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network – Resetting an iPhone with the error "No Service & # 39;

A few days ago, my iPhone 7 began to display the "No Service" error in the upper left corner of the screen. I've tried several ways to solve this problem, but nothing is done there. When trying to reset it, I received the error message:

Title: iPhone requires service

body: You will not be able to configure this iPhone after erasing. A cellular update is necessary before it can be reactivated.

What does it mean? Is it safe to proceed?

unit – Resetting a multiplayer scene in UNET, without losing connections

I have a game with a single scene, which has the basic HUD of Network Manager.

After clicking on "Host", some players joined one by one, I want restart the scene, therefore the newcomers will not have any advantage.

More specifically: I want to reset the scene so that it's in the state "the server has just been started *", each player is connected and their gameobjects have just appeared on the location of the spawning.

I've tried this line, but that restarts completely the scene, and even worse, now the HUD will not even appear:

  • NetworkManager.singleton.ServerChangeScene (SceneManager.GetActiveScene (). Name);

Is there a simpler way to manually reset everything in a hard-coded initial state?

(* the state in which the scene is located after clicking on "Host")

el capitan – I can not exit recovery mode (OS X Utilities) by resetting or reinstalling the OS

I have purchased a used iMac and, when I turn it on, the OS X Utilities screen appears. I would like to install the operating system but I can not do it.

I have tried everything on any other questions on this topic:

  1. Back to factory settings

That is to say. formatting the hard drive (as indicated by Apple) and reboot. According to the Apple website, this was supposed to display the country selection screen, but this is not the case. It just takes me back to OS X Utilities.

  1. OS X Resintall

There is an option to reinstall OS X El Capitan. After being connected to iCloud (with a new account, I had to create this – I did not have one before), the error message "This item is temporarily unavailable". I've googled this and tried the many fixes to no avail. Apparently, the iCloud account of the original user should be used, but I do not have access to it and I do not want them to be linked to this computer either.

  1. Other macOS recovery modes

Apple gives key combinations for other recovery options. I have tried all three as shown, but I am still asked to enter the details of iCloud.

  1. Start from CD

I do not have the original CD with the operating system on it, nor access to a computer capable of burning a bootable disc. To be honest, this is not an option I want to consider – resetting an Apple computer does not require it, according to the many guides and videos on this subject.)

Screenshots of the formatting of the hard disk:

Format the hard drive

Formatting successful

Screen capture of the iCloud error:

ICloud error

authentication – Sure to consider the webapp user's e-mail as implicitly confirmed after resetting the password?

In my system, a new user must confirm their email.

But there is a case of edge:

  • he is recording
  • does not confirm
  • forget the password, perform the password reset (which involves a mail loop)

At this point, I know that his email works. So I am inclined to reset his password and then simply mark his mail as "confirmed".

Are there any risks I have not thought of?

ipmi – "Invalid session manager or empty buffer" error when resetting the monitoring program with ipmiutil.exe

I'm using ipmiutil.exe to reset the IPMI watchdog on my 64-bit Supermicro server (X11SBA-F) running Windows 10 Enterprise IOT, but it does not work by returning the following error:

ipmiutil wdt -r
ipmiutil wdt ver 3.13
- BMC version 1.53, IPMI version 2.0
wdt data: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Watchdog timer is stopped for use with reserved. Recording
pretimeout is 0 seconds, the pre-action is zero
the waiting time is 0 seconds, the counter is 0 seconds
action is no action
Resetting the watchdog timer ...
reset_wdt: ret = 128
wdt data: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Watchdog timer is stopped for use with reserved. Recording
pretimeout is 0 seconds, the pre-action is zero
the waiting time is 0 seconds, the counter is 0 seconds
action is no action

ipmiutil wdt, invalid session management, or empty buffer 

I installed the Intel IMB driver downloaded from this link and tried the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of ipmiutil.exe, but to no avail. Has anyone faced a similar error?

google play store – Keep the status of the application disabled by resetting factory settings?

I've done some experiments with Android to lock a kid's phone. Ideally, I would like it to use only pre-installed apps on the phone. he spends too much time playing games on the phone. I discovered that I could turn off the Google Play Store on the phone (once rooted) by throwing the command pm disable

However, I suspect that this setting will not persist if the children's factory resets the phone (it knows how to do it like it did when I locked the phone with a third-party application).

I managed to create and use AOSP on the phone and install the necessary Gapps for Google Fi (our operator) and other essentials, but I want my final Android image to be set to default, unless explicitly re-enabled after, for example, a factory reset.

Now, my knowledge of Android is a bit limited, but from what I found via some of pm source is that the default enabled / disabled status is specified in the AndroidManifest.xml file of the APK package. Since I'm trying to disable a Google app, I probably will not be able to change it.

So, instead, I was trying to understand via the pm source how exactly pm goes on marking an application as being disabled. Unfortunately, my understanding of Java is terrible and so I could not say anything about the inner workings of the pm is that ca.

Is there a way to disable at the root of my default system when creating AOSP?

keyboard – Resetting PRAM via Terminal

For some reason, my Mac will not let me reset my PRAM in the usual way (by keeping the appropriate keys on the reboot), just nothing happens when I try it and my Mac starts normally every time .

I suspect this may be due to the fact that I'm using a PC keyboard after breaking my Apple some time ago.

I have read that I can reset my PRAM via Terminal with the following command:

sudo nvram boot-args = "- p -r"

But all I have, is this error:

nvram: Error setting variable – & # 39; boot-args: general error (iokit / common)

I'm using High Sierra on an iMac late 2009 if that helps

nginx – closed connection between peers in the SSL handshake (104: resetting the connection by a peer) while SSL handshake upstream

Using Engintron on Centos 7 under WHM / CPANEL

We have the following errors in the logs and the websites have stopped working. Only one difficult restart recovers them.

2019/03/13 10:20:36 [error] 17084 # 17084: * 4445 closed peer connections in the SSL protocol (104: connection reset by a peer) during the upstream SSL handshake, client:, server:, request: "GET / buffet-displays / shopby / igloo / 600-700mm- / HTTP / 1.1 ", upstream:" ", host:" www.koolmaxgroup. com "

2019/03/13 10:20:36 [error] 17086 # 17086: * 4444 closed peer connections in the SSL protocol (104: connection reset by a peer) during the upstream SSL handshake, client:, server:, request: "GET / interlevin-ess1365- gastronorm-preparation -counter-380-liter / HTTP / 1.1 ", upstream:" ", host:" www. "

Any help please?