sharepoint server – Is there a way to apply restrictions on custom list columns based off the users access role?

I have a SharePoint custom list in a similar format to below:

ID, Raised by, Raised by, Bulk Upload Type, Date of request, Additional Contacts (for updating), Status

I would like the ‘Status’ field to be read-only unless the user is in the ‘Site Owners’ access role for the page – is there a way of doing this on SharePoint 2016?

customs and immigration – Covid travel restrictions germany

Last time I went to Germany and researched this in detail (about a month ago) the answer was “48 hours before the scheduled arrival in Germany”

The negative test result was checked during initial check in for the entire trip, before boarding the flight to Germany, when exiting the plane in Germany right at the gate, and a fourth time at German immigration.

For a long trip with layovers this makes makes the timing very difficult especially if time zone difference takes a sizable chunk of additional time out of the testing window. In my case 48 hours before arrival was midnight my local time, which isn’t particularly helpful.

They prefer PCR tests but an Antigen test (which is much faster) can also acceptable if it meets certain criteria. However, what these criteria exactly are, what specific test equipment and labs meet them, and how this needs to be documented is not well defined.

I had an Antigen test result be rejected by one Gesundheitsamt (local health office) and the exact same test result accepted by another one without problems. The two offices are in neighboring cities in the same state, so it’s not very predictable. I was lucky enough that one of my PCR tests came in on time to mitigate.

Driving and Cell Phone Usage Restrictions Around the World – Watch Out For Your Auto

The justification doing so is the high number of accidents ascribed to Greece Phone Number List use while driving. As indicated by research done by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, which introduced conduct GPS beacons in the vehicles of 241 people, Greece Phone Number List occupied drivers are multiple times bound to get into impacts than non-diverted drivers. Greece Phone Number List PDAs end up being perhaps the greatest wellspring of interruptions for drivers, and have indeed caused numerous deadly mishaps everywhere on the world. Greece Phone Number List Different nations are finding a way ways to decrease street chances by forbidding PDA use while driving – this can straightforwardly affect your vehicle protection rates and strategies.

Nations that authoritatively forbid cell use while driving: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Botswana, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India – New Delhi, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UK, Zimbabwe.

Halfway implies that however it isn’t unlawful to utilize cell phones while driving, a few conditions apply; Greece Phone Number List for example in the event of a mishap. Greece Phone Number List In nations, states/territories where the utilization of mobile phones while driving is unlawful, getting found utilizing one can bring about higher yearly protection rates. Greece Phone Number List The rationale is the accompanying – on the off chance that you are discovered utilizing a wireless and get a ticket, you are currently seen as a higher danger driver since an extensive level of vehicle accidents can be ascribed to mobile Greece Phone Number List use while driving. Greece Phone Number List Insurance agencies would now be able to raise your rates if Federal/State/Provincial/Municipal enactments permit it, and think of it as a factor.
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Conditional cell restrictions in Google Sheets

I am creating a document that our workers can fill out to log their times in different meetings. This form will then be uploaded to our main database. The issue is that our database does not allow for people to list a start of one visit to be at a time earlier than the end of the last one:

e.g visit 1: 12pm – 1pm
visit 2: 1:01pm – 2pm (this will work)
visit 3: 2pm – 3pm ( this will not work)

Does anybody know how to reject the input of a cell if it does not meet the criteria of having a start date after the end of the last visit? This is for Google Sheets

algorithms – Scheduling Repeating, Flexible Intervals with Restrictions on Overlap

I work in 52:17 work:break intervals, as there’s some evidence showing it’s an effective way to structure the day. However, meetings or planned breaks often require shifting that schedule, moving, shrinking, or expanding certain parts.

I’m trying to write a program which will do this for me, given a start time, an end time, sprint and break lengths, and a list of calendar events which should either be treated as breaks or sprints. It should return a schedule consisting of as close an approximation to the 52:17 (or whatever intervals input) schedule that it reasonably can. I’ve got a pretty “dumb” solution right now:

