word – to save to the server, correct the invalid or missing required properties

We are using SP 2013 and Office 2010 (yes, old fashioned) and we are having trouble registering a new document in the library because the required fields, even if filled in, are still considered empty.

In the print screen below, the applicant is a field of people and group. When I enter the name of a user, I can not confirm it and the border remains always dotted red.

A solution to this problem?

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USA – Why can a driver's license number be required for a flight?

My manager is booking airline tickets for an upcoming conference in another state and he asked me for the following three things:

  • my full name as it appears on my driver's license
  • my birth date
  • my driver's license #

The first two seem pretty reasonable but the last element seems … fishy. I do not think that I've ever asked for a driver's license number in flight. I was asked for a passport number during an international trip, but not a driver's license number.

I mean, it seems to me that a driver's license should not even be required to fly. You could be 40 years old and not have a driver's license and you could move exclusively using taxis, buses and public transportation.

I know that a driver's license can be used to verify your identity with the TSA, but the documents you provide to TSA do not need to be pre-registered or anything that is …

Wesbite to get commercial APIs at a lower price for the exact content required

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As a developer, the commercial offers of API providers do not meet your needs? Go to www.apinomics.co and pay less for your favorite APIs that you can customize and customize to your needs.

You can already register to receive an invitation. The solution will be available soon. Are there any APIs you would like to have but are too expensive for your budget?

How to download all the required Ubuntu drivers

To view all the proprietary drivers that can be installed from the default Ubuntu repositories and compatible with your hardware, open the device and type:

ubuntu drivers  

Wait at least a minute for the command to scan your computer and generate the driver list. The result of this command will be a list of package names and short descriptions of available drivers. In addition to displaying a list of available drivers, the above command also identifies the recommended proprietary driver (s) for your system.

If your computer has an Intel processor and it does not have a separate graphics processor, then ubuntu drivers will not return results indicating that a proprietary graphics card driver is available to be installed because the Intel graphics driver is integrated with Ubuntu.

If you visit the official AMD or NVIDIA websites, you will often find that the latest version of the graphical driver that owns your GPU is a little more up-to-date than the version of the same graphics driver available from the default Ubuntu software. deposits. Do not worry, because if the difference between the version numbers of the two proprietary graphics drivers is small, you will get similar performance using one or the other of the two drivers. If you install a graphics driver from the default Ubuntu repositories, you will also get automatic driver updates, sometimes related to kernel updates.

c # – Find the missing required values ​​in a list

Suppose we are given two lists (which can be any primitive type):

var arguments = new list() {"a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h"};
var required = new list() {"c", "g"};

All values ​​in the required list must be in the argument list. If there are none missing, return null, otherwise, return a list of missing arguments. Oh, and the required values ​​can not occur more than once, if this is the case, an exception must be thrown.

That's what I managed to put in place:

Private static FindMissingRequiredValues ​​(List required, List arguments)
missing var = new list();
foreach (var in required)
if (! arguments.Contains (r))
missing.Add (r);

if (missing.Count == 0)
missing = null;
return missing;

It works but it does not treat duplicates, and it looks ugly. Is there an elegant, generic solution (works for any primitive type) and handles duplicates, perhaps with linq?

pixels – Take photos with the camera of my iPhone 8 meets the specifications required for the design of a book cover?

All versions of the iPhone 8 have a 12 MP rear camera with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. This represents approximately 3000 x 4000 pixels in vertical orientation (portrait). That's more than enough to provide an image of 2,400 pixels high and 1,600 pixels wide, as Smashwords recommends. It is a little more than twice as wide as the required minimum width of 1400 pixels.

Beyond that, it is only necessary to produce an image that is both attractive and appropriate to your book and its subject. If you do not know how to do it, maybe you can call a friend?

Hosting required for e-commerce site


Well, my current hosting is not good, which is why I am looking for a secure and trustworthy hosting service.

Waiting for suggestion … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1768520&goto=newpost

object_procedure required when creating the adSet

What is the correct format for promoting the page?
my request in the sandbox looks like this

I've received an error "When promoting a mobile app or canvas, you need to provide an " object_store_url "setting to the object promoted to the " Ad Set "level . ".
But I do not have any application.
What is the correct field for this procedure?

Data entry person urgently required

The project includes 1200 sheets.
You must complete the form within 8 days. Each sheet must contain 20 data. The data and the fill sheet are in the same page.

The budget for this project is 100 USD. Can be increased after the completion of 3 projects.


3.5nd dnd – What is the lowest INT required to go to class?

This is not a specific rule, it is a result of the rules of the game and assumptions about PCs and levels.

As far as I know, no specific rule says: "A creature must have an intelligence score of at least 3 in order to pass class levels." Instead, it's a de facto rule that emerges from two parts of the rules of the game / underlying assumptions:

1. A creature with an intelligence score of less than 3 is not a playable character.

From the SRD:

Creatures with an intelligence score of less than 3 are not playable characters.

2 The game mainly assumes that only PCs take class levels by perfecting themselves.

The rules for gaining experience and moving to the next level (mainly from PHB, p.58) are all written as "you" or "your characterFor example, here's what he says about progressing to a level:

Advance a level: When your character's XP total is at least the minimum required for a new character level … he "rises to a level". For example, when Tordek gets 1,000 XP or more, it becomes a 2nd level character. As soon as he accumulates a total of 3,000 XP or more (2,000 more than when he had reached the 2nd level), he reaches the 3rd level. By raising a level, the character gains several immediate benefits (see below).

Similarly, the DMG (p.260) says:

Experience Points (XP): Fuel Level Advancement for Player Characters …

Even cases where a player controls a creature with an animal-level intelligence, such as an animal companion of the Druid, do not use the XP + class level system for advancement. instead, they have individual rules for advancement described by some class / feature / exploit / etc. granted the player control of the animal in question.

In short, all the rules of the game to track experience points and gain levels with XP are written to apply to players characters. Although I am not aware of any definitive statement to this effect, the general assumption of the rules of the game seems to be that NPCs and monsters will only be created by the DM with the statistics that are available. they consider it appropriate for the meeting, rather than having their own statistics. XP tracked and progressing when they gain enough experience.

Combine 1 and 2, it means that creatures with less than 3 Intellect never progress through level progression based on the experience.

Since creatures with intelligence scores at the animal level can not be PCs, and only PCs have a higher level, you end up with a de facto rules that animals never level. Thus, a creature of Animal Intelligence controlled by the player has no way to gain class levels.

This does not mean that the DM is never allowed to give class levels to creatures of intelligence at the animal level. As a DM, you feel that a vicious bear that has been corrupted by the influence of the shadows is better represented by setting two levels of Swordsage on the default statistics block of the bear brown, it's your prerogative. But it's not a special exception to a rule about class levels and Intelligence score – it's just an example of the general rule that DMs can build monster statblocks the way they want and not are not subject to the restrictions that the rules impose on players. when building PCs.