SQL Server – How can I restore a master database from its bak file?

During an intrusion test, I found several .bak files for an MSSQL database. I want to restore them all. On a Windows virtual machine, I installed SQL Server 2017. To restore the master database, I placed the server in single-user mode and tried to restore the database as follows (also tried the same via SSMS):

FROM DISK = & # 39; C:  Foo  master.bak & # 39;
WITH MOVE & # 39; master & # 39; TO & # 39; C:  Foo  master.mdf & # 39;
MOVE & # 39; master_log & # 39; At & # 39; C:  Foo  master_log.ldf & # 39;

That gave me an error like:

.. can not be restored because it was created by a different version of the server (13.00.4435) compared to this server (14 …).

I then downloaded MSSQL 2016 with Service Pack 1 by subscribing to "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" on my.visualstudio.com. Now I have the error:

.. can not be restored because it was created by a different version of
the server (13.00.4435) that this server (13.00.4001).

So now, I had to update. I have downloaded the service pack 2 of MSSQL 2016, which has given me the following error:

.. can not be restored because it was created by a different version of
the server (13.00.4435) as this server (13.00.5026).

So, I really seem to need the exact fix. However, I can not find a patch list with the corresponding server versions. Does anyone have an idea on how to find the right patch?

If I could just extract the .bak file in its .mdf and .ldf files, that would be enough. I've found a bunch of tools for restoring MSSQL .bak files, but I want them to want to all connect to a database (to perform a simple restore). I would be very happy if I could get the right version of SQL Server or extract the .bak file.

adb – Restore data as a flexible brick shelter download mode?

I'm losing my mind. This is the last place to ask.

Basically, what I've done is described in this thread

The system interface files modified by the quick setup program prevented OTA's update from Oreo to Pie.
Now I'm stuck in the boot loop after flashing stock oreo. I've flashed on home_csc because I want all my apps and data.
My question is: how to back up applications and all their data when all I can access is in download mode?
I found these solutions
Backup ADB and HOLO
But I'm not sure it's possible on SGS9
Do you have any ideas or tips?

address – listreceivedbyaddress missing transactions after restore

After restoring the wallet.dat wallet, the balance is the same,

but listreceivedbyaddress 0 do not have the transactions associated with wallet.

listunspent 0 show all transactions, but will not list after expenses.

is it a bug? or should I perform a special analysis? rescanblockchain found all the transactions, but they are still missing listreceivedby address.

EDIT # 1

Is there a way to get all the transactions associated with a specific address, which will get a specific blockchain result? Was supposed to be the command below which does not work sometimes.

listreceivedbyaddress 0 true true {ADDRESS}

How to restore the use of my wallet.dat file, last used in 2013?

I found a wallet.dat file in my backup folder, which I remember using for the last time in 2013. I am curious to know what is the content of the BTC, which reminds me of a tiny fraction BTC.

In any case, is there anything that prevents me from installing Bitcoin Core and replacing the default wallet.dat file to restore my saved wallet? What is the recommended method to recover a file as old as wallet.dat?

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time machine – How to completely reset or delete and restore Safari in Mojave

Safari is buggy in my macbook. This is a macbook air 2019 with mojave 10.14.5

The problem is that I can not delete favorites or save new ones because it asks to keep or delete Firefox favorites, which, according to Safari, were imported on January 1, 4001.

safari date error

I pressed each button, but nothing happens

I've tried to delete the cache and even restore on another Mac my timemachine backup to see if it is resolved, but no, so before trying to reinstall from scratch, I'd like to know if I can do something else.

How to restore deleted messages from a Time Machine backup?

My father deleted all his SMS from his iCloud account yesterday. By the time I knew it, it was too late to restore them from the iCloud backup. Is it possible to restore them from my Time Machine backup of the Mac it uses and get the messages spread to iCloud? I have a backup copy of the eve of its deletion.

restore the Preview.app behavior to open new PDFs in the sidebar, not new tabs

In some older versions of OS X, Preview.app opens a new PDF files as items in the sidebar. He always does it for pictures. For PDFs, they now only open as separate windows or separate tabs in a given window. I am currently running 10.14.2. The change apparently dates from 10.13. I have difficulty resurfacing my old behavior.

Here is a discussion of Apple forums on the same topic.

My preferred solution would be a the default values ​​write statement, but something GUI would suffice. If that is not possible and that an older version of Preview.app could be found, it could be an acceptable fix, but I hope this solution could prove to be unstable in the long run.

My current settings are preferences -> prefer tabs -> full screen only and Preview Preferences -> images -> when opening files -> open groups in the same window.

I accidentally deleted my application of color notes, how can I restore

I accidentally removed the color note from my Android, can I recover everything?

How to minimize unused CSS and restore blocking resources manually?

Dear all,

depending on the subject, I need your advice in this regard. I'm not prof of coding, but I want to minimize unused CSS and restore blocking resources … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1767117&goto=newpost