I will do perfect data entry, web research, copy paste and excel entry. for $15

I will do perfect data entry, web research, copy paste and excel entry.

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How to Do Keyword Research for Website?

For Keyword Research, the very first thing is to understand about the business you are going to do or what you are going to do keyword research.
You can use the tools for the keywords research, I always used Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool and Google Suggest.
I used Google Adwords Keyword Planner to check the search volume and competitiveness of the keywords. And, this also shows you the related keywords with that keyword you are checking for the search volume.
I use Google suggest for checking what keywords are recently searching on the Internet.

Also, do some manual searches by entering your selecting keywords an find more keywords that are used by your competitors.

You can also use the other tools for Keyword Research, like SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer or LongTailPro etc.


do excel data entry, web research, convert pdf to word excel for $5

do excel data entry, web research, convert pdf to word excel

Welcome To my Gig

Hello, My name is samiul and I am Certified with Microsoft work
d Specialist. I am an expert data entry worker. I provide you a quality services in this field.

If you need to collect data from any site OR any web directory OR any

document like PDF, word or scanned file, You can choose me.

My services includes

✔ Excel data entry

✔ Typing work

✔ Copy typing

✔ Punjabi typing

✔ Excel Spreadsheet

✔ Excel VBA

✔ PowerPoint Presentation design

✔ Data Entry

✔ Document formatting

✔ Microsoft office

✔ Document editing

✔ Typing

✔ Microsoft excel

✔ Data mining

✔ Virtual assistant

✔ Data collection

✔ Word to pdf

✔✔✔Available 24/7

I can deliver your order within the deadline with 100% accuracy.

I would love to hear about your project’s requirements.

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user research – Newbie UX Manager here, any tips?

user research – Newbie UX Manager here, any tips? – User Experience Stack Exchange

ux field – Research on activities and tools for product creators

I’m Anton, a product designer. I and a couple of other designer friends have been keeping an eye on the recent explosion of product related tools and would like to get a better understanding of which tools and activities have become part of professionals’ daily lives.

If you have 10-15 minutes, you are more than welcome to participate in the survey.

This study will run until the end of April 2021, and we’d love to share the results with you.

user research – How have personas worked for you? This is NOT another persona debate


My team is trying to decide whether or not to formally pursue personas for the first time. They want me to find real-world examples of how personas are used by others. I have done a lot of research on personas but don’t have the answers I want yet. Please help me by answering any or all of the following questions.

  1. What type of software do you work on? (e.g., mobile app for creating grocery lists, internal enterprise level merchandising app, e-commerce website for a general population, etc.)
  2. What process have you followed for creating personas? (e.g., following Pruitt & Adlin’s persona lifecycle religiously, assumptive/proto-personas, filling out online persona templates, etc.)
  3. At what stage of development have you found personas to be most (or least) effective? (e.g., early research stages of creating a brand-new product, high-fidelity design stage of tweaking an existing product, validation stage of completely revamping an existing product, etc.)
  4. What are the main lessons learned in your attempts of using personas? (e.g., 6+ personas is too many, personas based on assumptions are/are not effective, personas do not work well during the validation stage, etc.)
  5. What has been the biggest challenge of using personas? (e.g., gathering enough data, buy-in from stakeholders, knowing how to use them once they’re created, etc.)
  6. What are the biggest benefits of using personas? (e.g., building empathy, helpful in understanding the research, useful in spurring conversation, etc.)
  7. What are the main ways in which you use personas? (e.g., for writing scenarios, in conversations to keep everyone on the same page, to use different POVs when reviewing a design, etc.)
  8. What is the main reason your use of personas succeeded or failed? (e.g., background research, stakeholder buy-in, amount of time/money spent creating them, etc.)
  9. If you created your personas based on research, what type of research was it? (demographic data from surveys, qualitative data from interviews, various sources of research conducted in the past, etc.)
  10. If you created your personas based on research, how did you access participants for this research? (e.g., internal experts, survey posted on twitter, finding customers via sales reps, etc.)

Additional Info If You’re Interested:

I am a UX researcher at an engineering company working on B2B software. My team works on software which will very slowly replace existing software which has been in place for decades. This new software, once established, will also be in place for many, many years and will not be able to change very much once adopted by many customers (as this could have safety critical consequences as well as interrupt standards/regulations companies will create around how our software works). Our UX team is small and centralized, and we are working on maturing our UX research methods & processes. I have been tasked with determining if we should spend the time and resources creating personas are not.

A lot of my understanding of personas comes from various academic writings on personas which, in my experience, tends to not always translate very well to actual application of a method in the real world. The main things my team wants to understand are:

  • How are personas being used in other companies?
  • How have others had to tweak the described methodologies to fit their
    own situations?

I am hoping to look at others’ experiences to draw parallels to how personas may/may not work in our own situation. Hopefully this will allow me to identify the potential risks & possible mitigations which I can then present to the team to inform our decision.

