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Review by | Talk Web Hosting

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    Have you ever used, I recently knew them. It seems that they are based in the UK and provide a server from my site. Any thought?

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Spin Servers Review of a month

Hi everybody,

I wanted to share my experience with Spin Servers, which was just amazing. I've had two servers with them over the last month. I've rented quite a few dedicated servers over the years, so I've seen good and bad, and these people are some of the best. I bought their "instant servers" and both were automatically provisioned within 30 minutes as advertised. My support tickets have been answered quickly and professionally. The VPC function is AWESOME and, for me, changes the game. I was able to easily configure my two servers on the same L2 network with 10G connectivity. These people know what they are doing and I can not wait to expand my business with them. Keep up the good work!

updates – How NOT to install apps that Google Play Store offers for review?

I have a new Nokia 3.1. He immediately wanted to download the updates, which he did successfully. Now I have a notification that I can not get rid of "Complete Setup by Installing Applications". When I touch it, I receive thisenter the description of the image here

I can not deselect them. How not to download them and no longer be bothered by the offer?

Page Not Found – Code Review Stack Exchange

Battery Exchange Network

The Stack Exchange network includes 175 question and answer communities, including Stack Overflow, the largest and most trusted online community for developers who want to learn, share knowledge and grow their careers.

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Solid Components in kotlin – Code Review Stack Exchange

I wrote a function to calculate all the strong components of a graph.

How to make it cleaner and more enjoyable?

import java.util.*
import kotlin.math.min

private fun readLn() = readLine()!! // string line
private fun readInt() = readLn().toInt() // single int
private fun readStrings() = readLn().split(" ") // list of strings
private fun readInts() = readStrings().map { it.toInt() } // list of ints

typealias Graph = Map>

fun getScc(graph: Graph, allNodes: Set): MutableList> {
    val discoveryTime = mutableMapOf()
    val lowest = mutableMapOf()
    val stack = ArrayDeque()
    var index = 0
    val strongComponents = mutableListOf>()
    val resolved = mutableSetOf()
    fun dfs(node: String) {
        index += 1
        discoveryTime(node) = index
        lowest(node) = index
        for (neb in graph(node) ?: mutableListOf()) {
            if (neb in resolved) {
            if (neb in discoveryTime) { //ancestor
                lowest(node) = min(discoveryTime(neb)!!, lowest(node)!!)
            } else {
                lowest(node) = min(lowest(neb)!!, lowest(node)!!)
        if (lowest(node) == discoveryTime(node)) {
            val sc = mutableListOf()

            val neb = stack.pollLast()!!

            if (neb == node) {

            while (stack.size > 0 && stack.peekLast()!! != node) {
                val neb = stack.pollLast()!!
            if (stack.size > 0 && stack.peekLast()!! == node) {
                val neb = stack.pollLast()


    for (node in allNodes) {
        if (node !in resolved) {
    return strongComponents


Review of | Talk Web Hosting

I think I will just write this review to the public after trying the services for 1 week until now.

During my first contact with them, they are very good, responsive and it will be a good support company to manage all our servers. I register and pay, then I create my first ticket for optimization and server building. The result, well I'm not really sure what they did. Because they just say that I did optimization and server building, but never really explained what does in such detail as we did for that and etc.

My second ticket, to mount a NAS link storage for / backup. The result, I finish the task myself because of their lack of knowledge.

My third ticket concerns the ICMP. PING does not answer. Just send an expiration response. They send me an e-mail asking your Datacenter to restart the server. Now, I think, WTF … I gave them all the IDs of the Datacenter console so you could log in and restart your server. Why do I have to send an email and wait for me? I think that's why we pay for managing third-party servers, right? And the funny thing is, the server is not really down. I think they've added ICMP rules that block all ICMP. And again, I remove this restriction from CSF and finally its return to ON.

My fourth ticket is today, the high end that makes me really fed up. I open a support ticket to let them know that I just received a notification from my monitoring panel that 3 of my website on the server is down or not accessible, so please check it out. And their answer is so hilarious. They ask me, it's exactly the copy-paste of their answer "The three mentioned areas are still not resolved for any IP, could you please check and update the A record for the same ". ENCORE, WTF …. Why not do your server management job to check it. They can log in to WHM and check the A. record. And do it from your browser to check the NameServer of the domain pointing to the correct one.

So my final conclusion, better stay away from this business. Because I'm not worth it to make your server management company to manage your hosting server. And I'm just going to leave the $ 28 that's already paid for nothing. I think the fourth ticket will be completed again by me personally.



Review: (Anime) | NewProxyLists


The new theme of the site has been active since October. The site is in Italian. What does it look like or do you have suggestions?
Unfortunately, the pages include all the episodes of anime, I am not able to use php and I have no ideas on how to do so much. articles for each episode in a fast way. Thank you

Where is the "Live Facebook Support Chat" that helps you and sends your Facebook page to review?

I have a problem with a Facebook page, and by asking the other administrators of the Facebook page, they mentioned a "live Facebook support chat" that helps you and sends your Facebook page to the review " They have given me vague hints about its location, including links with a lot of explanations but where they are discussing it's not there.Some have said that you need a advertising account on Facebook to have access to the chat, but I have one and I still can not find it.

Where is the "Live Facebook Support Chat" that helps you and sends your Facebook page to review?

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