def span_interval(start_time, end_time, sprint_minutes, break_minutes, schedule):
    print(start_time, end_time)
    for event in schedule.calendar_events:
        schedule_as_event = Event(start_time, end_time, EventType.IGNORE)
        if event.event_type == EventType.SPRINT and event.has_overlap(schedule_as_event):
            schedule.merge(span_interval(start_time, event.start_time, sprint_minutes, break_minutes, schedule))
            schedule.merge(span_interval(event.end_time, end_time, sprint_minutes, break_minutes, schedule))
            schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(event.start_time, event.end_time, EventType.SPRINT))
            return schedule
    schedule = Schedule(start_time, end_time, sprint_minutes, break_minutes)
    sprint_minutes = float(sprint_minutes)
    break_minutes = float(break_minutes)
    period_length = (end_time - start_time).total_seconds() / 60
    cycle_time = sprint_minutes + break_minutes
    cycles = n_complete_cycles(period_length, sprint_minutes, break_minutes)
    if cycles == -1:
        schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(start_time, end_time, EventType.BREAK))
    elif cycles == 0:
        schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(start_time, end_time, EventType.SPRINT))
        proportion = period_length / (sprint_time + cycle_time * cycles)
        new_sprint_time = datetime.timedelta(minutes=(sprint_time * proportion))
        new_break_time = datetime.timedelta(minutes=(break_time * proportion))
        current_time = start_time
        schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(current_time, current_time + new_sprint_time, EventType.SPRINT))
        current_time += new_sprint_time
        for i in range(0, cycles):
            schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(current_time, current_time + new_break_time, EventType.BREAK))
            current_time += new_break_time
            schedule.add_scheduler_event(Event(current_time, current_time + new_sprint_time, EventType.SPRINT))
            current_time += new_sprint_time
    return schedule

def n_complete_cycles(total_minutes, sprint_minutes, break_minutes):
    n = 0
    schedule = ()
    # All break
    if total_minutes < break_minutes * 1.5:
        return -1
    # All sprint
    if total_minutes < sprint_minutes:
        return 0
    # So far we've accounted for 1 sprint
    accounted_length = sprint_minutes
    # The cycle length for each cycle we add
    cycle_length = sprint_minutes + break_minutes
    # While the amount that we've accounted for is less than 
    while accounted_length + cycle_length / 2 < total_minutes:
        n += 1
        accounted_length += break_minutes
        accounted_length += sprint_minutes
    return n

There are a few bugs to fix (e.g. each interval starts as a sprint even if it is directly after another sprint) and it isn’t my tidiest code, but more importantly, it’s pretty far from the optimal solution. I like the idea of using a search algorithm like GAs, but I can’t figure out the right way to structure the data such that it can be partitioned/inherited. There’s an analogy to the job shop scheduling or the interval scheduling maximization problem somewhere in there, but I can’t put my finger on it. Any ideas?

covid 19 – What are the travel restrictions if I take a flight from USA to India which stops in London or Dubai?

I am travelling to India for my vacation. I am planning to book a flight from USA to India roundtrip. I currently live in North Carolina, USA and trying to fly through Air India as it has direct flights to India from USA. But in my case the departure airport for Air India are very far and I am looking for other options like British airways or Emirates. So if I choose to fly through either British or Emirates, they have a stop at London or Dubai. But When I was going through this link:

I have found a section which says : “For all international travellers coming/transiting through flights originating from UnitedKingdom, Europe and Middle East” and has more restrictions that people travelling from other countries.

So does this section applies to me? if fly through British airways from USA to India?

COVID air restrictions within Mexico?

If denied boarding for a flight to USA from Jalisco or Sinaloa, what are the current restrictions on a flight from either of those states, or Nayarit, to TIJ for a land crossing? I know it could change, but knowing today’s rules is better than knowing nothing at all. I know there are checkpoints on roads in the area to enforce movement restrictions.

I’ll be with a group returning late April, and some of them don’t speak Spanish.

Covid Restrictions on FB & IG

I work with a disinfection supplies company. Ads are a big part of our strategy, however we are being flagged on FB & IG when using any verbiage related to Covid or the Pandemic. Are there any suggestions on other platforms we can target more heavily that aren't as restrictive towards Covid?

A French registered car in the UK caught up in travel restrictions with owner now out of the UK

A person had traveled from France by car to visit relatives in the UK and then had to fly out to Ireland on a family medical emergency ( an expected short duration. ) leaving their French registered car parked up on the road in the UK. COVID travel restrictions then came in both in Ireland and UK forcing the person to remain outside of the UK.
Is there anyway that the French registered car could be moved to a safe location legally when the owner who is not UK national is outside of the UK?

How is visiting Fuertenvetura in April 2021 (covid restrictions)? [closed]

I would like to have a very lazy holiday, just rent an Airbnb on the beach and chill (no surfing), just run on the beach and go to eat around.

I come from Netherlands. Are they going to ask me to do covid test (for sure), which test and how many hours before? but also quarantine once I arrive there?

And once I’m there, can I move freely by renting a car? Can I go to restaurants?