dresden files – Can “Emotional Vampire” aid an Empathy roll?

Emotional Vampire provides no passive mechanical benefit

Emotional Vampire (Your Story, p189) is an interesting ability intrinsic to the White Court Vampires but available for other creatures it might apply to. However, it’s benefits are listed:

  • Feeding Touch: Use an appropriate skill to psychological attack (such as Deceit or Intimidation) with contact. Can be used in the same action as Incite Emotion (YS, p173).
  • The Taste of Death: Gain a scene of “recovery” period when you kill a creature with Feeding Touch.

And it has a drawback

  • Feeding Frenzy: The GM can call for Discipline rolls to resist the urge to feed and can compel your High Concept as well.

Emotional Vampire is a fairly iconic ability and probably should (it does require it) be reflected in your Aspects, probably your High Concept, as it is a part of what you are. You can almost definitely Invoke the associated Aspect to determine (appropriate) emotional states, but the ability provides no way to do so itself.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to ask your GM. FATE, including (maybe especially) Dresden Files, is a narrative game and not all bonuses need to be tied to something written down. Just look at almost any of the non-human NPC stat-blocks provided. They’re littered with comments, bonuses, and even automatic success conditions.

pr.probability – Dice roll expectation question

Suppose you roll a dice 100 times, How many times would you expect the most common number to show up.

I.e. roll a dice 100 times and document the frequency of each value, then repeat this process infinitely many times and take the mean of the highest frequency from each trial.

Is there a way to derive a formula or approach to calculate such a value? thanks.

roll20 – i cant do the shortcut to roll a dice on beyond20

When i try to roll the dice from D&D beyond i can only roll it if i (as an example) click on my longsword and then go to the top right and click ”beyond20”, at first before i changed the settings if i hovered over ”longsword” it would popup an icon in red, but now its grey and i cant click it. Which setting do i have to enable/disable to fix this. I have tried looking over through the settings somewhere around five times

dnd 5e – Why is the Dueling fighting style adding such a big bonus to this damage roll on D&D Beyond?

It is a bug

Well, it is clear that it is a bug. Your calculation is right: it should be +6 damage. You can ask about bugs on D&D Beyond here.

Similar Issue

In the first page, there is a similar issue in this thread.

One staff member has responded:

Unfortunately there is currently a way to select the fighting style option multiple times, though we plan to resolve it.

To resolve it, please go edit the fighting style and move it from ARCHERY to CHOOSE AN OPTION and then repeat until it stays on CHOOSE AN OPTION.

Then select the desired fighting style as normal.

So, it seems it is a problem with Fighting Styles and, when you select it, you may, by accident, select it more than once, so, instead of one instance of “Dueling”, it seems you got 4 instances, stacking a bonus of +8.

pathfinder 1e – Natural 1 on critical confirmation roll

On Critical Hits, in part, says, “To find out if (a threat is) a critical hit, you immediately make an attempt to ‘confirm’ the critical hit—another attack roll with all the same modifiers as the attack roll you just made. If the confirmation roll also results in a hit against the target’s AC, your original hit is a critical hit.” (emphases mine).

On Automatic Hits and Misses, in part, says, “A natural 1 (the d20 comes up 1) on an attack roll is always a miss.”

Thus, because the roll to confirm a critical hit is an attack roll, the roll to confirm automatically misses on a natural 1, and the attack is a normal hit rather than a critical hit.

dnd 5e – Tarokka effect for a given die roll and critical success/miss. Is this balanced?

I would suggest against this.

It’s your first time DMing and this session is one “that will introduce 3 players to the game”, they won’t want to have to deal with an extra set of rules that will add a deck in the flow of combat.

It’s a bad idea as a DM because:

You haven’t run a combat encounter yet, keeping track of player HPs, creature HP, creature strategy, if they’re new players, they’ll be level 1, which can be easy to kill, you’ll be explaining and re-explaining rules to new players too, for the combat mechanics, for each of the class mechanics. You’ll have to also explain each tarokka power, why the tarokka deck is affecting the characters, what the tarokka deck is. You might draw a power that ends an encounter or kills a player, making it less fun for everyone.

For the nat1/nat20. Keeping track of something else between rounds is another thing to deal with, when you’ll already be juggling a lot, and it’s your first time. There is already a rule for crits that make them exciting. Use that.

