SQL Server 2014 – Transaction Replication – Resetting the subscription after changing the structure of an article

I am using SQL Server 2014 SP3CU2 Enterprise Edition.

I have a transaction replication on a database with very large tables.
I had to change the structure of a column on one of the replicated tables (1.8 billion rows). I therefore proceeded as follows:

  1. Creating a duplicate table with the new structure.
  2. Deleting the table (article) from the publication

EXEC sp_dropsubscription
@publication = N & # 39;NomPub& # 39 ;,
@article = N & # 39;Name of the table& # 39 ;,
@subscriber = N & # 39;Subscriber's name& # 39 ;,
@destination_db = DB & # 39 ;;

EXEC sp_droparticle @publication = N & # 39;NomPub& # 39 ;, article = N & # 39;Name of the table& # 39;

  1. Switched tables (old / new)
  2. Add table (article) to the publication

EXEC sp_addarticle @publication = N & # 39;NomPub& # 39;,>
@article = N & # 39;Name of the table& # 39 ;,
@source_owner = N & # 39;SchemaName& # 39 ;, @source_object = N & # 39;Name of the table& # 39 ;,
@type = N 'logbased',
@description = "no"
@creation_script = #,
@pre_creation_cmd = Do not drop
@schema_option = 0x000000000803509F, @identityrangemanagementoption = Manual #, @destination_table = N & # 39;Name of the table& # 39 ;,
@destination_owner = N & # 39;SchameName& # 39 ;,
@status = 24, @vertical_partition = N / A false,
@ins_cmd = # CALL (sp_MSins_SchemaNameTableName) & # 39;
@del_cmd = N / # 39; CALL (sp_MSdel_SchemaNameTableName),
@upd_cmd = # SCALL (sp_MSupd_SchemaNameTableName) & # 39;

exec sp_addsubscription @publication = No PubName & # 39 ;, @subscriber =
No SubscriberName @ destination_db = DB #, @subscription_type =
"Push", @sync_type = "Automatic", @article = N & # 39 ;, all, @update_mode =
Not read only, @subscriber_type = 0

  1. Starting the snapshot agent.

I did it in the environment of the ACC without problems (this env is much smaller though).

In prod, the capture agent took 2.5 hours to generate the first article (as it was a large table), but once that was done, the distribution agent just filled the empty – the missing lines of the subscriber and continues synchronization – the table has NOT been dropped from the subscriber's side.

I am perplexed and I do not understand why this was so.

I plan to do this again in a few weeks – to reset the replication (because I have to coordinate it with other people), but I can not explain what happened and what I have to do to avoid this happens again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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It is only indicated for spells that they do not overlap (PHB 205). It is not indicated as a general rule, so that rabies does not forbid it, it stacks.

However, the only basic feature that could actually be stacked is the bonus of damage. Other effects usually provide an advantage, a disadvantage or a resistance, which do not accumulate. The only other character of rage that can accumulate to date is the Zealot damage bonus (currently and to my knowledge).

This will be mainly a problem at level 20 and a bit for the zealots. If a lower-level barbarian wants to spend his limited number of rages to inflict +9 damage instead of +3 and enjoy the other benefits for only 1/3 of the time that he would have, I do not think it would make a difference. terrible mistake. .

Stacking indefinitely at level 20 could lead to ridiculous and unbalanced results. This is not as bad for the 20 fanatics, but it's still a problem, I think.

Overall, I do not think this feature was designed with this option in mind and would recommend the DM-s rule not to stack, just reset the timer on rabies.

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I will immediately answer my question, which is allowed by the stack exchange rules (at least that was the case)

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  1. I want to connect
  2. I do not remember the password
  3. I click on the link "forgotten password" (email is sent)
  4. I check my inbox and click on the link
  5. I type a new password
  6. Completed

Why, after performing these steps, am I not logged in but presented with a login screen? If we refer to 1., then it seems obvious that I would like to connect.

Are there any use cases where someone would like to change their password via the "forgot password" link and not log in afterwards? Unless I miss something, the intent is clear and the identity was established using the email reset link.

Please tell what your thoughts are, please tell if the user needs to be logged in after resetting the password?

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A few days ago, my iPhone 7 began to display the "No Service" error in the upper left corner of the screen. I've tried several ways to solve this problem, but nothing is done there. When trying to reset it, I received the error message:

Title: iPhone requires service

body: You will not be able to configure this iPhone after erasing. A cellular update is necessary before it can be reactivated.

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More specifically: I want to reset the scene so that it's in the state "the server has just been started *", each player is connected and their gameobjects have just appeared on the location of the spawning.

I've tried this line, but that restarts completely the scene, and even worse, now the HUD will not even appear:

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Is there a simpler way to manually reset everything in a hard-coded initial state?

(* the state in which the scene is located after clicking on "Host")