Office mode in WordPress also in a mobile phone having a role of editor in the site

I have an editor role in a wordpress site, can I force the desktop mode on a mobile phone?

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Obtaining an error after assigning a main user role to a customer order in Magento 2.3.2

I am faced with an error in the view screen of customer orders after the assignment of a role of main user -> sales

I only refused sales shipment for the user role.

An error occurred while processing the default view and we have restored the filter to its original state.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

rdma – Role of the local routing header (LRH) in RoCEv2

In the RoCEv2 specification (Annex 17)

IBTA Specification Download

the BTH + header includes the local routing header (LRH). Routing is done however with IP. Is the LRH useful?

Are the source and destination local IDs used somewhere or are they set to 0?

7 – How to make global authorizations available in OG Role authorizations?

In the OG role permissions, only some are listed, not all of those available under the extended roles on the Drupal site.

I want to make a global authorization available under OG role permissions, because I need to make the "Publishing Options" available for a specific OG role, for which I have installed the "Node Replacement Options" module which provides this authorization but only at the site level.

How can I do this?

facebook – Add non clickable page role button

The person in question liked the page. When I tried to add it as the page administrator, the computer asked for my password … which I forgot, of course, then I needed to get a new one. By the tooth, I received a new FB code, created a new password and returned to the page roles, I received the message "be aware that this person can make changes, etc. " warning … then the Add button became pale blue and the message will NOT disappear, nor can I make it an administrator.

Wait for that? Kick in the tube?

How do role plays avoid lame duck scenarios?

For a scenario to be a Blade Duck scenario, it must be impossible, not only unlikely, that you win. A fight in 5th edition with five fighters on horseback against your first level thief could appear impossible, but it isn't. If you criticize enough and they miss enough, you will come out victorious. Or if you do something smart. Or if they do something particularly stupid.

That said, sufficiently bad odds in a game with a clear and unchanging objective can still usefully be treated like a Lame Duck storyline, even if it is technically not the case.

Most of the time in RPGs, players' goals are not explicitly stated. Also, most of the time, these goals are subject to change as circumstances change. "We are going to arrive and loot the treasure chest" might be impossible once it is clear that the party has accidentally gotten into a lava pipe and that there is no no way to get to the treasure before the lava flows and destroys everything, but "we're gonna escape the rising lava with our lives" works perfectly well as a medium.

The inevitability of death doesn't guarantee a Lame Duck scenario either! In most RPG settings, everyone dies sooner or later, even the immortals if there are any and you wait long enough. Nevertheless, people find meaning in their lives. Deciding what your character does when he is eminently dying in the immediate future and there is nothing he can do about it has been a very successful artistic tool in the past.

That said, you can still have Lame Duck scenarios in RPGs.

Two-sided games

If the RPG is bilateral, like the typical adversarial D&D game, it's useful to just wrap things up rather than play them, in the same way that one might quit chess. If all the players agree, they should generally be allowed to say "ok, we lose" or anything and do whatever is necessary from there. Then the game can continue from the failed state, if it is one thing, or if not, new characters can be created and the game can start again, or the players can do other thing.

Likewise, in two-sided games with a DM, the DM should be able to go "ok, you win" and finish things from there rather than playing things, continuing from the state of success, if it is one thing, or if not then the same thing as when the game ended in another way.

Just like in traditional games, the Lame Duck scenarios of a two-sided game are basically a trivial case, easily resolved by the convention of resignations.

Multi-sided games

There are also multi-sided rpgs with possible Lame Duck scenarios. For example, this very well includes early D&D – Warhammer and Chainmail and other war games of this type are often played with many sides in one game (and in fact, this has almost always been done with the first D&D / wargame crossover games) and almost always get to a point where it's literally impossible so that one or more of the parties reach their victory objectives without the game being finished (for example, if they do not have an appropriate unit type to hold a King of type object the Hill).

In these games, there is no easy solution to Lame Duck situations. People usually just suck on it, build up a new goal to do while they're losing, and then do it. If they have a grudge for their loss and the ability to do so, they could try to play the kingmaker.

