python – simple function that simulates the results of a survey according to the size and probability of the sample

What is it:

This is a simple function, part of a basic Monte Carlo simulation. It takes the size of the sample and the probability as parameters. It returns the result of the simulation (positive responses) plus the input parameters in a tuple.

What I ask:

I try to avoid using temporary variables, I have two questions.

  1. Am I really saving memory by avoiding storing intermediate results?
  2. How can I improve readability without adding variables?

def simulate_survey (sample_size, percent_subscribes):
return (
sample size,
                    r.random() < percent_subscribes 
                    for _ in range(sample_size)
                ]) / size of the sample

Thank you for your opinion.

machine learning – What are the computer vision tasks for which algorithms give better results than human performance?

It is difficult to answer this question because the normally developed human brain is more complex and performs better in facial recognition than most current CV algorithms.

However, the Computer Vision algorithm would produce a consistent result whether the algorithm is correct or not. Human brains vary and we see things and interpret them differently.

summation – What is the main difference between two results of apparently similar sums?


    Sum[(a^2 + (b + n)^2)^(-1), {n, -Infinity, Infinity}]


$$ frac { pi sinh (2 pi a)} {a ( cosh (2 pi a) – cos (2 pi b))}} $$

while the sum

                    Sum[(a^2 + (b + 2 [Pi] n) ^ 2) ^ (- 1), {n, -Infinity, Infinity}


$$ begin {array} {cc}
begin {array} {cc}
frac { coth left ( frac {a} {2} + frac {ib} {2} right) + coth left ( frac {a} {2} – frac {ib} {2 } right)} {4 a} & arg (b + ia) geq 0 \
frac { coth left ( frac {1} {2} (a + ib) right)} {4a} + frac { coth left ( frac {1} {2} (ai b) right)} {4 a} – frac {1} {2 a} & text {True} \
end {array}
end {array} $$

listing two different cases. What is the source of this?

Also, ask a condition on $ a $ to be real and positive

    Refine[Sum[(a^2 + (b + 2*[Pi] n) ^ 2) ^ (- 1), {n, -Infinity,
Infinite}], {Element[{a, b}, Reals], a> 0}]

do not get rid of "cases", as it should be (because then the imaginary part of $ (b + ia) $ always positive), the result remains exactly the same as above. Maybe I have not stated the assumptions on $ a $ correctly? I use Mathematica version

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What is the meaning of True in my result?

Search Results – Are all attachments in the list explored in SP Online?

I have problems getting a result from my share point list.
I have some jpg, ms word / excel and pdf files attached and sometimes sometimes results.
Do you have an idea of ​​what is actually being explored in SP's online content sources?
How do I know when was the last time the resource was crawled..I have so many times indefinitely without change
If a member of the MS team can give some clues here
Thanks in advance

Keto burn xtreme results in weight gain.

Keto burn xtreme also negative well-being, a slow metabolism and a critical illness like nuts. Keto Burn xtremey fat meals should account for about 20% of the keto burn xtreme plate. Quality Fats Burning Meals to Lose Weight – Class # 3: Lean protein, but not least, protein is prevalent in any diet. Proteins are required for tissue reconstruction after keto-burn training routines and are essential for building lean and robust muscle tissue. Having more muscle to burn the xtreme body will work wonders for weight reduction because muscle burns fat. This is in view that the muscle is metabolically energetic, because of this it burns calories even if you find that you are not exercising. I can not say enough, but an excess of protein meals is essential for keto burn xtreme weight loss software. Again, retailer at the perimeter of the grocery store because that is where there are a lot.

MySQL XOR produces incorrect results

Why the expression conv (& # 39; 9000084e703720f9 & quot ;, 16,10) conv (& quot; 801A93A5A18A773F & quot ;, 16,10) produces a wrong result?

In a step-by-step explanation:

SELECT conv (& # 39; 9000084e703720f9 & # 39 ;, 16, 10);

Result: 10376302674444755193

SELECT conv (& # 39; 801A93A5A18A773F & # 39 ;, 16, 10);

Result: 9230852725838346047

SELECT 10376302674444755193; 9230852725838346047;

Result: 1160411291139790790

But by this request:

SELECT conv (& # 39; 9000084e703720f9 & # 39 ;, 16, 10) conv (& quot; 801A93A5A18A773F & # 39 ;, 16, 10) 

Result: 0

I do not understand why it returns zero?

php – Input giving erroneous results

I do a shop with paypal, pagseguro and mercadopago, but at the time of purchase, when I select the entry, it always records in paypal mode.


                public service exit ()
if (! Security :: ajax ())
die ();

$ gateway = new Gateways ();
$ gatewayData = $ gateway-> data ();

$ gateway = $ _POST['gateway'];

$ reference = $ this-> references-> register ();




$ (& # 39 ;. checkout & # 39;) on (& # 39; click & # 39; function (e) {

e.preventDefault ();

var terms = $ (& # 39; input[name=terms]& # 39;) .is (& # 39 ;: checked & # 39;);

if (! terms) {
alert (& # 39; Accept the terms! & # 39;);

let gateway = $ (input[name=gateway]& # 39;) .val ();

$ .ajax ({
url: & # 39; / cart / checkout & # 39;
method: "POST",
date: {gateway: gateway},
complete: function (result) {
var res = JSON.parse (result.responseText);

if (res.status) {
location.href =
} else {
alert (res.message);

returns false;


it always results in a paid market, I can never go through paypal or payment

Different results when testing TLS with the help of CDN77

I've enabled TLS1.3 on three servers located behind another load balancing server on which TLS1.3 itself is enabled. I get different results if the domain name is written without www. All servers have active ssl certificates. Here are the results of the test during the test in the cdn77 controller:

I get "Excellent" if is tested. however,
I get "mediocre" in Firefox and "moderated" in Google Chrome if is tested without www.

I have no error regarding SSL when I test in gmetrics, pingdom, etc.
What do I miss in my setup

How to make the small Google search bar widget open results in Google Chrome rather than in the Google Assistant

My Google search bar widget that I have on my home screen usually has the small G on the left and a microphone on the right. It now seems that Google Assistant has diverted it, because the small logo of this one was on the right instead of the microphone. Whenever I type it and ask him to do a search, he always does something in Google Assistant rather than opening it in Google Chrome the way I wanted and as he did before. How to make sure Google Assistant does not answer questions, restore the small microphone and open everything in Google Chrome as before. Thank you. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

php – Load the selected option with the results of the database (ANGULAR)

I have a table with all my records in the database. When I type the option "MODIFY", a form opens with the information already loaded according to the identifier of the selected record, but there are drop-down lists and no realizations . to have me load the option that is already saved in the database.

I load the full list of options but I do not select the option already saved. I've tried it with [selected] but it did not work for me