unit – Reusing tilemap segments

I'm wondering how to integrate reusable tilemap segments into my workflow.

For example: I build a room from my tile palette and I want to reuse it in several places.

Is it possible to "prefabricate" a section of a tilemap? I did not find such a thing.

Or maybe I should simply prefabricate the tilemap and use multiple tilemap objects in the same grid? Will this not introduce significant overheads?

What happens if I want to prefabricate a section of a tilemap with additional non-tilemap objects?

ios – Reusing parts of the table view cell in different controllers

I have a table view cell that has a button that, when clicked on, displays an action view.

After reading this response, you indicate that the logic for displaying the Action view must be handled in the controller.

The problem is that I use these table view cells in several different controllers and that it seems counterintuitive to copy and paste the view logic into each controller where the view cells table exists, especially given the required maintenance.

So my question is, what is the best approach for managing this? Is there a way to manage all the logic of the action view in one place and send the controllers back to that code?

sharepoint online – Content type and possibility of reusing the site column in the flat structure

About 6 months ago, I wrote this question about the possibility of reusing content types and site columns among site collections connected to a hub site in the world of flat structure. Migration of our local sub-sites to become collections of modern sites. how we are going to handle content types and site columns. I compared the horizontal structure with the subsites approach, where, in the subsites approach, we can manage the columns and types of site content on the root site and reuse all the columns and the content types of the site automatically within the subsites. So, after 6 months, improvements have been made or are there approaches in SharePoint Online that could allow us to facilitate the reuse of content types and site columns in the flat structure? or the same old case applies, should we use power-shell to handle the same types of content and the same site columns in the site collection of the flat structure?
Of course, I excluded the option of using content type hub sites to allow the reuse of content type in hub sites, because the content type site approach is a very classic / old approach that we should not use with the hub site. as if I had the decision to use sub-site approaches or to use hub-sites with content hubs, I will go with the subsites approach.
Thank you

Reusing connected user fields in the customer profile?

Is it possible to reuse the information of registered users in the customer profile?
for example. [current-user:display-name] in the default value. I have tried this, but I do not manage to make it appear in the cash register. I use the customer profile.