dnd 5e – What ways are there to cast life restoring magic without paying monetary or valuable material costs?

There are a number of options…


Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. I’m not talking about using Wish to just Wish someone back from the dead, because that’s a “strenuous use of the spell” which would (per your opinion on Reincarnate, count as a Cost), simply use Wish’s ability to

duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower. You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly components. The spell simply takes effect.

So, Wish for the 7th level spell Resurrection, and they’re alive at no cost beyond a 9th level Spell Slot. Alternatively, you may pre-empt the risk of death by Wishing for Clone spells for the whole party.

True Polymorph

You covered this in your question, Turn into a creature with component-free access to resurrection magic, such as a Planetar.

Divine Intervention

Like wish, this ability can do basically anything as long as your DM goes for it. Until you are 20th level, the odds of it actually working are fairly slim–but it offers a cost-free (apart from the cooldown) way to raise the dead.

Be Zealot Barbarians

If everybody in the party takes a 3 level multiclass Dip into barbarian and takes the Path of the Zealot subclass, they can acquire the following Class Feature

Warrior of the Gods
At 3rd level, your soul is marked for endless battle. If a spell, such as raise dead, has the sole effect of restoring you to life (but not undeath), the caster doesn’t need material components to cast the spell on you.

Acquire a Rod of Resurrection

This grants the following option:

The rod has 5 charges. While you hold it, you can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it: heal (expends 1 charge) or resurrection (expends 5 charges).

Spells cast through magic items do not consume material components (see here) This is, however, an edge case because…

The rod regains 1 expended charge daily at dawn. If the rod is reduced to 0 charges, roll a d20. On a 1, the rod disappears in a burst of radiance.

It can only be used to Resurrect once every 5 days, and has a 1/20 chance to vanish.

Scroll of (Rez Spell)

Scrolls require the expenditure of their costly material components when they are created. As long as someone else created the resurrection spell and the party acquired it for “free” in the course of adventuring, it’s a Free Resurrection. The same applies to Spell Gems.

Artifact with the proper Major Beneficial Property

One of the possible Major Beneficial Properties of an Artifact is…

While attuned to the artifact, you can use an action to cast one 4th-level spell (chosen by the DM) from it. After you cast the spell, roll a d6. On a roll of 1–5, you can’t cast it again until the next dawn.

There are versions of this property for spells up through 7th level, and there are several life-restoring spells that would fit into that range.

Convince something to do it

If you can locate a creature capable of raising the dead without components, then social skills may be able to persuade them to do it. For example, casting Plane Shift (or Gate) to go visit somewhere with Celestials and Persuading, Deceiving, or Intimidating them into doing it.

Mind Effecting Magic

If you can locate a creature capable of raising the dead without components, there are all kinds of mind effecting spells that can “convince” them to help. Suggestion or Charm Monster on the lower end, Dominate Monster on the higher end. You will have to work fast with these, as Charm Monster and Dominate Monster have a Duration that’s the same as the casting time of most Resurrection Magic.

mysql – Restoring WAMP after accidental format

I have a full backup on my C: drive, this includes the entire directory of WAMP, i have formatted drive C, and then installed WAMP on drive C: in default directory.

Copied and pasted the bin and www directory into the new installation.

Still when i try to log in to SQL i cannot find the SQL database, i get the following error when trying to visit the URL
Error establishing a database connection

Can anyone please advise how to restore WAMP.


ssms – Restoring only differences with SQL differential backups?

The question you asked

No. It is not an option to apply just a differential backup, without the full backup (aka the differential base backup).

You want to essentially undo changes made after the backup, and differentials cannot do this. They are designed to work in the other direction–they “fast forward” changes made since the prior full backup, allowing you to get to the end state quicker, without having to redo the actual changes along the way.

The question you should have asked

It sounds like you want to look at database snapshots.

Snapshots are essentially that inverse of differentials that you’re looking for. They keep track of changes since the snapshot creation, so that the snapshot shows the original version, regardless of what happens to the real database. Snapshots can also be used to roll back to the point in time when they were created.

