dnd 5e – Is there a spell or effect that reveals or identifies alignment?

Apart from the approaches defined by the other answers, consider making a spell, or magical item, that can be used to see alignment or determine alignment.


The general guidance, page 283 of the Dungeon Masters Guide, wants a gentle approach, with caution against creating something to powerful. Considering the flavor, the spell would be of the Divination School, and available to Clerics and Wizards at the basic thematic level.

The first consideration is how you want this feature to be used in the campaign. The weaker you make it, the lower the level of the spell can be. You could reach back into previous editions for the effect you want, such as Detect Alignment.

Detect Alignment 3.5
Divination, level 1, (V,S,M)
Duration: Concentration, 10 minutes
Range: 60 ft Cone
When you cast this spell, choose chaos, evil, good, law or neutrality. While this spell lasts, you gain the ability to detect the chosen alignment. This functions identically to detect evil, except for the chosen alignment, and using CR rather than HD for monsters.

Note, it only provides coverage of a third-ish of the available result. Choosing Chaos, Lawful, Good, or Evil leaves out the other two for that axis, while selecting Neutral covers 5 of 9 possibilities.

That is relatively fair for a first level spell, but the Question wants a more precise identification of the alignment. To meet that requirement, the area of effect can be narrowed, the level raised, or balance of the two. Looking at Detect Thoughts, a level 2 Divination spell, even in the earlier stages you only get the barest hint of the character. To get deeper, and know more about the character, takes an action and getting past a Wisdom Saving Throw. Probing further, you start competing in Intelligence contests. For all of this, the caster has a span of a minute; just 10 rounds.

A comparative Detect Alignment spell, could be mechanically built the same way at this level. However, instead of turning to an Intelligence v Intelligence contest, working to learn more about what their thinking, it would use a Charisma v Wisdom contest. Their ability, or mental confidence, to out bluff your ability to perceive what their alignment is.

This is only an example. The spell level could be increased to support lessening their ability to resist.

Magic Items

If a spell doesn’t meet the thematic approach that you’re looking for, making a magic item (DMG, 284) is also an option. A few examples follow, but don’t let yourself be limited to these.

Styled after Keoghtom’s Ointment, consider a similar substance that will react with the targets alignment when exposed to their skin. Starts as a plan white with a granular texture, and then: Glows for Good, seems to Absorb light for Evil, becomes rough and jagged for Chaotic, and Flat for Lawful. Given the precision of the substance, it should be at least a rare item, and have a limited number of doses available. Thematically, beyond a specific mcguffin, it’s construction should be beyond the reach of the player characters; rather, it’s provided or available in support of their quest.

If your something with a bit more permanence, observe the effects if a misaligned character handles Book of Exalted Deeds. There is a visceral, damaging reaction; too extreme for your aim, but a fair guide post.

Tyr’s Scales Wonderous Item, Rare
A metal statue of a warhammer rising from the dirt, with a scale resting upon the head. Each side of the scale features a bas relief; one an ordered image of Tyr, the other a corrupt version of the same. When a supplicant grasps the haft of the warhammer, the scales will shift as the nature of the soul weighs down one side in accordance with their alignment.

malware – Localhost scan of new iPhone 11 Pro reveals odd ports

So I just got a new iPhone Pro 11, and I did a quick network scan using the “Scany” app and a few odd things came up.

The following ports are open:

  • Socks port 1080

  • ansoft-lm-1 port 1083

  • ftp-proxy port 8021

None of these seem to be standard Apple ports, and so I’m wondering is this normal? Is this something commonly seen on iPhones as well?

An explanation or more insight would be greatly appreciated.


penetration test – wget output reveals administrator password?

A penetration testing tool revealed a hidden link related to my IP cam web interface:

The following is part of what I get when I use wget

"Group" : "admin",
         "Id" : 1,
         "Memo" : "admin 's account",
         "Name" : "admin",
         "Password" : "44D449B8699C219EB8A5DE30FD827911",
         "Reserved" : true,
         "Sharable" : true

Can someone tell me what the exit is all about?
Is the article "Password" : "44D449B8699C219EB8A5DE30FD827911", a hashed MD5 password?

If not, what does it mean?

