optimization – Which algorithm can I use to allocate human resources?

I have to manage trips of varying numbers of people in multiple rooms for a week.
Each shift should last at least 1 hour and the number of hours per person for the week should be virtually the same for all.
Each person can request specific schedules, which can be accepted if an appropriate solution can be found.
I could have other constraints, but face this very basic situation.

Now the questions:

  1. Which algorithm should I study and use?
  2. Is there a free library that I can use for this purpose?
  3. Is there anything I can use for C #?

Useful resources online for businesses

Webmaster and trading forums
http://www.businessadviceforum.com – Post your ad
Forum piece
AdsLotto – Post your ad and win a million dollars.

Sites of purchase and sale – In addition to the forums listed above.

Independent sites

Make money online
$ 0 to $ 500 / month of Blogging
101 ways to make money online
Step by step guide to starting an online business
Make a fast Fiver
Also check our lists of business ideas here.
http://www.feng-gui.com/ – Analyze the attention and attraction of visitors.
Gerald-Pilcher.com – Internet Marketing Made Easy!

Affiliate Networks
Junction of the Commission
Subsidiary company

Content and article sites
30 free press release sites
Book, self-publishing

Ad networks (most payments via PayPal)
CPM Forest

Google adsense
Google Adsense Help
Google AdSense Program Policies
Improve the performance of Adsense ads

Online payment processing
Paypal Fee Calculator
PayMate – also accepts payments from China.
http://gopayment.com – Mobile Credit Card Readers

PayLoadz Digital Goods E-Commerce Service

Domain Registration
NameCheap – coupon code SWITCH2NC

Company / Domain Name Suggestion Tools
Domain Name Tool Suggestion Tool
http://wordoid.com finds compound words + suggestions of domain names

Web hosting
Alexis Host
WebClot – Free Web Hosting

How to build niche blogs of authority
How to blog with tips – PPT presentation with very useful tips.
$ 0 to $ 500 / month of Blogging
Beginner's Guide to blogging
Blogger Pro
Copy Blogger
The course of the entrepreneur
Shoe money
John Chow's blog
IRISH BLOG AWARD WINNERS 2010: HOW WE DID IT! Great tips on how to create your blog.

Blog ideas
20 Blog Ideas – written by a member of the BAF shyflower!
12 tips for writing your first blog post
100 blog topics that I hope you write
55 other blog posts, I hope you write

WP Themes (Thanks Kay)
Elegant themes
@ WordPress Themes
WordPress BlogPerfume Themes Category
Mygreencorner Themes
100 excellent free WordPress themes – 2008
100 incredible free WordPress themes for 2009
"Magazine": free magazine style WordPress theme
WP Zoom
WP theme sets
Using themes
20+ tutorials to create your own WordPress theme

Blogger Template (Thanks GekiDan)
50 Most Beautiful Blogger Templates
How to install Blogger templates

Other themes and models
Thematic forest
Model monster

Tutorials, Blogger tips and tricks
Complete list of Blogger tutorials
Tutorials on Blogger template design

Useful blogs
Organic SEO Blog and SEM of TheBitBot

Free sales page templates
Free red and white sales page

Polls, for your site
World Online Polls – HiBurrito

Free graphics software
GIMP (GNU image manipulation program) – GIMP Talk – tutorials, forums, etc.
Cool Text – logo creator

Color color
Color names and numbers
Color mixer
Matching colors
URL colors

Sources of images and fonts
Photos from the Johnson Space Center press release, over 9,000
Clip Art 1
Clip Art 2
Stock Vault a very good photo sharing site.
RGB stock
1001 font (s)
10,000 fonts
25 photo sites

Following in the post below!

Please note that some of these links may include affiliate IDs to generate revenue for BAF.

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IP test?


2019 E-Commerce Payment Best Practices – Detailed Resources

Hello everyone,

I thought this post could add value to the community. I just published a "Best Online Payment Flow" resource, if you're interested!

I would like thoughts / comments / questions for people with experience in managing eComm sites!

What resources can I consult to learn the physics and artificial intelligence of 2D and 3D games

Battery Exchange Network

The Stack Exchange network includes 175 question-and-answer communities, including Stack Overflow, the largest and most reliable online community for developers.

Visit Stack Exchange

dnd 5th – What resources are essential for the DM of the Adventure League?

We previously participated in a league of adventures at a local gaming store, but had to withdraw for the past two months for personal reasons. Our situation has changed – but now, the backlog of players is so important that there are more than 20 people in the league, and we would be put at the end of a waiting list if we were to replay as players.

Fortunately, there is another way for us. My wife practices online as a DM for several months and I have years of experience in RP (although less experience in DM than as a player) . We know the system quite well, so we volunteered to become deputy ministers. The Adventure League officials have agreed to accompany us as well, with my wife assuming most of the responsibilities of the narrator and the player. guiding, and I take responsibility for math, statistics blocks, and voice of NPCs.

We both have a unique player manual and a Dungeon Master Guide. We do not have the monster manual yet, but we will probably buy one for this purpose. We also have dice – about 3 sets between us – but not a plethora of spare dice. And of course, we have notebooks and pencils.