Please note that I understand the only way to really understand if personas will work for us is for us to try it. That said, my team does not want to move forward with trying this method out without first doing substantial research (which I don’t think is a bad approach since our team is stretched thin).

The main limitations our team faces in terms of UX are:

  • Very little, if any, access to end-users. Lots of access to internal
    domain experts and internal support staff who do work directly with
    end-users, however.
  • User types vary drastically across customer companies
  • Zero possibility of contextual inquiries
  • Very complex domain & software which is difficult to understand
    without contextual inquiries, an engineering background, years spent at this company working with our software.

Prior to creating this post I have done lots of research, I just don’t feel I have all the answers I want. For background, I learned about personas in various classes in my schooling. More recently I have spent a lot of time reading academic articles and books, reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, and perusing persona related posts on various forums. In the forums I have come across a lot of posts like, “how do I create a persona?” and “are personas actually useful?”

Unfortunately I haven’t found as much information as I’d like on, “here is an objective example of how I personally have used personas and how it has/has not worked for me,” or, “here is how I have had to tweak the traditional persona technique to work for me.” I am hoping to get some help from you all to answer some specific questions. I’m not asking anyone to post one of their personas or anything because, you know, NDAs and such. If you can answer any or all of these questions that would be incredibly useful for me. Thanks!

Advance Keyword Research with Competitor Analysis for $5

Advance Keyword Research with Competitor Analysis

Welcome To My SEO Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis Service.

Stuck while doing Keyword Research for your Website, Blog, or Online Store? Just because of a busy schedule or lack of experience. Wrong Research may lead to the destruction of your site and all of your work and money so you don’t have to compromise on research. For first page ranking, you need to know user search intent and behavior otherwise you’re wasting your time and money. Well, now you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

I’m here to help you by providing a detailed report of the most Profitable Keyword Research that will include:

  • Profitable Keyword
  • Easy to rank KW’s
  • CPC
  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Related Keyword Of Your Targeted Niche.

Note: Custom Offer is Available

So what are you waiting for?

Place the order right now or send me a message and I will be back to you as soon as possible.


research – Alternative questions/frameworks to the Net Promoter Score or better metrics of User Experience

I was wondering about NPS quite a bit myself but never enough to research more in depth. This answer is to share what I learned about NPS.

There is research on the effectiveness of the classic 10-point-NPS question and how it could be improved.

A summary of a research paper on MeasuringU describes research and experiments especially with the scale (10-point vs. more or less and labels for the points).

It’s probably best to read the text behind the link yourself, so just quoting the researchers’ conclusion here:

We did find that reducing the number of scale points to 7-points
generally improved the validity of the measurement. However, contrary
to our expectations, assigning full-labels did not improve the
validity, it rather produced weaker relationships between the scales
and the validity criteria. … Our results show that different measures
such as likelihood of recommendation, satisfaction and liking are
interrelated and might be acting within causal chains.

The takeaway of the MeasuringU author is:

Similar to other studies, they found that the NPS and multiple metrics
correlated with historical growth rates and changing the number of
scale points and labels improved correlations, but not by much.

Some time ago I read (or heard) about problems with the typical NPS question (“How likely are you to recommend our service to a friend”) and they resonated well with me. One problem is the point in time when this questions gets send out, typically by email. Directly after an interaction? If not, how long after. Does the customers still remember? Another problem is the question itself. It is asking about a potential future event (how likely are you) based on an interaction in the past. A better question to ask would be “Did you recommend our service to a friend” or “How often did you recommend our service to a friend”, as this is easier to answer for the customer. (Unfortunately I can’t find the source anymore)

user research – Best practices for System Usability Scale (SUS) Scoring

My UX team has always used the SUS Scoring after our usability tests. We work with Student Information System Software and whenever we are building a new feature, we follow up with a SUS Scoring survey after user testing.

The areas we target for the SUS scoring are:

  • Sufficiency
  • Ease of Use
  • Confidence
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Design Appeal
  • Overall Satisfaction

I just watched a video on (UIE’s All You Can Learn) that mentions not to bulk up your tests with SUS Scoring, but there wasn’t much detail to why. I tried to do some Google searches to see if I can find some quick answers of when to use them vs not and I didn’t find much.

Does anyone in this community have some good insight on this topic?

user research – What’s best practice for including correct answers in tree tests?

Let’s say I’m creating a tree test to validate my IA for a grocery shopping website. When I’m creating the tree, I’m wondering if I should include the target in the tree, or stop the tree at the next highest category. For instance:

If I want the customer to locate cucumbers. My tree might look like:

Vegetables > Green vegetables > Cucumber

Should I include cucumber in the tree, or should it stop at green vegetables?

My concern with including cucumbers is the participant might just search through until word association kicks in, while stopping it at green vegetables might make them think more critically about it.

Would appreciate your thoughts!

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