europe – Should I get a residence permit or Schengen tourist visa?

I want to try living in about a dozen countries in Europe in next few years. My purpose is to answer the following question.

Based on my own experience of living in different countries, is there a country I want to move to in Europe?

To move around, I can get Schengen visa or I can get 2-year temporary residency from Portugal using D7. Here’s my comparison of the options.

Pros of residence permit

  • I don’t have to leave Schengen area for 90 days in 180 day period.
  • More freedom of movement in Schengen area, less headache, less fees. I’d request a 3 year Schengen visa but they might think I should start with a visa that’s valid for only 90 days, which would require me to go to an embassy in a specific country in person, wait for my passport to be mailed back to me, arrange plane tickets and long term stays months in advance, and repeat this process many times.
  • If I decide to move to Portugal, I’d be 2 years closer to being a permanent resident and citizen there.

Cons of residence permit

  • Extra effort. Finding an apartment to lease. Getting NIF. Navigating NHR.
  • Possibly taxes. I live off of my savings and have no income so this isn’t a problem for now. But I might start working (as a remote contractor for non-EU companies). If I conclude that I don’t want to move to Portugal, then I can treat the residence permit like it’s a 2 year Schengen visa. I’m not sure if this is ok. Is there anyone here who has or had temporary residence permit of Portugal who can comment on this? Maybe I should ask the embassy?

Portugal is at the top of my list because it has lower cost of living, easier requirements for resident permits, warmer winters compared to other Schengen countries. Never been to Portugal before but I’ve spent a few months in Brazil.

Travelling to UK as a non-EU citizen with permanent residence, together with my EU citizen spouse

My spouse is Austrian citizen. I am not but I do have permanent residence in Austria. My nationality is Bosnian-Hercegovinian.

Can we travel together to UK for tourism purposes, without me needing a visa?

schengen – If I have a Finnish residence permit, can I visit Germany before entering Finland?

With such an itinerary, you have to enter the Schengen area in Frankfurt and once you are past the border check, you can easily go to the city. As far as immigration law is concerned, a Finnish residence permit is enough for that, even if this is your first trip to Finland. Depending on where you are coming from, additional Covid-related restrictions do apply but they depend on where you have been in 10 days before travel.

It doesn’t really matter whether you stay in the airport or not, you will not be treated like a passenger in transit. In fact, if you come from an “area of variant of concern” (currently Brazil and Uruguay), even transit to Finland would be forbidden whereas transit to a non-Schengen country would be permitted. In other words: if you can transit, you can enter and if you cannot enter, you cannot transit (within the Schengen area).

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azerbaijan – Renewing Azerbaijani temporary residence on a new passport

I am a Yemeni Citizen living and working in Azerbaijan. My passport will expire soon, and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to renew my temporary residency.

We don’t have a Yemeni Embassy in Azerbaijan, so I have contacted my Embassy in Malaysia as I have some connections there. They said that I can send the required documents and get a new passport; they will send it by DHL.

Is it fine if I do that? My new passport won’t have any stamps on it, and I am worried about difficulties renewing my Azerbaijani residence when they see this. Will I be asked to leave and re-enter the country?

I am living in Germany. My residence permit expires on 31st August 2021. Can I book my flight to India on 1st September 2021?

I am living in Germany. My residence permit expires on 31st August 2021. Can I book my flight to India on 1st September 2021? Will there be any penalty? Will, there be any penalty, or will I face any problem the next time I come

visas – Difference between residence permit and common format residence permit

I am an Indian and have Netherlands residence Permit Type 1.
I am travelling from Amsterdam and will be transiting in LHR towards New delhi do I need transit visa?

In the exemptions it says if you have a common format residence permit issued by an European Economic Area then you do not need a transit visa.

Can I consider my Netherlands residence permit as common format residence permit or there is difference between the two?


visas – Moving to Germany with an Italian residence card (member of an EU citizen’s family)

Since you wrote that your brother travelled Germany alone and needs a work contract to obtain a visa, I would assume that he does not qualify for a residence card in Germany. In that case, the regular procedure is indeed to apply for a visa at a German consulate in Italy and to wait for that visa to move to Germany.

If your brother had moved to Germany with their EU citizen family member, he would be allowed to apply for a residence card directly (i.e. without going back to Italy to secure a visa). There are a couple of other exception to the need to secure a long-stay visa before entering the country: citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea and the US can apply for a residence permit directly and I believe the relevant authorities have the discretion to accept an application in exceptional cases but I wouldn’t count on it.

Either way, his status in Italy doesn’t really make a difference. It does however mean that his stay in Germany isn’t illegal as he has the right to visit Germany for 90 days. To avoid further problems down the line, I would recommend leaving Germany and going back to Italy before reaching the 90-day limit.

Schengen Tourism Visa Field 20 “Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality”

Do I tick no or yes?

Your residence is in a country other than the country of which you are a citizen.
Therefore, you should tick yes.

If yes, I am not sure how to fill in the blanks: “Residence permit or equivalent (1)____ No. (2)____ Valid until (3)____” Will I be inputing the details from my F-1 visa?

You should read and follow any instructions given by the embassy responsible for your visa application. For example, if you are applying in New York for a visa to go to Italy:

If you are not a U.S. citizen and you need to apply for a visa, you must provide a copy of the title that allows you to reside legally in the U.S. (U.S. long term visa with exclusion of B1/B2, U.S. permanent resident card, I-20, I-797, resident alien card). The title must have a validity of at least 3 months beyond the last day of your trip in the Schengen Area.

This doesn’t much help, unfortunately. If I were you, and if the country you’re applying to is similarly unhelpful, I would put the visa details and the I-20 details, just to be safe. I would probably also include details of the I-94, just to be safe.

Can Brazil residence permit holder enter Schengen area without visa?

Citizens of Brazil can enter the area visa free (90 days within a 180-day period). But not sure about residents of Brazil.

If you don’t know the answer, you can reply for Argentina or Mexico since I believe they have similar policies.