font – Lowercase ‘a’ hooked vs non-hooked (rounded)

The name for this variation of the lowercase a is know as a single-storey (without hook) or double-storey (with hook).

There are definitely more typefaces that use the double-storey and as JonW points out the most common typefaces on the web use the double-storey, so people will most likely be familiar with them.

Some typefaces use the double-storey for the Roman (upright) font, but use the single-storey for the italic font.

Interestingly the typeface Dyslexie, which is designed for people with dyslexia to make it easier to read, uses the double-storey variation. Which could indicate (in theory) people who struggle the most with character recognition don’t have an issue with either variation.

Mixing rounded corner rectangle with circle on design?

I am working on a project.
The client branding contains these 2 design elements, round corner square and circle shape.
If we are not looking on the branding, is it fine to mix this 2 together?

How to let a user know a number in the UI is rounded, and not an exact figure?

We’ve got a property in our user interface that can range from fractional (0.01 or so) to potentially millions. It’s usually over 1.

Before displaying it, we simply rounded it to the nearest digit and used K, M, B etc to show thousands, millions to keep it small and the level of precision sensible. So we’d display 2.3m instead of 2,324,499. 0.8 would just show 1.

The actual value isn’t too important in terms of precision (say, like a monetary value is) to the user – but it is important to the system to have a lot of precision as it determines the order of items. But the user isn’t going to mind if one value is 0.8 and another is 1.1.

However, we’ve added a search functionality, and someone brought up that if the user sees “23” in the UI, then do a search on this field for “=23”, it wouldn’t actually return the value they can see – as it’s actually 23.1149274829172892382 or whatever meaningless decimals.

How should we ‘telegraph’ to the user the number is rounded? Should we show the number in all it’s hideous precision on hover?

How to create a rounded corner of DropdownButtonFormField (Flutter)

How to create a rounded corner of DropdownButtonFormField in Flutter. I created this DropdownButtonFormField. Now want to make its corner rounded.

enter image description here

Here is the code of it:

  child: DropdownButtonFormField<String>(
    isExpanded: true,
    items: subCategories(),
    decoration: InputDecoration(
          EdgeInsets.only(left: 40, right: 40, bottom: 15, top: 15),
      labelText: "Sub Category",
      floatingLabelBehavior: FloatingLabelBehavior.always,

html – CSS: Create an inset, rounded box-shadow

I’m trying to create a box shadow just like shown in the image:

enter image description here

As you can see the shadow is rounded. I tried it with CSS like this:

<div class="rottweiler"></div>

.rottweiler {
  width: 600px;
  height: 300px;
  background-image: url('');
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-size: cover;
  background-position: top;
  border: 1px solid silver;
  box-shadow: inset 0 0 30px 30px rgba(0,0,0,0.9);

I want the shadow to be more like a circle, how do I do that?

array – Output the rounded sum of each column in selection

I’ve written something (i.e. frankensteined from stack exchange) that appears to work but I haven’t done much testing on the edge cases. Signed up here for some feedback on what optimizations or other functions/methods I could have used, and whether or not I’ve missed something critical — this is my first time dealing with arrays extensively. To be honest the data sizes I will be using this over will be less than 10000 cells so I doubt the speed will improve much, but I feel like I’m accessing the same data multiple times and would like to learn to reduce redundancy.

Basically I select multiple cells on a worksheet, usually a filtered one, and I want to see how much the sum of each column, rounded as displayed/printed, would vary from the true, precise sum (as excel would show if using the SUM() function). I’ll hit the keyboard shortcut and have a Msgbox pop up.

Private DecPlace As Integer 'decimal places for rounding checker vertical
Private boo1 As Boolean 'check if decimal place has been assigned
Sub RoundingMsgbox()
'   Ctrl + E
Dim DataRange as Variant 'values from selection
Dim ResultArr() As String 'output
Dim RoundedSum As Double 'rounded sum
Dim PrecSum As Double 'precise sum
Dim x%, y%, z%, ans%, rng As Range '% = integers
Dim rowslist As New Collection
Dim colslist As New Collection
Dim Lrow As Integer, Lcol As Integer, Xrow As Integer, Xcol As Integer, Tcol() As Integer, Trow() As Integer
On Error GoTo ender
RoundedSum = 0
PrecSum = 0
Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Select 'this will split areas??

If boo1 = 0 Then
    DecPlace = InputBox("Input rounding decimal places:", , 2)
    boo1 = 1
End If
If Selection.Cells.Count < 2 Then Exit Sub
If Selection.Areas.Count = 1 Then 'if contiguous, no need to manually populate an array but did it anyway
    DataRange = Selection.Value
    Xrow = Selection.Rows.Count 
    Xcol = Selection.Columns.Count 'Max
    ReDim ResultArr(0 To Xcol)
    For y = 1 To Selection.Columns.Count
        For x = 1 To Selection.Rows.Count
                DataRange(x, y) = Selection.Cells(x, y).Value
Else 'non contiguous, find unique rows and cols to prep arrays
    For z = 1 To Selection.Areas.Count
        For Each rng In Selection.Areas(z).Rows 'L-R, U-D order.
            On Error Resume Next
            rowslist.Add rng.Row, CStr(rng.Row)
            On Error GoTo 0
        Next rng
        For Each rng In Selection.Areas(z).Columns
            On Error Resume Next
            colslist.Add rng.Column, CStr(rng.Column)
            On Error GoTo 0
        Next rng
        Xrow = rowslist.Count
        Xcol = colslist.Count
        On Error GoTo ender
    ReDim Trow(1 To rowslist(rowslist.Count)) 'primitive way of storing the corresponding index of each cell's addresses instead of row/col number
    ReDim Tcol(1 To colslist(colslist.Count))
    For z = 1 To rowslist.Count
        Trow(rowslist(z)) = z
        'Debug.Print "row" & rowslist(z)
    For z = 1 To colslist.Count
        Tcol(colslist(z)) = z
        'Debug.Print "col" & colslist(z)
    ReDim DataRange(Xrow, Xcol) 'redim after finding max cols
    ReDim ResultArr(0 To Xcol)

