Visa to Mexico for a Belarusian citizen with permanent residence in the United Kingdom

Permanent residents of the United Kingdom do not need a visa to visit Mexico for stays of up to 180 days. You must be able to present a document proving your permanent residence to the airline upon check-in and also at the Mexican immigration control point (for example, a BRP).

Relevant parts of the Mexican immigration website:

No visa required mexicana el extranjero that presents alguno de los siguientes documentos:

a) Documento que acredite residencia permanent en Canadá, Estados Unidos de América, Japón, el Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, cualquiera de los países que integran el Espacio Schengen, así como en los países miembros de la Alianza del Pacífico (Chile, Colombia and Peru).

You also need an FMM (tourist card) but your airline will provide it for you to fill out. If you are crossing overland, you will need to make sure you get one before you pass immigration control.

visas – Traveling across the UK, what is considered a "common format residence permit"?

I will travel across the United Kingdom (Manchester) from Africa to Paris.

I will pass border controls as I have to collect my luggage and check in again at another terminal but still at Manchester Airport. It is a city side transit.

My flight to Paris is the same day (7 hours later).
I have a Lebanese passport and a 10 year French residence permit.
It was issued in April 2010 (until April 2020).
It is plasticized, pink / purple, with a bull and 5 stars on it. There is no chip. It is a little larger than the "credit card size model" (mine measures 10.5 cm by 7.5 cm).

Having a residence permit in common EEA format allows me to transit through the UK.

The residence permit that I considered a common format residence permit? Even without a chip and not the size of a credit card?

residence – validity of UAE residence visa for minor applicant

We are five family members who applied for a Schengen (Netherlands) visa today, but now I am worried about my younger son's application. As his residence visa is only valid for one month from the date of departure from the Netherlands, while we (the other 04) residence visas are valid for more than 03 months. We are just traveling for 05 nights (06 days) from February 14, 2020 to February 19, 2020. My concern is whether the residence visa for minors expiring March 29, 2020 will be a problem with all of our requests?

visas – Can I travel from a non-EU country to an EU country with a residence permit from another Schengen country?

A residence permit or card issued in a uniform format (list) from a Schengen State exempts you from any visa requirement for stays of up to 90 days over a period of 180 days. Usually the recently issued residence permit should be in credit card format with the EU bull symbol on it.

For stays planned in the territory of the Member States for a period
90 days maximum over a 180 day period, which implies
taking into account the 180-day period preceding each day of stay, entry
the conditions applicable to third country nationals are as follows:

b) they are in possession of a valid visa, if required in accordance with
Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 (25), except where they hold a
valid residence permit or valid long stay visa

Art. 6, Schengen Borders Code

However, a temporary permit issued pending the examination of an application for a residence permit or an asylum application is not considered to be a permit stay.

EU Family Residence Card Article 10

According to Directive 2004/38 / EC, if you have an EU family member resident card, you can travel to the UK to accompany the EEA citizen without a visa for more than 3 months. My question is "non eu member (EU family resident card) Can study and stay more than 3 months without an EEA member (only) ??
Thanks for responding.

Country without visa for the holder of Romanian residence

Hi, I am of Pakistani nationality and I work in Romania. I have a long term residence permit. please indicate which countries I can travel without a visa with a Romanian residence permit. Thank you

Concerning the renewal of the UT card (Swedish residence and work permit)

I am an Indian national. I have a Swedish work and permanent residence permit (UT card). The validity of my UT card will soon expire. I currently do not have a permanent job in Sweden. I am currently in India and will be traveling to Sweden before my UT card expires.
Please let me know how and where to request the extension of the UT card and what documents I need when requesting the extension.

Customs and Immigration – Effects of a negative decision for an application for temporary residence

I work as a developer in Warsaw, Poland. In 2018, I applied for a temporary residence permit. After almost a year, I got a negative decision for my application for temporary residence 6 months ago and we did call immediately. I have not yet received a response from the Aliens Office for my call. i decided to go back to india, currently i only have the red stampstamp given by the foreigners office confirming the submission of the necessary documents in my passport.

  1. Will there be any problems with immigration control?
  2. will this affect my future visa application?

I am thinking of applying for universities in Europe. I am afraid that this negative decision will affect my future visa application.

Reason for refusing a temporary resident permit:

"After analyzing the evidence gathered in the case, it should be noted that, despite the precise specification of the type of documents required in the summons and the summons duly served, the Party has not failed to provide the documents necessary to render a decision in accordance with The administrative body informed that if the documents were not delivered within the time limit, the decision would be taken on the basis of the evidence gathered in the It should be noted that a photocopy of the rental contract of the premises, a photocopy of the confirmation of residence and the photocopy of a certificate of insurance attached to the file, not confirmed for compliance in the original, do not constitute evidence in administrative procedures within the meaning of the Code of Administrative Procedure. Photocopies of documents have no probative value. "
(we appealed the decision because it is not true, when we made the request, the house contract was valid, then it expired. We did not submit the renewed house contract because I had no idea and the lawyer who processed my request said nothing We appealed by providing the necessary documents but there is still no response from the foreigners office)

Ukrainian with permanent German residence do I need a visa for the UK?

I am Ukrainian with permanent German residence. Do I need a UK visa?

Use my residence card for a family member of a Union citizen

I will visit my family in the Philippines on December 28, 2019 and live in Italy with my Italian husband. Can I use my residence card for a family member of a union at the airport in the Philippines?