Restore the site collection in SharePoint Online give an error

I want to restore a root site collection from the recycle bin in SharePoint Online, here is an error:

I've tried using the command below SharePoint online management shell shell

 Restore-SPODeletedSite -Identity

I have tried to use the interface, it has not worked either and gives the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong
There is no site in the current site subscription matching the HiddenSiteSelection control's value.

restore – Postgres completely ignores the configurations defined in the postgresql.conf file

Whenever I start the server, it seems to completely ignore all configuration settings. My data directory is an external drive, so I use pg_ctl -D /Volumes/Data/Postgres start to start.

It only accepts localhost connections on port 5432, which I confirmed by show listen_addresses; even if the configuration file contains the following elements in the connection parameters:

#listen_addresses = '*' # what IP address(es) to listen on;
                    # comma-separated list of addresses;
                    # defaults to 'localhost'; use '*' for all
                    # (change requires restart)
#port = 9000                # (change requires restart)

I've also checked the file because it apparently replaces the configuration file and is completely empty.

For the record, the database is repeatedly overwritten due to a power outage / connection issues … but it still works, it seems, because I can connect locally …

Helps save photos separately and restore the remaining data on a backup phone

Could anyone suggest how to perform a telephone switchover?
I had saved all the data on iCloud from my old defective phone so I could then restore it to a spare iPhone.
But I had so much data related in the photos that I could not restore the backup on the iPhone available (only 16 g).
Hoping that someone can recommend how:
– save all data except the pictures on the replacement phone
– and recommend keeping photos elsewhere until I can sort and delete unwanted photos

How can I restore deleted files from internal storage memory with the computer and without rooting the phone

I have lost files (image and video) from the storage memory of my phone. Lost means deleted in a kind of situation.
How can I restore these files on a computer? Plus, I can not root my phone.
Any suggestion would be very appreciated.

Backup – System Restore, Will the OS Come Back?

Hello, I just bought an Android phone that came with Android Oreo. He replaces a phone that had Android Pie. As soon as I set up the new Oreo Android phone, it switched to Android Pie, but because the old phone was running a newer version of the operating system than the new phone, none of the my system backups have been restored to the new phone during setup. It's okay. I'm thinking of performing a system restore on the new phone to see if it will bring my backups and I wonder if this phone will go back to Android Oreo or if it will restore to Android Pie, which will then restore my backup.

Restore the icon folder on the home screen

My one year old child was playing Balloon Pop on my Pixel 2 and accidentally deleted a folder of icons from my home screen. There were 11 icons in this folder and I hope I can easily get it back without rebuilding it manually? (A kind of cancellation function or "trash" zone?)

As a remark, recommendations on how to lock the icons of the home screen? Icons tend to be moved a lot accidentally, although this is the first time that they are completely removed.

restore – PostgreSQL does not start after a power failure

Can not start PostgreSQL after power failure:

FATAL: could not find tuple for opclass 1

PostgreSQL version:

root@ubuntu:/usr/lib/postgresql/9.6/bin# ./postgres -V
postgres (PostgreSQL) 9.6.1

Operating system version:

root@ubuntu:/usr/lib/postgresql/9.6/bin# lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS
Release: 16.04
Codename: xenial

Full boot log in single mode (in Russian):

2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-1) ОТЛАДКА:  mmap(153092096) with MAP_HUGETLB failed, huge pages disabled: Cannot allocate memory
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-2) ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ:  система БД была выключена: 2019-08-04 14:25:59 +04
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-3) ОТЛАДКА:  запись о контрольной точке по смещению 1257/77000648
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-4) ОТЛАДКА:  redo record is at 1257/77000648; shutdown TRUE
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-5) ОТЛАДКА: next transaction ID: 0:136840678; next OID: 267109380
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-6) ОТЛАДКА:  next MultiXactId: 1; next MultiXactOffset: 0
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-7) ОТЛАДКА:  oldest unfrozen transaction ID: 583, in database 12442
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-8) ОТЛАДКА:  oldest MultiXactId: 1, in database 1
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-9) ОТЛАДКА:  commit timestamp Xid oldest/newest: 0/0 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-10) ОТЛАДКА:  предел наложения ID транзакций равен 2147484230, источник ограничения - база данных с OID 12442 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-11) ОТЛАДКА:  предел наложения MultiXactId равен 2147483648, источник ограничения - база данных с OID 1 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-12) ОТЛАДКА:  starting up replication slots 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-13) ОТЛАДКА:  предел наложения MultiXactId равен 2147483648, источник ограничения - база данных с OID 1 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-14) ОТЛАДКА:  Граница членов мультитранзакции сейчас: 4294914944 (при старейшей мультитранзакции 1) 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-15) ВАЖНО:  could not find tuple for opclass 1 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-16) ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ:  выключение 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-17) ОТЛАДКА:  performing replication slot checkpoint 
2019-08-04 14:26:09 +04 (3176-18) ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ:  система БД выключена

How can I force it to start and recover data. Maybe there is a way to link file data to a PostgreSQL job instance?

osx – How to restore move and disconnect commands on Google Drive?

I've copied a PDF file to Google Drive from another application. The file appears on the drive, but the move option is missing. I went straight into the Drive application from my home screen, I deleted the application, I restarted it and the move option is always missing for all files.

missing move option – screen capture

I tried to disconnect and then come back, but the disconnect option is missing. I logged out using the admin page of my account via a browser, which did not restore the missing move options.

disconnect option is missing – screen capture

The files can be moved and the application disconnected under OS X.

Google Drive 4.2019.30201 IOS 13.3.1 (American Spanish)

N.B. When disconnection is disabled, this seems to be a priority problem if I have to use the browser to administer the disconnect from my Google Account – this requires an internet connection.

restore – SD card: wrong magic number, no other super-block will work

I have a 32GB mini SD card that I have used in an Android phone. One day, it was not recognized, I plugged it to my laptop, the file system does not recognize it.

Plug it into my Linux machine via a USB adapter.

lsblk shows it as / dev / sdf with a capacity of 121.3 MB

fsck / dev / sdf said:

ext2fs_open2: bad magic number in the super-block

fsck.ext2: Invalid superblock, trying to save blocks

tried mkfs -n / dev / sdf and then tried e2fsck -b / dev / sdf for each number.

Nothing worked. I've tried to create a partition with some of the size of 121.3 MB. No error, but when I try to mkfs.vfat / dev / sdf, it tells me "attribute "partition" not found ".

I've also tried using testdisk to analyze it, but no other partition has been found.

I know that there is a way to restore this, but I'm just not so good with the material. Please help!

Thanks in advance

When someone clicks on "Delete Unique Permissions", is it possible to back up / restore only the permissions of an SP2013 site?

Try to be proactive for our site SP2013 prem prem.