Usability study – What happens with NA responses when calculating PSSUQ scores?

The Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire (PSSUQ) is a post-task measurement tool used to assess the usability of the system. The third current version includes 16 statements. Each statement has a likert scale ranging from 1 (totally agree) to 7 (not at all agree). Each statement also has the NA option (not applicable).

The PSSUQ has an overall score calculated by averaging the scores assigned to the statements.

The user is strongly in agreement on each statement. The overall score of the PSSUQ is therefore 1.

PSSUQ also has subscales for system utility (SysUse), quality of information (InfoQual) and quality of interface (IntQual). Their scores are calculated as follows:

  • SysUse: calculating the average of the scores of readings 1 to 6
  • InfoQual: average the scores of the statements 7 to 12
  • IntQual: calculating the average of the scores of statements 13 to 15.

But how do I handle the statements that the user thinks are not applicable? Do they get the value 0 or do I simply ignore them from the calculation? For example, in IntQual which contains only three statements if NA gets the value 0:

The user strongly agrees on two statements and one statement does not apply. The IntQual score is 0.667.

If NA is rejected:

The user strongly agrees on two statements and one statement does not apply, the IntQual score is equal to 1.

Formulas – Mobile lines of Google form responses to a new sheet based on a specific answer in a column

I have a Google form that collects the answers of a Google form. According to the answers in column C (Col3), I would like the entire line to be imported into a completely different Google sheet.

I imagined a formula that moves only the first line, but the following lines that are submitted in my form and that meet my criteria are not imported.

Here is the current formula:

= Request (IMPORTRANGE ("1W9pMF4qrQM5VMN9ST47HYyvpj0iT9ls9_KwZVwxV0Y", "Form responses! A2: M100"), "select Col1, Col2, Col3, Col4 where Col4 =" BMS "", 1)

What should I do for this to continue adding the submitted data in the following lines?

data structure – impossible to get pre, order and pos order responses in a binary tree



typedef struct no {

int value;

struct no * parent;

struct no * esq;

struct no * dir;

} NO;

NO * getNode () {

NO * newNo = (NO *) malloc (sizeof (NO));

return newNo;

int main () {
NO * root = getNode ();

root-> value = 5;

root-> parent = NULL;

printf (" nFather:% d n", root-> value);

root-> left = getNode ();

root-> left-> parent = root;

root-> left-> left = NULL;

root-> left-> dir = NULL;

root-> left-> value = 14;

printf ("Left:% d n", root-> left-> value);

root-> dir = getNode ();

root-> dir-> parent = root;

root-> dir-> left = NULL;

root-> dir-> dir = NULL;

root-> dir-> value = 23;

printf ("Right:% d n", root-> dir-> value);

root-> left-> left = getNode ();

root-> left-> left-> parent = root;

root-> left-> left-> left = NULL;

root-> left-> left-> dir = NULL;

root-> left-> left-> value = 15;

printf ("Left n:% d n", root-> left-> left-> value);

root-> left-> dir = getNode ();

root-> left-> dir-> parent = root;

root-> left-> dir-> left = NULL;

root-> left-> dir-> dir = NULL;

root-> left-> dir-> value = 16;

printf ("Left Right:% d n", root-> left-> dir-> value);

root-> dir-> left = getNode ();

root-> dir-> left-> parent = root;

root-> dir-> left-> left = NULL;

root-> dir-> left-> dir = NULL;

root-> dir-> left-> value = 24;

printf (" nright Left:% d n", root-> right-> left-> value);

root-> dir-> dir = getNode ();

root-> dir-> dir-> parent = root;

root-> dir-> dir-> left = NULL;

root-> dir-> dir-> dir = NULL;

root-> dir-> dir-> value = 25;

printf ("Right Right:% d n", root-> dir-> dir-> value);


void pre (NO * root) {

if(raiz != NULL){

  printf("Ordem: %dn", raiz->valor); //visita a raiz

  pre(raiz->esq); //percorre subarvore esquerda

  pre(raiz->dir); //percorre subarvore direita


empty order (NO * root) {

if(raiz != NULL){

  pre(raiz->esq); //percorre subarvore esquerda

  printf("Ordem: %dn", raiz->valor); //visita a raiz

  pre(raiz->dir); //percorre subarvore direita 


void pos (NO * root) {

if(raiz != NULL){

pre(raiz->esq); //percorre subarvore esquerda

pre(raiz->dir); //percorre subarvore direita 

printf("Pós: %dn", raiz->valor); //visita a raiz 


network – (C ++) Ideal design template to associate requests / responses on a socket?

I am working on my first big C ++ project and although I understand the language, I try to learn how to use elegant design templates. I have a low level network on a UDP socket API where each message contains an incremented identifier to facilitate the association of requests and responses. I'd like to use them to create a top-level asynchronous API, in which I can send a request with a reminder that is triggered to the response, much like the sleek operation of a high-level network in Python or JS. Recommendations for implementation? I thought I had a simple buffer of all the reminders, but that should be pretty important if there is a lot of traffic. I also need a way to handle the answers that never arrive after a certain period of time. Suggestions? I have everything from Boost and C ++ 11 to my disposal.

[TH] Indicate discussions with staff responses

The administrator has submitted a new resource:

[TH] Indicate discussions with staff responses – Mark discussions to which staff responded

See attachment 24132

A flawless stay

Indicate discussions with staff responses

Facilitate the distinction of discussions with staff responses by adding an icon to discussions that contain at least one publication from a staff member. To choose…

[TH] Indicate discussions with staff responses

spv – Processing the responses to the Bloom filter in terms of full node

An SPV node must work something to see if its transaction exists or not.

  1. Builds its filter with transaction hash {its transactions, other1, other2, …, otherN}
  2. filterload is filled to process its filter by complete node (by BIP-0037)
  3. Send to complete nodes

Well, they are responsible for the SPV node and let me know the complete node that received the filter.

  1. Search string to find transaction (K) with filterload

What…? wait .. how can the complete knot know that transaction (K) what is it? filterload has no information from transactions (K).
filterload = {filter, nHashFuncs, nTweak, nFalg}
Nobody explains about it on the Web, including BIP-0037. Simply explain what is a bloom filter.
I think the complete node needs to know which transactions (K) need to be found in its registry, otherwise the complete node must see the entire string and that makes no sense.

So .. I would like to know the proper procedure on the complete node has received the SPV node filter.

Sorry for my English.

Administrator setting to ensure that email responses to a chat are sent to the entire group

I want to make sure that all email responses are returned to the entire group, so I have:

Settings > Email Options > Post replies = "To the entire group"

But it does not work! I receive the answers personally and nothing appears in the Google group!
What could be the cause?

How to import Google form responses to Google sheets?

I am looking for a source code that allows me to automatically transfer the answers that I receive in Google forms to Google sheets.

A source code to reference?

Thank you!

php – POST responses are null ()

I've reworked this a million ways and I do not find why it's nil

leaving out the md5 hash and placing it in line
switch strings directly to work



function auth(){
$email    = $this->input-> post('email');
$password = $this->input-> post('password');
$validate = $this->login_model->validate($email,$password);

Can not retrieve POST items as usual

Sell ​​- Forum Responses / Blog Discussions & Comments (UPDATED) | Promotion Forum



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