Having a whitelist of install-able apps on a custom Android ROM

I would like to create a custom Android ROM that has very specific settings. I want to give this custom ROM a list of apps, and the only apps that can be installed on that Android devices should be from that custom list.
What part of the android file/filesystem would need to be altered to accomplish this?

rom flashing – Nexus 6P stuck on bootloop after rooting

So today I bought a used Nexus 6P for the purpose of installing Kali Nethunter on it, and then after some searching I found out that I should root the device first, so I did following this guide using SuperSU, I installed the SuperSU from this website, the phone then hung on the Google logo for like 30 minutes, then I found out that the SuperSU project is dead, I said ok maybe because it’s an older phone the root should work and then I entered recovery mode through TWRP and went to the terminal and I saw the # sign and to maker sure I ran the command whoami and it gave me root, and then I read that if I’m stuck in a bootloop I should reflash the ROM that I already have installed, but I said it wouldn’t make a difference if I flashed Nethunter, it’s a new ROM anyway, and now it’s been stuck on the Google logo for another 30 minutes.

rom flashing – When installing new ROM through fastboot, which .img files must be flashed, with what arguments, and in what order?

I own a Oneplus 7T, which runs Android 10 and therefore has no working TWRP to flash ROMs with. It’s bootloader is unlocked and is rooted.

When installing a new ROM, whether it is a custom ROM or an update to the current ROM, I install them by extracting the ROM zip, extracting payload.bin, and flashing certain .img files in fastboot, following the instructions found here under the ‘Manual Flash’ section.

However, I’d like to understand more about this process. The instructions flash less .img files than were extracted. For example, in the recent Oneplus 7T OOS 10.0.11 update, the the number of .img files extracted (31) is less than what was flashed according to the instructions (19). Furthermore, the instructions passed the arguments --disable-verity when flashing two of the .imgs, but not the others.

Therefore, I’m wondering:

  1. What does each .img file do?
  2. Which files must be flashed and in what order?
  3. Why are certain files flashed with certain arguments?

recovery mode – How can i fix “this rom is for A5ulte, a5ultxx… your phone is” + CUSTOM ROM FOR SM-A500FU ANDROID PIE

I have Resurrection remix 7.1.2 installed on my SM-A500fu and it worked perfectly. I have been using it for some time now till I recently discovered an upgrade of the same custom rom (resurrection remix 9.0 _android pie) for SM-A500FU. I downloaded and flashed through the right process. wipe cache, system etc.. When I try flashing the upgrade via twrp recovery, I keep getting an error message saying that the rom is meant for a5ulte, a5ultexx…it goes on to list other codenames…and at the latter part it says “my phone is” but doesn’t state my phones codename.
I need help please.

Has my codename changed due to my previous ROM?
how do I know my current codename because when I boot to the download mode, my phone’s model is still SM-A500FU?
Is there a way to work around it? please urgently.


personnalisation – Où puis-je trouver le bootanimation.zip dans la ROM personnalisée Evolution X?

Donc, je voulais remplacer l'animation de démarrage d'origine fournie avec Evolution X car c'est un peu ennuyeux, mais le problème était que je ne pouvais pas trouver le /system/media/ dans n'importe quel navigateur racine ou même dans le gestionnaire de fichiers intégré à TWRP. J'ai juste besoin de savoir où trouver le bootanimation.zip dans Evolution X, et s'il y a d'autres étapes nécessaires pour le changer autre que simplement sauvegarder l'animation de démarrage d'origine et la remplacer.

Particularités: j'utilise la dernière version officielle d'Evolution X pour zerofltexx (Samsung Galaxy S6) avec MagiskRoot et quelques modules Magisk.

rom flashing – My phone got bricked by encryption – any ideas how to fix it?

So I wanted to root my Redmi Note 5 pro and install a custom ROM but sadly I bricked it in the process. It started when TWRP (3.3.1-0-whyred) told me to enter a password that didn’t exist. Googled it, “default_password” didn’t work, my MI ID password didn’t work and other than that there was NO password used on the whole phone (did a factory reset before I started messing with it).

I just pressed cancel because I thought it was a bug, wiped the phone with “format data” in TWRP and installed Resurrection Remix OS V7 + magisk. Wiped the cache, rebooted, performed the first time setup and everything was dandy… Except for the fact that instead of 64gb of storage I only had 16.

So I tried it again. And again. Didn’t work. Then I found multiple people online with the same phone and the same problem who said you should change /data to another file system and then change it back. It was f2s2 so I changed it to ext4, rebooted to recovery, changed it back to f2s2, rebooted to recovery again et voilà, I was back to 64gb of storage. I did the standard TWRP factory reset, installed the ROM again and booted back to the OS. I got to the splash screen but after loading for a few minutes it takes me back to recovery mode. Now I’m stuck.

After installing a FW-less ROM of MIUI 9 (didn’t wanna risk using a rom with FW since triggering anti rollback on Xiaomi phones causes hard brick) it says this when I boot it: “Encryption was interrupted and can’t be completed. As a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible“. There’s a reset phone button that just takes me back to recovery.

I tried three different recovery tools (TWRP, Red Wolf and Orange Fox), wiped everything multiple times, installed RR OS a few times, tried changing the file format of /data to all the different formats and install it again and finally I downloaded a Xiaomi MIUI ROM with FW but that only takes me to the “encryption failed” screen as well.

Sooooo… Time to buy a new phone or can this one be saved?

flashing rom – Is the TWRP OS version specific?

I have a Vsmart Joy 1 phone, running VOS / Android 8.1.0

I found a TWRP recovery port for Vsmart Joy 1s here, but it says "Android 9.0 VOS …"

Does this mean that I should / should upgrade to VOS / Android 9.0 in order to be able to use TWRP correctly (the end goal is to root the phone)? Or, can I flash it on my phone as is, without upgrading?

flashing rom – Moto X4 – stuck on black screen

I flashed the Pixel Experience ROM with TWRP (fastboot boot recovery.img) recovery. The OS did not install on the device:

Installing zip file '/external_sd/PixelExperience_payton-10.0-20200130-0358-OFFICIAL.zip'
Checking for Digest file...
Step 1/2
Step 2/2
Updating partition details...

I decided to restart my recovery and my phone got stuck on a black screen, I had about 30% charge left, the power button did not work. how to start fastboot?

4.4 kitkat – Custom rom for Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 (7)

I have the tablet mentioned on the title (it runs Android 4.4.2) and I need a custom rom for it, firstly because it works so slowly and secondly because the Android kitkat is not widely supported with most new apps. And if possible a guide would be welcome.
I hope there is a custom rom for my tablet.
Thank you!
PS. I have searched the entire web, but to no avail.

flashing rom – How to enable USB debugging on a deleted device?

Device name: MI A1
USB debugging is not enabled and has cleared the Dalvik / Cache, data, etc.
Now the phone simply starts up on the MI loading screen. Please suggest a solution.

So basically there is no operating system. I cannot flash a ROM as there is no USB debugging.