links – AWstats reports URLs added to other canonical URLs, why?

When you see subdirectories above subdirectories that do not exist, it is most likely an incorrect code relative URL that a bot strikes.

I would check your site and update it absolute URLsbecause they can remedy this problem AND it can be helpful if your entire site is scratched and duplicated on a different domain.

sql server 2016 – Migration of secure reports between different domains

I have an SSRS server in domain A and I was asked to copy all the folders and reports from domain A to an SSRS server in domain B.

The network team has opened the ports between the two different domain servers and I can connect to the web browser of each SSRS from the opposite server.

When I copy reports between servers in the same domain, I usually use the user's service commands. I tried to do the same thing between the two domains and I got this error:

Unable to connect to server http: // localhost / [sourceserver] /reportservice2010.asmx

for reference:
server A – is the source server in domain A
server B – is the destination in domain B

Here's the command I'm launching on CMD:

     rs.exe -i ssrs_migration.rss -e Mgmt2010 -s http://[server A IP]/reportserver -u Domain Ausername -p domain A password -v f="/foldername" -v ts="http://[server B ip]/Reportserver" -v tu="Domain Busername" -v tp="Domain B password" -v tf="/foldername" -v security="True"

It is also important to mention that the destination server already contains reports, so I can not restore the report server database.

What can I do to solve this problem?
Thank you

SQL Server – Crystal Reports to something more modern like SSRS, but which tool should I use?

I'm trying to upgrade some old Crystal reports … and there are many, many others who need to do it; they come from .rpt files and are generated using an old SAP-like program in e-mail attachments in PDF format.

We would like to move on to something a little more modern, we have a SQL server with SSRS on it.

I also have a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2019 and have downloaded the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Report Builder because Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is our SQL Server version.

I am already moving from these queries to another system, but I am not sure which Microsoft product to use to generate reports, as they all seem to have a fairly heavy learning curve. I will choose a direction, I would like it to be the best. VS 2019 seems to be the least dated of these products and I think I have to use the SQL Server data tools to do that.

Please offer me a recommendation on how to proceed because Microsoft has given me too many options, which leaves me a bit unsure as to what to do next.

C # – How to create a group in Crystal Reports that is hidden and displayed only when it is filled?

I use Crystal Reports in C #, Visual Studio 2016 and ASP.NET MVC. I need that one of the groups I've created shows only when the corresponding field is populated.
The user fills the "Name" field – Displays the "Name" grouping in the report.
The user does not fill it – the grouping is hidden.

How to do it? Thank you

privacy – Is there a list of commercial mechanics privileges by region? Is there a service that reports this information?

Have a good day.

There are many Internet services that perform lien search services for a fee. Since I am not familiar with the reputation of online businesses nor the accuracy of a given service, I can not make an informed recommendation. Nevertheless, since the data is a public document, any type of service will likely provide reports with county register information for a building in question.

This claimed, you can easily get the details yourself by means of Access the online records site of the Regional Recorder, Evaluator or Clerk. With the unusual exception of mostly rural areas, you must have the opportunity to find yourself the details of the lien on a residential property in question. Phone numbers for all offices in the US region are provided if an online search is incomplete or inaccessible.

If you have an interest in acquiring a specific property, your local real estate professional and / or securities company can certainly help you.

I wish this to be valuable and good luck.

GUI design – Teasing Dashboard reports. Use dummy data or empty reports?

I'm currently designing a dashboard that relies on a Google Analytics connection. For users who are not connected to GA, what would it show them best? We want to have a strong CTA to connect to Google Analytics while distributing reports that become available once they are connected.

Option 1. Display the empty reports, with the call to the "connect to GA" action. Tables and graphs would be present but without data.

Option 2. Display dummy data with any processing to indicate that there is no real data and again with the call to action "connect to GA"

Option 3. something else

magento2 – Magento 2 static signature files indicating CSS / JS 404 error in SEO reports

I use the version number in the file paths in Magento 2, but it displays 404 errors in the SEO reports after running the Magento deploy command due to the change of version number of the command deploy each time.

I've also added the code below in the Robots.txt file

`Disallow: /pub/static/`

But still, it shows in 404 errors in SEO reports. I can not disable the static file signing feature on the administrator side.

Please let me know how can we solve this problem.

Recipients of weekly reports in Microsoft Family

I have a fairly typical Microsoft family based on four separate Microsoft accounts:

  • two accounts for parents,
  • two accounts for the children.

The weekly activity reports by e-mail of both children are activated.

We live in Poland and Polish is our mother tongue, but in the interest of Microsoft Family, everything is configured in English (the page itself loads in English), because we (the parents) have all our browsers installed in English. primary language.

Every week, I receive a report in English with my name at the beginning. My wife does not receive any type of report.

The best part is that our children receive these reports too:

  • both receive each weekly report in two copies,
  • the first copy is in English and titled with my name,
  • the second copy is in Polish and bears the title with the name of my wife.

What do I forget here? Why do children receive reports about their activities? They should not in my opinion. If they should (according to Microsoft), then why these reports are titled with the names of the parents.

I have never defined who, when and in what language should receive reports. I've just created a Microsoft family consisting of two adult Microsoft accounts and two Microsoft kids accounts. And I checked the button for each child to generate weekly reports.

Is it some kind of bug that we get all these reports in some sort of strange combination? Is there an option to control this functionality (ie, decide who and when will get these reports and – more importantly – prevent children from receiving them)?

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Reports – Google Analytics Report Data for "Pages" Does Not Match Report for "Page Titles"

I'm curious about what would make Pages data look different from Page Titles. In theory, should not they be the same?

For example, if you use the month of October under "Pages", that you look at the first 10 pages and then you move to "Page titles", the order of the first 10 changes does not change, the number of pages viewed corresponding to the corresponding URL also changes. .


Under "Page" for the views are 20
Under "Page Title" for the views are 50

Why? What is causing the change? Is this normal? If not, how to solve?