Collision Resolution with a 2D Rectangle: Find a Restore Point

I have a question in 2 parts:

I have 2 rectangles, A and B. B is a wall and A is moving. My simple logic is this: every time A moves, he moves according to an offset (x, y) and then checks whether he has collided with something. If it collides with something, step back in the opposite direction until the collision does not occur anymore.

The problem here is that if A moves in big pieces, he could jump B completely.

The desired behavior is to know where A should be when he touched for the first time one of the faces of B, then return to that point and apply the collision resolution.

And if B moves too?

What I am currently doing to avoid this problem is to create large collision boxes and to ensure moving objects do not exceed the maximum. This approach seems to be limiting in the future.

I suppose there is a mathematical way to solve this problem, but I have found no answer to my research. All tips / suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Ceragrowth restore missing or fallen locks

Ceragrowth on the sites of hair loss and reduction of your appointment. However, there are some effective solutions that you can use to bring the locks back to a bigger and thicker state. It was not so long ago that doctors who prescribe drugs with low venous stress understood that the ingredient used in the recommended drug also caused regeneration of locks on missing sites or hair loss at top of their patients. In a short time of your energy …

Ceragrowth restore missing or fallen locks

server seems to restore as early

I just novice on linux.
I have an Ubuntu server that has been running almost 1 month. but today, my server restores the same thing as the first day I installed. tasy to see the last connection on the server with the command $ last the last command is today. how can i get a full connection and bash history to see the activity of my server. Thank you

* Sorry my english is not good

Restore the magento 2.2.7 to 2.3.0 database

Is it possible to cancel a database backup created on Magento 2.2.7 to Magento 2.3.0?

Thank you!

storage – How to restore the contact database

My phone has just decided to send an exception on my screen, which will reopen as soon as I type it.

A look at logcat reveals that the following events are thrown several times per second:

SQLiteLog: (14) can not open the file at line 34327 of [605907e73a]
SQLiteLog: (14) os_unix.c: 34327: (13) open (/data/user/0/ -
SQLiteLog: (14) statement aborted to 1: [PRAGMA user_version;] unable to open the database file
SQLiteLog: (14) can not open the file at line 34327 of [605907e73a]
SQLiteLog: (14) os_unix.c: 34327: (13) open (/data/user/0/ -
AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: Worker-1
AndroidRuntime: Process: android.process.acore, PID: 9149
AndroidRuntime: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteCantOpenDatabaseException: Can not open the database file (code 14)
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConnection.nativeExecuteForLong (Native method)
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteConnection.executeForLong (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteSession.executeForLong (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteStatement.simpleQueryForLong (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.DatabaseUtils.longForQuery (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.DatabaseUtils.longForQuery (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.getVersion (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper.getDatabaseLocked (
AndroidRuntime: at android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper.getReadableDatabase (
AndroidRuntime: at address.(
AndroidRuntime: at (
AndroidRuntime: at (
AndroidRuntime: at $ 1.onPerformTask (
AndroidRuntime: at the address $ MyHandler.handleMessage (
AndroidRuntime: on android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
AndroidRuntime: on android.os.Looper.loop (
AndroidRuntime: on (

I imagine that for some reason the contact provider has been assigned a different user ID and has now lost access to its own database. I guess if I empty the database, the problem disappears.

Still, I do not want to lose my contacts. I have a backup copy but it's old enough to say that I would lose it. I am convinced that the file is still there and that I can probably open it as a sqlite file once I have access, but I do not know how to achieve it. Try to work with the package in adb always leaves me with "package not debuggable".

My phone is a non-rooted Moto G5 Plus running Android 8.1.

Is there a way to save my contacts or are they gone? Also: can I maybe just remove the * .db-shm file that seems to be the problem here? As far as I can remember, it is only a few temporary files for sqlite anyway.

MySQL Master – Slave Database Restore Issues

I am looking to install a master-slave configuration and to plan a future restore of the database.