I tried John the Ripper but to no avail

thank you so much

recursion – Trace reveals unexpected evaluations and internal calls for a recursive function

I would like help in identifying the problem in my implementation of the recursive function illustrated below. But first, a little context.

There is a well-known solution to the problem of finding the longest common subsequence among two sequences. The algorithm is as follows:

Reverse the sequences S1 and S2, and call the reversed sequences RS1 and RS2

Define a recursive getLCS function, which takes RS1, RS2 and an empty ACC accumulator and does the following:

If RS1 or RS2 is empty, getLCS returns ACC.

Otherwise, if h1, the head of RS1, is equal to h2, the head of RS2, getLCS returns getLCS (tail (RS1), tail (RS2), {h1} union ACC).

Otherwise, getLCS returns the longest of getLCS (queue (RS1), RS2, ACC) and getLCS (RS1, queue (RS2), ACC).

My implementation of Wolfram Language is as follows:

getLCS({}, _, acc_) := acc;
getLCS(_, {}, acc_) := acc;
getLCS({s_, t1___}, {s_, t2___}, acc_) := getLCS({t1}, {t2}, Prepend(acc, s));
getLCS({s1_, t1___}, {s2_, t2___}, acc_) := {
    getLCS({t1}, {s2, t2}, acc), getLCS({s1, t1}, {t2}, acc)
} // MaximalBy(Length) // First;
getLCS(lst1_, lst2_) := getLCS(Reverse(lst1), Reverse(lst2), {});

The implementation works, but is extremely slow, even for short sequences. Operation Trace sure:

getLCS({1, 2, 3}, {1, 2, 4}) // Trace

reveals a long list of internal calls whose innocent eyes must be protected.

For reference, here is (essentially) the same implementation in F#:

let getLCS<'A when 'A : equality> (lst1 : list<'A>) (lst2 : list<'A>) : list<'A> =
    let rec f (cLst1R : list<'A>) (cLst2R : list<'A>) (acc : list<'A>) : list<'A> =
        match cLst1R, cLst2R with
        | (), _ | _, () -> acc
        | h1 :: t1, h2 :: t2 when (h1 = h2) -> f t1 t2 (h1 :: acc)
        | _ :: t1, _ :: t2 ->
            ((f t1 cLst2R acc); (f cLst1R t2 acc)) |> List.maxBy List.length
    f (List.rev lst1) (List.rev lst2) ()

the F# the version runs much faster. I know it Wolfram Language is not as slow in comparison. So my questions are:

  1. What are the shortcomings of my Wolfram Language Implementation?
  2. Why Trace show a stack of calls so different from what would be considered a normal mental image of the stack of execution implied by the definition?

Thanks in advance.

dnd 5e – Is there a tradition that reveals where the third seed of the wine magician went?

It's at the DM

You can see it tweet exchange by Chris Perkins, the lead designer of CoS:

Ben latham @SassyWyvern
@ChrisPerkinsDnD Where is the third magic gem that was in the cellar at CoS? I can't find it anywhere in the book. Am i just blind

Christopher Perkins @ChrisPerkinsDnD
You are not blind. Its location is not disclosed in #CurseofStrahd (deliberately).

It is therefore up to the DM to decide what happened to the third seed, as he confirms in this another tweet

Josh Watson @josh_watson
@ChrisPerkinsDnD Is this deliberate in that you want us, DMs, to invent an explanation, or because it might appear in a later publication

Christopher Perkins @ChrisPerkinsDnD
MDs should feel free to research the lost gem as part of their campaigns.

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Vulnerability – PCI scan reveals unknown vulnerabilities

Cross-site scripting vulnerability related to Basit Submit module

Cross Site Scripting Bugs in Portal DCP-Portal, CVE-2004-2511 CVE-2003-1536 CVE-2004-2512

These two vulnerabilities were identified in the analysis performed on our website by a third party reviewer. I am unable to solve these problems. Can any one enlighten us on these problems and on how to solve them?

The secret of Wall Street Insider reveals the new big market

Former Wall Street executive reveals new secret: cashdigger.com

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Are men less likely to take a woman seriously who dresses like a whore (who reveals clothes)?

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