networking – How to send a custom ICMP reply message for a ICMP request message using Scapy tool?

I am using two ubuntu VM’s and I am trying to send one ICMP request packet from one VM to other and I got a reply which is automatically generated by the system.

Now I want to generate a custom reply for that received ICMP request message using scapy.

I know we can sniff or receive the request message by using sniff/receive commands, But after sniffing that packet, How can I send a custom reply for that ICMP request packet?

Is it possible to do that? If so, How?

I want that process to be automatic. Lets say that if I got 5 request packets consecutively I want to send 5 reply messages automatically.

upload image error "An Ajax http request terminated abnormally.." on Google Chrome [closed]

My website i use Drupal 7.69

I use Google Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

when upload image it’s show

And click “Remove”

But i use Safari not have error.

Request: Looking for dedicated server in USA

I am looking for dedicated server as per below, please PM me your offers. thanks

Location: USA
8-16 Core
48 to 128GB RAM
2x 480GB… | Read the rest of

"Are you sure?" Request for confirmation modal usability research

  1. A user is about to delete a crucial object with no undo.
  2. The designer puts an “Are you sure?” modal confirmation.
  3. The user says “Yeah yeah yeah do it”
  4. Immediately the user regrets his/her decision and panics.

Clearly Undo would be great. But sometimes that is impractical.


  • What public usability studies are there on this topic?
  • Do users REALLY think about the question or do they just click Yes without thinking?

Thank you.

Request for Feedback: Envy Forums | Forum Promotion

Hi there. I am working on starting a new forum and wanted some initial feedback on what I’ve created so far.

Forum Title: Envy Forums
Forum URL:

  • Setup server
  • Created a domain name
  • Installed XenForo & a Premium Theme (expensive but the site looks pretty at least)
  • Created a few categories/forums and wrote a few posts in them.

I know there’s so much still to do before the site is a thriving forum but what else should I do to get my community seeded with content?

Package Request

Site URL:
Package: Garnet
Total posts your site: 8 posts
Packager Preference: N/A
Preferred posting location: Anywhere but I’d prefer empty categories first if possible.
Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No
Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: Yes
Extra Notes: Member less than a month so I think the package is free :]

reference request – A bounded extension operator

Let $Omegasubsetmathbb{R}^n$ be a bounded domain with smooth boundary $partialOmega$. Consider the harmonic extension operator $E :L^2(partial Omega) rightarrow H^{1/2}(Omega)$ which assigns to a prescribed boundary value $g$ a function $f$ with $frvert_{partialOmega}=g$ and $Delta_Omega f=0$.

I have two questions about this operator:

Can $E$ be bounded from $L^2(partial Omega)$ into $L^2(Omega)$ as a right inverse of the trace operator? (or possibly another modification of $E$ or another extension operator).

Is there any explicit characterization of the range of $E$: $mathrm{ran}(E):=E,L^2(partial Omega)$?

Finally, any reference on some properties of such operator would be helpful.

reference request – Solving multilinear equations

Let $N={1,2,ldots,n}$. Suppose we are given $n$ equations, with each equation taking the form $sum_{Asubseteq N}left(c_A prod_{iin A}x_i right) = 0$, where each $c_A$ is a real number constant. (So each equation contains at most $2^n$ terms.) An example for $n=3$ is:

$$2x_1x_2x_3 – 4x_1x_2+5x_3+2=0$$

$$7x_1x_3 – 6x_2-4=0$$

$$-x_1x_2x_3 + x_1 – 2x_2 +9 = 0$$

We want to find a solution $(x_i)_{iin A}$ such that $0leq x_ileq 1$ for all $i$ (assuming we know such a solution exists). Is there a known algorithm to do this?

I searched for terms like “multilinear equations”, but could not find anything relevant.

reference request – What is the state-of-the-art for solving polynomials systems over fields that are not algebraically closed?

I am not working in the field of algorithmic algebraic geometry – yet, for my current work, I need some results from it.

More specifically, what is the state-of-the-art when it comes to solving (whatever “solving” means in this case) system of polynomials of fields that are not algebraically closed, whose ideal has dimension $>0$?
Could you recommend a survey paper that summarizes what has been achieved so far?

For the case of $0$-dimensional ideals, there seems to exist many heavily cited papers, like “Solving Zero-dimensional Algebraic Systems” by D. Lazard, which seem mostly to be concerned with finding ways of to display the system of polynomials in a nice way (e.g. triangularly). Are these articles already superseded, or does it make sense to read them?

Centos-webpanel Installation Error – problems making certificate request

This is my first time in this website and also first time using centos – webpanel and google cloud computing engine.

I have a virtual machine in google compute engine and I have installed Centos – 7 on it.

First time I succeeded with both cent-os and centos-webpanel installation and then I created a second virtual machine – with same configuration and tried to install Centos-webpanel. But this time the installation runs and it ends with this message :

Note – used with root access – sudo -s

mv: cannot stat ‘clamd@scan.service’: No such file or directory
sed: can't read clamd-scan.service: No such file or directory
Generating RSA private key, 2048 bit long modulus
e is 65537 (0x10001)
problems making Certificate Request
140178962253712:error:0D07A097:asn1 encoding routines:ASN1_mbstring_ncopy:string too long:a_mbstr.c:158:maxsize=64

But when I type my ip address on browser and goto it the default centos – webpanel page shows but I can’t go to MY_IP_ADRESS:2030 which is admin panel. the page does not loads.

What should I do to resolve this?