“`ResourceFunction“` not working on my system

When I try to use ResourceFunction it doesnt find a file. I’m afraid it’s because my user name on Windows include spaces and an "é".

In[1] := ResourceFunction["AbundantNumber"][1] returns

ResourceFunction::lfail: Failed to load resource function from LocalObject[file:///C:/Users/Juan%20Jos%C3%A9%20Alba/AppData/Roaming/Wolfram/Objects/Resources/6eb/6ebae805-287b-40a4-b883-c9c6330d8a61/download/1-0-0/DefinitionData].

Out[1] = $Failed[1]

It’s not the first time I have problems because of my user name.

Anyone knows a work around for this?

How can I avoid performance losses from ResourceFunction?

You can access the local version of the function directly with ResourceFunction["SymbolQ", "Function"] to avoid the evaluation semantics associated with ResourceFunction. The easiest way to do this, is to “clone” the function into a symbol convenient for you:

symbolQ = ResourceFunction["SymbolQ", "Function"];
x = 1;
ResourceFunction["SymbolQ"][x] // RepeatedTiming
symbolQ[x] // RepeatedTiming

{0.00076, True}

{5.*10^-7, True}

This also avoids problems that can occur when you clone the function name naively that were observed in this answer.