You’re asking because you can’t foresee how this will effect how you run combat.
Build a baseline with standard rules before you add anything.

This is bad for players because:

Depending on what your players want, they might want to RP, in which case adding complexity to the combat is going to put them off. They might want to just kick-ass as adventurers, in which case adding complexity to the combat is going to put them off.

Don’t underestimate how much players, especially new players, will be looking up when they start combat, even level 1 characters. If you’ve seen a lot of playing on streams it can look easy, because they’ve prepped a lot or are used to improv and making a decision and going with it. New players will have a lot of confusion and fear about “doing it right” or “not interrupting the fun with questions”, when learning together and finding your own game is part of the fun.

Why I think you’re really asking:

You’re excited and nervous about DMing, you want to do well and you want to make the game special and unique for you and your friends.

Here’s the secret, you will. You don’t even have to try.

Use the base rules before you add anything, get used to them, be comfortable running combat as DM and spend the extra brain space making sure all your players are comfortable and having fun. Get used to how your players play, what they’re interested in, then add using that.

The secret sauce is in how you all play together so you don’t need to add these rules, at least not for a while. There’s plenty of fun to be had with simple rules and the simpler the rules, the easy the choices for you and your players and the more those choices will shine.

mutants and masterminds 3e – How does “ranged” work for effects that don’t have an attack roll?

Normally, ranged attacks have 3 range categories (short/medium/long) with different penalties to the attack roll (-0/-2/-5). Which one do you use if an effect doesn’t have an attack roll? E.g. an area attack, or a non-attack effect such as Move Object or Create?

35mm – First film roll just got developed and all my pictures have a white fog on them?

I recently got an olympus om10 and shot my first roll of film,
The film is fujicolour c200.

I got my film developed and when I picked it up, the guy in the shop said some of them were really dark. The pictures have come out kinda blurry and with this weird white fog on the bottom of them (pictures below)

enter image description here
enter image description here

and one came out with different colour lines like this:

enter image description here

Why is this and how do I prevent it from happening?

I’m also missing some photos and when I was shooting the camera advance lever stopped advancing, I didn’t know if it got jammed because i definitely still had some shots left but the counter said S?

Another thing, i put the film in the fridge after i had used it, took it out to warm to room temp but because no shops were developing i had to put it back in the fridge. Would this have affected the film and caused the fog?

Thank you!

dnd 5e – How high can the static bonus to an attack roll get?

I was considering this Q&A: What is the highest possible AC?

I was curious about whether any attack roll could ever get high enough to hit such an AC (short of scoring a critical hit, which ignores AC), and that got me thinking: How high can the static bonus to an attack roll get?

I’m not interested in the amount of damage done, just the static bonus, hence I’m also not interested in the actual number rolled on the die, but if it matters, assume it’s not a critical hit. The bonus can be temporary or situational, hence buff spells are allowed.

Any magic items, help from friends, feats, official races or classes or subclasses are allowed, but UA is not allowed, and nor is anything involving any kind of polymorph/wild shape. The “help from friends” is also subject to these restrictions, so no polymorphing or monstrous allies, only normal PCs with official races/classes/subclasses/spells.

Also assume that the maximum ability score range is 20, with the exception of Barbarians going up to 24 in STR and CON at level 20 (in other words, no Manuals/Tomes to get to 30, and no other magic items that increase your maximum, but class features that do the same are OK). We can also assume rolling ability scores with lucky rolls so we can have almost any ability score at 20.

The best I can think of off the top of my head is a level 20 Ranger (so proficiency bonus of +6) with 20 DEX, the Archery Fighting Style (+2), and is shooting their +3 Longbow at one of their favoured enemies, thus adding their WIS (also 20) to the attack roll, so that’s 6 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 2 = +21 bonus. (There are also probably some buffs that can be added to this, but I can’t recall any at the moment, but I’m sure something exists…)

Can we do better than that within the restrictions I’ve specified above?

Darktable film rolls — how to remove a film roll from ‘collect images’?

There is indeed no remove button for film rolls in darktable; according to the program’s developers, this is a feature, not a bug.

You can remove a film roll, however, by opening the roll, selecting all photos in the roll and clicking ‘remove’ under ‘selected image(s)’ in the right-hand toolbar. This will remove those photos from darktable’s database but not delete the photos from your file system (if the latter outcome is desired, click ‘trash’ instead).