How to get rid of white screen splashes between pages with DarkReader on Firefox?

I am using the latest Firefox 73.0 on Ubuntu 18.04.
And I use the DarkReader AddOn (or here at GitHUB) at night, which automatically creates a dark background to reduce eye strain. With the exception of a few minor drawbacks (well …), it works fine on SO and other sites.

But a problem remains:
When I open a new page (or refresh it), there is always a blinding white background for about a second (or even longer) before the background turns black. It’s very boring.

How can I get rid of it?
And is this a browser bug or one of the DarkReader?

How to get rid of drug addiction?

Tell me how can you help an addict to get rid of addiction? How long does the treatment last? Is it expensive?

How to get rid of the error "The verification of the fast indexer was not successful"?

Good morning all,
can you please guide me, how to get rid of the statement "Verification of the fast indexer not successful", when it just wastes computer time, and up to ; nothing has been done successfully yet? I have GSA SEO Indexer and GSA URL Redirect PRO. If there is an option in GSA SER, to disable the fast indexer, can you describe me where and how?

thank you,

https – How can I get rid of a WordPress image link?

I'm trying to delete an image WordPress because it affects my SSL, except when I deleted it on WordPress, link to image persists.

The problem is if you enter inspect mode on chrome and watch it console, you see a mixed content error who says there is a unsecured image at /wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Building-Website-Banner.png , to resolve this error I deleted the image from the multimedia section of WordPressexcept the link still persists and continues the SSL bug.

How can I get rid of a strange error category named "smart_label_root_name" in Gmail?

I dragged an email to the Games category, but accidentally dropped the left mouse button. Gmail has added this weird category. I tried to delete it but it happens all the time in the screenshot.

Strange label

product photography – How can I get rid of this orange hue and this reflection while keeping my label well lit and visible?

Configuring studio images and lighting

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

enter description of image here

The images in my configuration are linked (2 boxes of grid strips, 1 light box and 3 x800 white lighting strobes). I use the large light box as the background because I can't seem to get my white backdrop to be really white when I'm photographing. Also using an acrylic sheet for the subject platform and two panels of black foam to produce a sharper edge to the object. This is shot at 50mm f9.0 1/250 ISO 100 on a fujifilm-XT2 with a tripod and a wired trigger. The object is a glass container and doesn't look orange to the eye, but that's what I end up with. I tried to use a small flash to light up the label from above to compose it in Photoshop afterwards, but the two images are pretty bad. How can I change my configuration or orient things differently to produce better images?

numpy – Get rid of loops for slow in Python

I have created a small python script that will generate test sets for my project.

The script generates 2 datasets with the same dimensions n*m. One contains 0.1 binary values ​​and the other contains floats.

# Probabilities must sum to 1
AMOUNT1 = {0.6 : get_10_20,
           0.4 : get_20_30}

AMOUNT2 = {0.4 : get_10_20,
           0.6 : get_20_30}


def pick_random(prob_dict):
    Given a probability dictionary, with the first argument being the probability,
    Returns a random number given the probability dictionary
    r, s = random.random(), 0
    for num in prob_dict:
        s += num
        if s >= r:
            return prob_dict(num)()

def compute_trade_amount(action):
    Select with a probability, depending on the action.
    return pick_random(OUTCOMES(action))

ACTIONS = pd.DataFrame(np.random.randint(2, size=(n, m)))
AMOUNTS = CLIENT_ACTIONS.applymap(compute_trade_amount)

The script runs correctly and generates the output that I need, but if I want to scale to for many dimensions the for in loop pick_random() slows down my computation time.
How can I get rid of it? Maybe with some understanding of the table using numpy?

What throws my reasoning is the if-stmt. Because sampling has to happen with probability.

seo – How can I get rid of those outgoing links that slow my YSlow score?

I am trying to make my website faster and GTMetrix tells me that, among other things, these links reduce my YSlow score due to insufficient browser caching. These are all third party links and although I have disabled and uninstalled the plugins from which they come, they continue to slow down my site as I cannot expire them due to their outgoing nature. I have browsed cPanel and all index.php, uninstalled them from Google Tag Manager and they still prevail. What should I do? Where can I find them or how can I assign them a longer term? One of them, I have to delete it because it blocks the first loading of my site. When I look at the Chrome Element Inspector, the links appear inside a script in the index of the page.

Here are the links: take advantage of browser caching for the following cacheable resources: (expiration not specified) (1 minute) (5 minutes) (5 minutes) (5 minutes) (10 minutes) (15 minutes) (1 hour) (2 hours) (8 hours 47 minutes) (2 days)

I have my htaccess configured so that all files have a duration of at least 1 month, I think the lower expiration was 2 weeks, but I cannot reach these links.

Google Apps script – Gmail wrote "Merry Christmas everyone" in the subject line and it is irremovable. How can I get rid of it, please?

The subject and tone of the Christmas email are trivialized and readers will be insulted and hurt by "Merry Christmas everyone". It's Christmas Eve. I want to send the email tonight. Am I playing pranks or is Gmail's artificial intelligence asserting itself, or what? Please, the intended recipients of the email are a lovely couple and he has lost a child. "Merry Christmas Everybody" must be removed before you can send the email. If anyone has a solution, help me. Thank you so much.

postgresql – How to get rid of "LOG: unable to receive data from the client: an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." Fault?

On Windows, my PostgreSQL window records this regularly every day in its GUI window if I show it and look at it:

LOG:  could not receive data from client: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

I A M close all open connections in my PHP scripts (the only things that use the PostgreSQL database). I use the pg_ the functions.

I have spent countless hours reading old threads on this list and they are getting nowhere. I have asked many times before and no one has ever provided a solution other than the "solution" to do what I am already doing. It's not my code that doesn't "close connections". It’s, BTW, does it automatically anyway, so it makes no sense that this error exists in the first place!

What could be causing it and more importantly: how to get rid of it?

I don't know which line exactly is causing these things to be logged, as there are no PHP errors logged and the PG log lines give no idea of ​​the logging. 39; place / cause.