-In the installation, there will be the front-end server (master1) that will always process the data and two failover servers (failover1 and failover2)
-In case of master1 event down for a long time. I will manually update the DNS so that sites on master1 are redirected to failover1 or failover2.

Everything should work as I wish at this stage.

My problem is when Master1 is back online and I need to restore failover1 / failover2 databases on master1.

1) I would need to configure the replication process again because of existing data on failover1 / 2. What I would avoid doing. It would always lead to human error.
2) During the restore, I would have to delete / run the database live on failover1 / 2.

I chose not to use master-master because, in case master1 would be offline for a long time. In any case, the data will be out of sync. So 1) would be the same thing.

Is there a solution or tools that I can avoid doing 1 & 2?

SQL Server – Database Restore Issue 3156, Level 16, State 6

Recently, when restoring a database with a group of files optimized for memory, I encounter a problem with the error message below: –

Msg 3156, Level 16, State 3, Line 2 The file XYZ & # 39; can not be restored.
"D: FolderPath Memory_Optimized_FolderName". Use WITH MOVE to identify
a valid location for the file.

I first thought that this could be a syntax error, but the syntax was correct and I even checked the authorization of filepath, which was also fine. So what is the reason for this error?

magento2 – How to restore deleted Magento Cloud environments by GitHub integration?

I followed the instructions to set up a GitHub integration with my Magento Cloud Pro project. This project has not been put into production yet, but has been in development for several months and therefore has 1k + commits. I took a snapshot of my integration environment and ran the command as shown:

magento-cloud integration: add --type = github - project ...

There were additional prompts that appeared after the run, with what appeared to be reasonable flaws, that I accepted.

Build pull requests (--build-pull-request)
Build each extraction request as the environment? [Y|n] 

Build the extraction requests after the merge (--build-pull-requests-after the merge)
Create extraction requests based on their post-merge status? [y|N] 

Clone data for extraction requests (--pull-request-clone-parent-data)
Clone the data from the parent environment for extraction requests? [Y|n] 

Search branches (--fetch-branches)
Extract all the branches of the remote control (as inactive environments)? [Y|n] 

Branches of prunes (--prune-branches)
Delete branches that do not exist on the remote? [Y|n] 

After the last question, he created a web link and created the integration.

Oh, so he removed all my environments outside of Control, Production, and Staging.

Goodbye goodbye

I guess that's the last message that got me messed up --prune-branches. Shame on me for not thinking about what it could do (Note: this option is not documented in the instructions).

What can I do to restore these environments?

Unlike the removal of an environment via the Magento Cloud GUI, it seems that faded away. They are not there and disabled. downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter

+ Answer the thread

  1. downloader. Website uploader. CMS converter is a machine downloader back online,
    website downloader and CMS converter. It works very simple, just enter
    Website URL, download options, your email address and wait a bit.
    Content can be downloaded from the system into a zip file and installed
    on your server. For content management, we have developed a free Open
    CMS Source – This is a small PHP file that does not require any
    installation or database. See more details on the CMS here –
    What is the purpose of this? First – create your PBN with the unique
    content found on Web archives. When analyzing the site, you can set
    the parameters necessary for the normal use of the content as a source of
    traffic and links. Such as deleting all external links and clickable
    contacts, meter removal, advertising and analysis, optimization
    HTML code and images. Thanks to the Archivarix CMS, you can easily
    manage, search and replace, edit the site with the WYSIWYG editor,
    insert your own TDS scripts. It is also possible to work with
    any other CMS, for example WordPress on the same domain.
    Second, the system can be used to convert websites created in
    another CMS or static HTML to Archivarix CMS. It is also possible
    remove all external scripts, counters and advertisements (for
    example, if the site was on free hosting).
    The first 200 downloaded files are provided free of charge. The number
    free downloads are not limited. It means that you can restore or download
    free, an unlimited number of websites, but within 200 files. In addition,
    the price depends on the number of downloaded files, more details here –

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