legal – I sent codes and assets of my unity game as zip to potential employer, is there a risk of stealth?

I sent my indie game (just %10 completed) to a potential employer so they can look at my code, they didn’t want the whole code but I had little time so I shooted the whole game as a zip(My bad). Would they demand rights (wrongly!) in future that they own the game when I actually complete the game and release it?

cdn – Is there a risk to hosting service if hot-potato site is using cloudflare?

If set up correctly and securely the actual site is not significantly vulnerable to a DDOS attack, although depending on the way the site is written and how dedicated the attackers are there may be some limited exposure to the final site if the DDDOS attack can find a way to do the attack through Cloudflare.

A point of Cloudflare is that they can’t discover the actual site via DNS settings – they would need to find it an alternative way because the DNS points to Cloudflare – which would be hard but might be exposed through scouring the web or if your site can be hacked and the final IP exposed. You can greatly limit the attack vector by only allowing Cloudflare IPs to connect to your webserver using some kind of firewall.

windows permissions – How is the use of Process Monitor a security risk?

I was trying to debug an application that was not working on specific environments and in my research I had multiple sources refer me to the tool Process Monitor found in live.sysinternals.comtools.

Not having admin access to my machine I made a request to IT to get permission to install and use this tool.

Fast forward a few days and I get a response saying that I would be able to use it under supervision and that “they are allowing it this time, but was definitely given a serious cautionary note with it.”

By this time I had already used another tool to read the “.bin” files in the library and I was able to find the error (the library had an updated bin file while the library required a previous version) and I no longer needed the tool.

I’m a little perplex at the response I got from IT. My question is how can the use of this tool be a concern to IT?

Risk factors in trading – General Forex Questions & Help

There are many risk factors in forex trading. You can lose all your cash in the blink of an eye. High leverage will bring about considerable losses. There are more factors like interest rates, political events, economic risk and many more. To know all the risk factors you have to consider a great deal. For you contemplate, Eurotrader instructive assets can be a decent hotspot for you. I find them extremely supportive.

I want to travel to Germany, but fear conscription. Am I at risk?

I’m fairly new to this community and figured this would be the best place to propose my question. I’ve read that Germany’s conscription policy must’ve been gotten rid of as of 2011, but it made me wonder. If someone, born before that 2011 mark in Germany fled the country before their age of conscription, attempted to return to the country would they be held to those whatever amount of months they had avoided serving before? Hopefully this question isn’t going to get me flagged or anything, totally definitely 100% theoretical ;]. I’d rather not have to deal with the process if there is still one in place for those of German birth having to serve, if that’s the case I’d avoid the country, I just grew up being told I couldn’t return without serving by my relatives and I thought I’d ask if there was any actual meaning behind their words. And I would love to return to my place of birth, but not at the price of leaving my friends and family to serve for a country that I’ve avoided my entire life.

I’m unaware of proper tags for this sort of question so if someone had any to add please do.

And if anyone has any individual experiences similar to this I’d really like to return to Germany. Hopefully this whole returning to conscription ordeal is false, but if this does get me put on a list. Please do hesitate to post anything too personal.

Risk management – General Forex Questions & Help

Risk management is indispensable for trading. Before you make a trade entry, you need to calculate the lot size and the amount of risk you can afford. Don’t invest what you cannot afford to lose. So, it is wise to start with small capital. I also started my trading with only $50 in Eurotrader. But, most brokers required a minimum $100 initial deposit. 

event based effects – Crossing the Black Sea (Ukraine to Georgia) by boat – risk of being boarded in a private vessel?

I am planning to go from Ukraine to Georgia crossing the Black Sea, not by a ferry but using a private boat.

I would like to know if some people have experienced crossing Black Sea, and if it is reasonable to do his by now given the current military context and many cruisers and destroyers from US or Russia beeing there.

Also, is there a right or a possibility to get boarded by a military vessel from Russia (or other country), since Russia has now control of Crimea and because of the tensions, are they concretely making the police on the Black sea or is it still international waters and they have no right to do anything.

mobile – What is the risk of using Windows Phone 8.1 now?

My friend uses Microsoft Phone 8.1 mobile for a tax accountancy firm. As it hasn’t received security updates for five years I believe that is a significant information security risk. However, the principal of the firm does not believe it to be a significant risk.

Only MMS, SMS and phone calls are made on the phone. MMS is sometimes used to send tax documents to the firm via pictures. No browsing of websites is done and it isn’t even connected to the corporate network.

Can you help me explain to a CPA accountant principal in Australia why it’s a business risk? Do you have links to Australian government websites or professional association websites?

Which directories are at risk?

I have just one simple question. Which directories ( win or linux) except ‘passwd’, ‘shadow’ and ‘group’ would be most likely targeted during a command injection?

I ask for study purposes.

iphone – Are thumbnails for url link previews a risk?

I received a message from a friend with a link, i never clicked it but the thumbnail image shown which pretended to be an image preview for a YouTube video. Some of her other friends clicked it and it took them to a fake facebook page where it asked them for username and password. I always would prefer to disable such link previews such as you can in Safari on iPhone, but sadly in messenger there is no option. Obviously images can contain Malware and the fact an image displays means it has been processed by the Messenger App. What is the risk of Malware from a URL preview image that has not been clicked? just the preview that automatically displays in link shares?

I am not sure if these previews have risks such as steganography or pixel trackers linking to XSS attacks or any other risks?