With particularly immature and bad sport players it is sometimes necessary to stop the game at this point as they make a crisis or refuse to continue playing or otherwise cause it to cause more problems than its worth. In these cases, a modified version of the resignation, where the bad sport cancels the game and then everyone talks about what probably would have happened, seems to be preferred. Indeed, several groups in which I participated had this as an expected result before the start of the game, to meet the needs of certain participants.

role plays – IC conflicts, injured OCs, how did you overcome group conflicts as a player?

I will try not to go into too much detail and this could turn into a little rant, so sorry in advance. For easier reading, I have added some subtitles. 😉

Here is some background

My group and I (4 players, incredible DM) have been playing for almost 2 years now and this is the first rpg group for all of us. It was very clear at the start, that we have different styles of play (mainly me), which is generally good. While the others focus more on combat and make their own character, I'm more of a role / team player. While I also like a good old chop chop action, I love interactions with game characters and NPCs as much. Now we have a main plot hook, which keeps the characters together and until a few months ago this was enough to keep the group in a relatively good state. My character seems to be the only one with enough social skills to be able to get higher NPC contacts and lead the group in a direction where we can actually bring people together and do "big stuff" (this which means: fighting demons – level).

The problem

Now the other PCs have done things that don't match my character and really threaten the life of my PC. So I tried to solve the problem by speaking with the group at stake (my PC mentioned his concerns twice before) where I was not understood and my concerns were quickly dismissed and even ridiculed. It really bothered me out of the game, so I talked to the players and asked them to be a little more open to make it easier for me to justify my character staying in the group despite these differences. This has been met with some ambivalence and I don't feel like they really care – it was kind of like they were saying "Well, it's 39; is your problem, not ours. ". Now I admit that at that moment (our last session) I took their personal ignorance and their reaction (or their absence) hurt me. From my point of view, I had done so much for the group in and out of the game and now they are not ready to have a (in my eyes) a little good time of appreciation with my PC, this which doesn't cost them anything either, to make me happy? It also bothers me that the other characters are much more friendly towards certain random NPCs than they are towards my character who did everything possible to help them or do them small favors (which they didn & # 39; Have never done this for my PC so far). ).

My role in the group

As I mentioned before, we have very different play styles and I don't mind hosting them so they can have fun moments. This has been bothering me for some time now and I find myself less appreciative of the game, because it ALWAYS seems to me to be the voice of reason in the group (for example, having them take prisoners instead of massacring everyone, do not steal from the king, etc.). ) without anyone really listening or appreciating these efforts. Being reasonable was the job I set out to create this character, but they make my job a lot more difficult than it should be and make it fun for me … We all want to play this story incredible our DM created specifically for our PCs and is invested, but my fellow players are not at all invested in other PCs than theirs. Which is good, I guess, but I feel like my wishes for more in team play (or at least not giving reasons to leave the group) are not heard.

Talk to the DM

I told the DM about it (maybe I'm the problem?) And he understands my side and sees the problem, but doesn't know how he can help. He also mentioned that if my character were to leave the band, the other PCs would find it difficult to advance the plot because, as I said, my character is (I guess thanks to my game affinity role and to the DM who rewards him) only one with considerable links with important NPCs.


I'm all for doing silly stuff and we have a lot of fun memories, but because of the intrigue, we now have to act and think bigger than the "tavern shenanigans" and become little "heroes" of the town". Killing monsters in the woods for gold no longer cuts it. I really love history and I want to see where it takes us and how we can shape the world. And despite my rant, I also love the other characters. I think my group has huge potential, but if they continue to refuse to acknowledge the obvious problems of the game, I no longer see how this group can work for me. It is a game after all and it is not the responsibility of all players (and DMs) to make sure everyone has fun?

Some tips please

Have you been in such a situation? What did you do? Should I just drop the problems as a group? Should I move on and focus only on my fun and the journey of my characters and "ignore" the actions of other PCs?

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dragon age rpg – Looking for a role playing game that is an open world with bosses and loot tables

Recently, I really got into the rpg genre, but none of them really match what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a game that is an open world, has a good fight (not just spam without worrying about dying until everything is dead), maybe a skill tree, classes, a mmo for so you can find other people wandering around the world and helping each other and stuff, and a good loot system like the rare and rare with possibly modifiers too (sharp, weak, legendary, etc.) . I know it's a lot and a little difficult, but I just can't seem to find anything like it.