False call buttons for action for research

My company runs two week sprints. The product roadmap is set a quarter ahead.
So when a new feature is later identified as important, we do not have time to do it right away. We have a good solution (hopefully) for this:

Have the button call the action of the feature on our website. When users click on it, we post a modal saying:

Hey firstname, the feature is under construction and will be available soon. In the meantime, you can send us an email and we will respond to your request. Thank you!

We are Meanwhile that this method would give us a good idea and research on the number of users actually wanting this feature. How many of them are potential adopters.

  1. Anyone with good ideas on this method, please answer or comment.
  2. A fake call to action buttons will create bad impressions. & # 39; coz the feature itself does not exist.
  3. All previous experiences with similar stories are invited.
  4. A better idea than this one?
  5. Additions or improvements to this method?
  6. Better reasons or arguments than what I have here to implement the method?

Everyone is welcome. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Is there any research on how the weight of the font affects readability?

I have the impression that you have very different questions here.

To answer your first question:

is there any research on the impact of font on readability?

Yes there is. You must first understand that the types / fonts are judged according to their "readability" (ease of reading words, sentences and paragraphs by an average reader) and their "readability" (ease of distinction of forms of letter). .

Studies have shown that readability tends to increase when using a "normal" or "regular" font weight (ie 400). Indeed, when words and phrases are able to read quickly, the reader's eyes slow down their normal blink rate, allowing the user to not tire of reading for long periods of time. Yet, when lighter or heavier weights are used in large blocks of text, readers tend to blink further because they have to focus more when they read. Lighter type weights introduce more negative space and heavier type weights introduce more positive space. Both ask readers to focus more.

For titles, your goal should be readability, but also readability. Studies have shown that fonts with higher x heights are more readable.


To answer your second question:

So here's the violin I'm working on http://jsfiddle.net/T7b6E/

Personally, I prefer the title with a cast-weight: 100 (smoother, modern, etc.)

The first thing to remember is that just by using font-weight: 100; in HTML does not really create a lighter character. The weight must be in the font. Most standard fonts exist in 2 fats (4 styles): Normal, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic. In HTML this is font-weight: 400 and font-weight: 700. If the font to which you are trying to apply a different font thickness does not have this thickness, the browser will try to give you a rough idea of โ€‹โ€‹what it's could look like. And that could be wrong. And depending on the operating systems and even the browsers, this could be very different.

There are so many excellent web type foundry services on the market that provide multiple weight types, I would like to study that.

The general rule that I use with the type weights is: the bigger the type and the shorter the size (ie the titles), the easier it is to use lighter weights . The longer and shorter the type, it is better to use normal weights and heavier weights. This approach also corresponds to studies that show that people do not read, they scan copies online.

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research – How many incentives, is it too much?

When planning the search for a conference document, a question remains for us. The study involves three simple steps: (1) the initial participatory interview; (2) interaction of participants with a home appliance for a few weeks; and (3) a final interview to collect comments.

For this type of study, companies pay an average amount to recruit and motivate participants. However, there is a lack of information regarding the number of incentives, as well as the corresponding amount, for the purposes of the study. So, our questions are as follows.

List of questions to solve:

audit – Security requirement for a research and development team

I have an R & D team that has been recently set up. I was asked to meet the requirements of the cybersecurity service. They must have access to everything available on the Internet and must also have access to direct mail sites other than O365. Any track on what may be the different aspects that I should be ensuring is available in my infrastructure to secure this.
for example
Endpoints: I should implement DLPs to prevent the team from sharing confidential documents
Anti-virus (But will it be enough for zero-day attacks)

Network Perspective: I have to separate the team from the rest of the organization to be able to customize the strategies specifically for this team …

Am I heading in the right direction? What else should I care about?

trade – The API research boosts results

I followed the guide via this article: https://www.easternstandard.com/blog/2018/05/drupal-8-search-how-get-better-more-intuit-intuitive-search-results- using-search-api

The search API looks for both the content and the type of product (Trade 2). However, I would like the product type to be displayed first in relation to the content type. How can this be achieved?

  1. I've tried to reinforce the "keyword search" field added to product types
  2. I've tried adding a sort order of product titles, and then content titles in views.
  3. Set a custom callback number in the Search API fields tab

I do not know what else I can do for the products to be displayed first.


7 – The research with the group does not work well

I think there is a bug with looking in a view:

I've created a view, which lists some used cars. I'm using a group filter element. Because cars are in several taxonomy.

My problem is when someone uses the filter to do a search. There are used cars that are not displayed in the list but they should …

I notice in the URL that there is [] add: field_v12_segmentation_tid []. This is because the multiple choice is selected. But I do not need it, so I turned it off, everything worked perfectly, except that the choice is not kept …

I do not know what to do to solve this problem … need help please.

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