rpg theory – Research on the effects of sexist role-plays or other role-plays

There are several studies that reveal sexist, racist, racist and other tropes. in this or that role play. (See the bottom of the article for some references.)

How do these games affect participants? Since everyone has an opinion and all are not pretty, answers should be based on rigorous studies.

Some common opinions on the subject:

  • Playing games is fun and therefore the question is deviated.
  • Only stupid and worthless people are affected by the media that they consume.
  • Playing a game with orcs does not cause a change in behavior towards minorities.
  • Playing a game with killer whales reinforces racist stereotypes and thinking.
  • Playing a game with sexist stereotypes strengthens patriarchy and so has all kinds of unwanted consequences.

To distinguish what is true or not, we need experimental studies. A study of other media might be useful, if the answer also rigorously indicates how and to what extent it generalizes to role plays.

Possible answers

The link between violent video games and aggression has been studied from several angles. As far as I know, the state of the art is that if playing violent games has an effect, it is positive but very small. There could also be no effect.

There are certainly methods of quantifying prejudices and stereotypes, so that similar studies on this subject would be possible; the question is whether some of them have been done and what they tell about role plays.

I have read a number of studies such as those mentioned below, but I do not remember that they have addressed this issue. I've talked to someone who was writing a masters thesis on the tropes of drows and sexists, and they did not know about such studies, even though they had not yet done it. leaned on the question. This does not seem to be a frequently asked question for some reason.

I am the international journal of role play, studies on analog games and, more recently, games and culture, but I do not remember articles about it, but I could forget something and not have read their archives in detail.

I have not studied literature on gambling studies at large nor read most of Solmukohta's books.

An introduction:

Research articles, some of which unfortunately behind a paywall:

  • Garcia, A. (2017). Privilege, Power and Dungeons and Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial and Gender Identities in Tabletop Role Playing. Spirit, Culture and Activity, 24, 232-246. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10749039.2017.1293691

  • JONES, Shelly. Blinded by the Roll: The Critical Failure of Disability in D & D. Analog Game Studies, 2018. http://analoggamestudies.org/2018/03/blinded-by-the-roll- the-critical-fail-of-disability-in-dd /

  • Stang, S. and Trammell, A. (2019). Playful Bestiary: Misogynistic Tropes of Female Monstrosity in Dungeons & Dragons. Games and culture. https://doi.org/10.1177/1555412019850059

  • STENROS, Jaakko; SIHVONEN, Tanja. Get out of the dungeons: Representations of queer sexuality in the sources of the RPG. Analog Game Studies, 2015, 3. http://analoggamestudies.org/2015/07/out-of-the-dungeons-representations-of-queer-sexuality-in-rpg-source-books/

  • Trammell, Aaron. 2014. "Misogyny and the Female Body in Dungeons and Dragons." Analog Game Studies 1 (3). http://analoggamestudies.org/2014/10/constructing-the-female-body-in-role-playing-games/

unit tests – Research feature bugs as quickly as possible

Currently, every time I develop a feature, I write the corresponding behavior tests using simulacra for our downstream services. These simulacra are mute always serve the same output. I have faced something serious today. My BDDs went into my local environment and construction. Therefore, I went ahead and merged my changes into the "master" branch.

However, when manually testing the feature in my development environment, I discovered a bug. One of the downstream services was responding with a 4xx. I know it's bad – the master branch now contains a feature that is problematic.

If I had written an integration test using real services and it was part of my build, this problem would have been solved. But let's say that if one of the downs goes down, my build will not go away. I do not want that.

Note that we do not have a QA branch because we do not have a separate QA tester. We are all supposed to test our features on our own.

How should I mitigate this problem?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magento platform?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magento platform?

+ Answer the thread

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Magento platform?

    Magento is the first solution mentioned in "The solution for the print website". Because of Magento considered a king of the shopping cart online. According to research done by BuiltWith. The number of websites using Magento from 2016 to 2017 has increased by more than 48,000. The Magento platform was the one that used e-commerce the most. Of course, in the field of printing too. So many web design masters have chosen this platform for building websites. Although it is so powerful and intelligent, there are still some small limitations. there are some minor limitations.

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Crowdsourcing research

I have never done anything with crowdsourcing sites and I have a question. What if you wanted to create an organization to search for a particular topic and find an answer to its urgent question (s), which should interest a fairly large group of people? At the end of the process, the company would have no shareholder value or reason to exist longer. The return on investment for "investors" (actually, the "members" is probably more appropriate) would be that the important questions are answered beyond a reasonable doubt and that they played a role in achieving of this objective.

Is there a crowdsourcing site that would make sense for such an approach? I've heard about gofundme, indiegogo and some other people, but I do not know anything about them or anything else. I'm not even sure the kind of funding I would seek is allowed on such sites.

What is the confidence threshold for research?

Assuming you have to find what you are looking for X % of the time needed to trust a search service and become a regular user of that service:

What number is X?

Links to research papers would be sincerely appreciated.

For example. Is there an official source for how often people find what they're looking for on google.com and related services? Are there regions (eg geographic) where the search facility is lower, and how does this decrease affect customer loyalty?

In addition, is there a documented region between there % and z % where trust accelerates and where each additional improvement generates a substantial return on investment (defined as an increase in the recurring use of the service)?

Finally, are there business search providers who have indicated how often their customers' employees should expect to find what they are looking for? For example, did anyone hear from Microsoft vendors suggesting such figures for SharePoint?

Background: I have been working on enterprise search solutions for 12 years. Especially for "ready-to-use" SharePoint deployments, I remember that many employees do not use internal search for lack of trust, because the search opportunity is less than 25%, sometimes even reaching the numbers at one number (which contrasts strongly with the experience they used google.com). To encourage homeowners to invest more, I guess it would be effective to show them where they are currently on the chart below and when they can expect their employees to start doing trust in the service.

enter the description of the image here

In this graph, "SharePoint" is considered the default use case of the product. "a document management and storage system" [W], where there is little or no editorial maintenance. "Intranet" means like the institutional website publishing editorial relevant articles and tools internally.

A customer states as a success criterion that "60% of the time, people should find what they are looking for". However, they do not have any data indicating that this is enough for users to start trusting the search. In my previous experience, if you can provide a 75% search opportunity, users come back to the service, and conversely, if it is less than 30%, they hesitate. But my sample of users and services is low and I would not talk about real research. In addition, data points are too few to have much value – you do not really need data to infer that 75% is good enough and 30% is really bad.

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Reviewed by ThomasLound sure
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Evaluation: 5


machine learning – Research vs. planning in artificial intelligence

I study artificial intelligence as a result of the Russell & Norvig book.
We did a research and some planning that for me is the same (at least on the representation).
I would like to know what is the difference between these two techniques, but I have not found it.

Looking online, I found this resource:
Planning and research, where it says: "The main difference between research and planning is the representation of
States. "

Is the difference between these two techniques limited to representation?

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