What additional resources do we need to run an Adventure League campaign as a DM, both as an official and as a recommended tool for MDs?

google cloud platform – Can not create Kubernetes resources with terraform

I have a working cluster GKE Kubernetes. I'm trying to use terraform to deploy new resources, but Terraform apply returns the following:

Error: error while applying the plan:

2 error (s) has occurred:

* kubernetes_pod.test: 1 error (s) occurred:

* kubernetes_pod.test: pods are forbidden: the "client" user can not create pods in the "default" namespace
* module.helm.kubernetes_service_account.tiller: 1 error (s) occurred:

* kubernetes_service_account.tiller: service accounts are prohibited: the "client" user can not create service accounts in the "kube-system" namespace

Terraform does not automatically cancel errors.
Instead, your Terraform status file has been partially updated with
all successful resources. Please address the error
above and reapply to gradually modify your infrastructure.

My terraform files are:

GKE resources main.tf

data "terraform_remote_state" "project" {
backend = "gcs"

config {
bucket = ""
prefix = "terraform / testing-project"

data "terraform_remote_state" "gke" {
backend = "gcs"

config {
bucket = ""
prefix = "terraform / testing-gke-cluster"

Locals {
host = "$ {data.terraform_remote_state.gke.endpoint}"
client_certificate = "$ {base64decode (data.terraform_remote_state.gke.client_certificate)}}"
client_key = "$ {base64decode (data.terraform_remote_state.gke.client_key)}}"
cluster_ca_certificate = "$ {base64decode (data.terraform_remote_state.gke.cluster_ca_certificate)}}

supplier "kubernetes" {
host = "$ {local.host}"
client_certificate = "$ {local.client_certificate}"
client_key = "$ {local.client_key}"
cluster_ca_certificate = "$ {local.cluster_ca_certificate}"

module "bar" {
source = "../../../Modules/GKE/Helm/"
host = "$ {local.host}"
client_certificate = "$ {local.client_certificate}"
client_key = "$ {local.client_key}"
cluster_ca_certificate = "$ {local.cluster_ca_certificate}"

resource "kubernetes_pod" "test" {
metadata {
name = "terraform-example"

container {
image = "nginx: 1.7.9"
name = "example"

env {
name = "environment"
value = "test"

And the bar module:

resource "kubernetes_service_account" "tiller" {
automount_service_account_token = true

metadata {
name = "tiller"
namespace = "kube-system"

resource "kubernetes_cluster_role_binding" "tiller" {
metadata {
name = "tiller"

role_ref {
api_group = "rbac.authorization.k8s.io"
kind = "ClusterRole"
name = "cluster-admin"

topic {
kind = "ServiceAccount"
name = "$ {kubernetes_service_account.tiller.metadata.0.name}"
api_group = ""
namespace = "$ {kubernetes_service_account.tiller.metadata.0.namespace}"

# initialize the Helm provider
supplier "bar" {
install_tiller = true
service_account = "$ {kubernetes_service_account.tiller.metadata.0.name}"
tiller_image = "gcr.io/kubernetes-helm/tiller:v2.11.0"

kubernetes {
host = "$ {var.host}"
client_certificate = "$ {var.client_certificate}"
client_key = "$ {var.client_key}"
cluster_ca_certificate = "$ {var.cluster_ca_certificate}"

I've tried searching for a solution and I guess it has something to do with my previous use of my Google Account to manage resources with kubectl and kubernetes having problems with the terraform service account, but I do not know not how. to solve it. The terraform service account has both owner and publisher roles in the project.

Access Control – RBAC: How to Separately Define Two Resources Having a Many-to-Many Relationship

I am working on an application requiring access control. Basically, the problem I am facing is the following (very simplified):

The application has two main sections:

  1. Files = File[]
  2. contacts = Contact[]

A File resource can have multiple assigned contacts. Conversely, a Contact the resource can be assigned to multiple files.

What I want to do is create three roles:

  1. Clerk:

    • at create, Lily, and update authorizations, extended to Files section.
    • do not have access to contacts section (I can not create, Lily, update, or destroy)
  2. Contact Manager:

    • at create, Lily, update, and destroy authorizations, extended to contacts section
    • do not have access to Files section (I can not create, Lily, update, or destroy)
  3. admin:

    • at create, Lily, update, and destroy authorizations, extended to Files and contacts section.

For the third role (Admin), I do not see any conflict. The first problem occurs when a contact manager wants to destroy a contact resource linked to a file resource (to which he does not have access as a contact manager).

In addition, I would like to push the roles a little further and give them for example some CRUD permissions for Files as good as contactsbut have a scope on the inside Files and inside Contact (For example, permissions apply to type X files and type Y contacts).

Other problems then arise: what happens if a certain role destroys a contact linked to a file that the role does not have access to? What happens if a role has access to a subset of files and a subset of contacts, but one of the files that the role has access to contacts that are linked to it and that the role does not have access?

Is there an elegant way to solve this problem using the RBAC model? I've also reviewed ARBAC, but this seems excessive for a relatively simple application. For me, it seems that the root of all the questions is the many-to-many relationship between files and contacts.

Are there specific ways to deal with such a situation? I am fairly new to this field, and these authorizations have simply landed on my lap for this project. I have looked at several access control models (even OrBAC), but none seems to be able to solve this problem.

Any help or hint in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Shared hosting with larger resources


I was looking for shared hosting with higher LVE limits.
Most of them do not show the resources of the page and I am too lazy to ask for help because I think the information should be visible nowadays.

So, I am looking and up to now, I only have HostXNow.
Do you know of other accommodations with higher limits?

Thank you in advance.

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