    For z = 1 To Selection.Areas.Count 'populating DataRange array with values ordered by their columns
        For Each rng In Selection.Areas(z)
            DataRange(Trow(rng.Row), Tcol(rng.Column)) = rng.Value
End If

ResultArr(0) = "Round to " & DecPlace & " decimal places:" & vbCrLf & "Rounded diff ;  Rounded total"
For Lcol = 1 To Xcol
    For Lrow = 1 To Xrow
        RoundedSum = RoundedSum + WorksheetFunction.Round(CDec(DataRange(Lrow, Lcol)), DecPlace) 'vba round uses banker's rounding so call excel round instead
        PrecSum = PrecSum + DataRange(Lrow, Lcol) 'index(arr,0,col) does not work for manually populated array variant
    Next Lrow
    ResultArr(Lcol) = "Col " & Lcol & vbTab & FormatNumber(RoundedSum - PrecSum, DecPlace, , vbFalse, vbTrue) & vbTab & FormatNumber(RoundedSum, DecPlace, , vbFalse, vbTrue)
    RoundedSum = 0
    PrecSum = 0
Next Lcol
    ans = MsgBox(Join(ResultArr, vbCrLf) & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Set new decimal place?", vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton2)
If ans = 6 Then '6 = yes
    DecPlace = InputBox("Input rounding decimal places:", , 2)
End If
Exit Sub
boo1 = 0
Application.EnableEvents = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

For now I’m the only one using it so I can manually constrain my selections and inputs to either not crash the code or just click “End” if it throws an error. It seems to work fine for “normal” columns but I suspect something hidden in the flawed logic will collapse if this encounters a more intricate spreadsheet.
After I figure everything out here eventually I want to expand to horizontal sums, and also reading the selection for “sum”, “sumif”, “+” etc., and checking the corresponding cells… but that’s for later.

I would appreciate any feedback, for both code and comments! Thanks πŸ™‚

c++ – Quads with rounded corners

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shapes – rectangles against rounded corners of text fields on mobile

As said before, the rounded edges are more attractive.
According to this article by UXMovement, they are gentler on the eyes and do not present a danger of "sharpness". Recent psychological research supports this notion, showing that negative feelings arise in the brain as a result of seeing sharp edges. If you can afford to use only rounded shapes, better. It will also show better, when people, from users to stakeholders, need to judge the success of your design.

I don't think there is a strong convention separating the rounded text fields from the corners. Note that in iOS, almost all text fields are half-rounded as standard, so here you have little room to play (yet another marvel of Apple's design). In addition, if most of the time the text field is not editable, I do not see at all why keep the frame of the text field. Just show the content in a simple label.

Involving read-only with shapes is an interesting idea. I would not rely solely on this differentiating dimension, because users could take some time to grasp it. If you support it with conventional read-only markers, as suggested here by others, you could make it easier for the user to determine the read-only attribute with great ease and speed. But this would only happen if the user is regularly and frequently exposed to both groups of controls, otherwise the convention would not make its way into the expectations of the user.

guidelines – Are we wrong that rounded corners are a better user experience?

If this question (whether or not our conclusions are subjective) is based on opinion, then I think it shows that the realm of user experience is based on opinion.

Let's start here. UX is a huge area of ​​study. Like many areas, it has both objective and subjective aspects. In terms of the graphical interface, debating rounded corners against squares is primarily a subjective visual design decision. We could objectively test the preferences of clients and others, but in the end, an artistic director will make a call.

Whether or not the visual user interface has rounded corners may very well play a more important role in how the user interface is overall. Again, this can have zero impact. Again, this could be tested objectively, but will generally be of low priority in terms of total UX targets.

Another thing to mention is that although groups like the NNG are highly skilled and have and opinions, context is everything. They are good at listening, understanding the basic rules and guidelines, but never adhere to what they say as a literal gospel because context is everything and you can't just create UX roles that Apply to all situations equally.

The concerns you have about articles that say something like "women preferring rounded corners" are very valid. We are working in a field that tends to (this is my opinion here πŸ™‚ clinging to trivial research to make decisions that really have to take into account many more factors than a particular study of a special user interface.

That said, that doesn't mean that these studies are useless … it's just that we should treat them as what they are … small pieces of data that can help contribute to a solution – it's just that they probably shouldn't dictate a solution.

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