From the docs:

In the event of a user error on a source database, you can revert the source database to the state it was in when a given database snapshot was created. Data loss is confined to updates to the database since the snapshot’s creation.

For example, before doing major updates, such as a bulk update or a schema change, create a database snapshot on the database protects data. If you make a mistake, you can use the snapshot to recover by reverting the database to the snapshot. Reverting is potentially much faster for this purpose than restoring from a backup; however, you cannot roll forward afterward

It’s important to note that snapshots are not backups. They can be used to revert data changes, but they are not helpful if the original/real database becomes corrupt, or goes offline.

You’ll want to read up on reverting to a snapshot to ensure that it does meet your needs, and that the various limitations work for your scenario.

linux – Restoring ~/.bashrc without using bash commands

I think I had a typo when I add a path to ~/.bashrc and after I source it, I cannot use bash commands anymore.

Now I want to restore a normal ~/.bashrc, however most of the discussion I found (e.g. How to fix a .bashrc that’s been edited wrongly?) needs to use bash commands e.g. cp

clam@cuerei:~# cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~
cp: /home/cltam/script/lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by cp)

May I know how could I restore ~/.bashrc without using bash commands?

Thank you.

save – Mathematica history: restoring previous version

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Availability Group SQL Server Databases Always fall back to Restoring State

I have two Databases out of several others which I constantly need to re-add to a SQL Server Availability Group (all other 50 or so Databases from the same AG cause no issue). Indeed, they always go back to a “Restoring” status on the Secondary Replica instead of having a Synchronised status like the other DBs. I always need to remove them and re-add them to the AG in order to fix the issue. They stay with a synchronised status for several hours and then fall back into a Restoring state.

What could be creating this repetitive issue?

Thank you. J.

cryptography – Need help with restoring my ripple

I stored some XRP in some wallet in my PC 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the name of the wallet was. What I have written down is a paraphrase that I have apparently set up when creating that wallet and also a file to contains some kind of secret key with 692 characters in it. As far as I remember, this file with 692 random charters in it was some kind of exporting or backing up wallet file. The file contains random numbers and letters in lower and upper case and has == at the end. I used https://toastwallet.com/browser/index.html to restore with that secret file, but it is not valid. I would appreciate it if you help me get my XRP back or at least help me find out what wallet I have been using.

Restoring original visitor IP | Web Hosting Talk

Hello guys

I am using Cloudflare as revers proxy and LiteSpeed as web server, I’ve enabled restoring original visitor IP in LiteSpeed console, Now i can see original visitor IP in access log (Raw access in cpanel) but when i run following command it still show cloudflare IPs instead of original IPs


netstat -anp |grep 'tcp|udp' | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

How can i check original visitor IPs by command line as live ( I mean while visitors are browsing or sending request to my websites)?

macos – Existing Time Machine backup on new mac – inherit backup without restoring?

I have an existing hard drive that I used to back up my old Mac using Time Machine. Now I got a new Mac and I want to continue the backup on the new one. However, I do not want to restore anything from the backup. I set up the new mac from scratch and I just want to be able to access the old data if needed.

I connected the backup drive to the new mac and it asked me if I wanted to use it as a backup for Time Machine. I accepted.

Now it wants to back up my current mac (I disabled auto-backup for now until I know what to do exactly), which is fine, this is what I want.

But how can I now access the data from my old backups? Is this possible?


Restoring `System.keychain` from a Time Machine backup without access to system `/var/db/SystemKey`

I have an old backup that (hopefully) holds the encryption keys to some encrypted disks in the System.keychain. To unlock that properly, I seem to need the /var/db/SystemKey that does not seem to be present in the backup.

I’ve been searcing around and can’t seem to find any solutions that don’t need the SystemKey file (which makes sense if it is the encryption key), but since that computer has since been wiped and given on, I can’t imagine any way of restoring it (though if it can somehow be deterministically created on the specific computer, I could ask the new user to create the key if I knew how)

If I can’t recover the SystemKey, what other options are there? Are the keys in my System.keychain gone for good?