 7 years that I own it. I don’t see visual artefacts, graphic mess: I can play video, and do usual stuff but every 2-3 days, at some point Mac becomes really slow and only restart helps. Between these hangs, Mac is fast and robust (as robust as 7 years machine can be). Every time they happen Lion’s Console shows this repeating message:

25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: ****  Debug info for *possible* hang in MAIN graphics engine  ****
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: VRSYNC: (0x12044) = 0xe535d
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: BRSYNC: (0x22040) = 0x0
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: RVSYNC: (0x 2040) = 0x0
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: BVSYNC: (0x22044) = 0x0
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: RBSYNC: (0x 2044) = 0x0
25/02/2021 11:46:17.000 kernel: VBSYNC: (0x12040) = 0x0
25/02/2021 11:46:22.000 kernel: stampWait: Overflowed checking for stamp 0xe5377 on MAIN ring: called from 

No issues with external monitors. I had it repaired 2 weeks ago (an audio speaker).

In the other macOS systems, Console doesn’t produce these messages: I don’t have this behaviour erupting there but in Mojave I found messages about some “GPU dump”. Is the GPU dying?

dns – openvpn: Windows 10 incorrectly reports no internet access

I’m trying to configure openvpn to provide our staff with access to a private subnets in AWS.

In order to allow them to resolve private zone addresses, I have the config set to push the DNS server, like so…

push "block-outside-dns"
push "dhcp-option DNS"

Where is the default DNS server for the VPC in which the openvpn server is running.

This seems to work fine. After connecting, I’m able to resolve private AWS hostnames etc.

However after being connected for a couple of minutes, Windows 10 network status icon starts reporting that it has no internet access.

However, internet access is working fine.

While it seems the status warning could just be ignored, I’m not happy about handing this over to our staff, and telling them to ignore the warnings.

What can I do to have Windows 10 correctly detect that it has internet access, when it’s using the openvpn provided DNS?

I tried removing the “block-outside-dns” option, however then the custom DNS was simply ignored, so I could no longer resolve private AWS hostnames.