modem – Router doesn’t work after move

A friend moved to new house in the same city and was experiencing some very strange behavior when trying to setup his internet. Charter/Spectrum came and installed the modem and they said everything working when they left. However, when he plugged in his router, he had no internet. His router (Amplifi Instant) was working great at his old house mere hours ago.

I had him factory reset the router and go through the setup process again but the same result occurred. He could get internet by plugging a laptop directly into the Modem worked or using an old Linksys router.

I suspected that ISP (Charter/Spectrum) was did like that the router was used recently at a different location so I told to wait 2 days and try his Amplifi Instant Router (which he preferred since it provided a faster wireless connection). He emailed me back today and said everything is working!

Googling didn’t provide any helpful advice while I was troubleshooting so I am hoping this will save someone hours of headbanging.

TL;DR: After moving homes (and using same ISP) either:

  1. wait 24 hours before plugging in your router you used in your old house
  2. Clone the MAC address on router to something different that was being used at the old location

I assumed the modem’s MAC address being used on all your packets being sent to out on the internet because it’s the last device before getting out to the internet. However, thinking about it further I could imagine some business having multiple WAN IP addresses being service by one modem and therefore would need unique MAC address foreach WAN IP that it would get from the router. Am I correct in this thinking? If so how does either the ISP or customer connect to modem for configuring since it because both the IP address and MAC address belong to the router?

Is it safe to use an old mobile phone as modem / router for Wifi?

(Related to A phone as a home 4G modem/router?)

I was wondering if it is plausible and safe to keep an old phone charging all the time with a sim card in order to use it as a modem/router for Wifi.

I thought about this idea in order to have a low-cost Wifi for an alarm system. However, my mother is afraid the mobile phone, if left all day charging and running, might explode and start a fire. Is it possible this would happen?

network – Using outdated ADSL modem with up to date router – Security Concerns

My parents live way out in the middle of nowhere. The only service provider that is not satellite is Century Link, which uses ADSL / phone lines.

They wanted me to set them up, and the service guy was trying to charge them a rental fee per month for the modem; I dug around in their “old technology” bin and found a Westell Model 6100. Now, it doesn’t look like this modem has gotten a software update for A LONG time. Last software update was 2012 from my research.

However, there is a way to put the modem in transparent bridge mode. So, I bought them a Asus AC1300 as a router.

I pass the internet connection along via transparent bridge mode to the router. This requires the router to have the PPOE password, but essentially nothing else sensitive.

The router has updated security settings (Firewall, NAT, etc). I configured it to be fairly strict while still allowing their devices to work properly.

Also note: I changed the default password for both the router and the modem.

Is this putting them at risk from a security standpoint?

I don’t know a lot about networking, but I know out of date devices are bad. That said, it was my understanding that a modem itself does not contain security features; security features are controlled from the router.

One other thing worth mentioning: the modem technically did have a NAT, but once you put it in transparent bridge mode, it removes the nat and passes the public IP straight to the router. The router then uses that as the WAN IP.

networking – How to set Open DNS settings on router Tp-Link ARCHER MR600 with a 4G network?

I’m trying to use OpenDNS to make my network safer. I use a TP-Link ARCHER MR600 which is a 4G modem router (I have a Sim Card inside it, I’m not on Adsl).

I created my account on but when I try to add my network here I’m told that

“you cannot add a network in private IP space”

The IP Address I entered was under the section Internet in the Basic -> Network Map page (see image 1)–>

image 1 - IP Address in the Network Map

I also entered the following command in the command line, by following a thread (what is this for?):

nslookup -type=txt

and I got the following output (I override the possible sensitive info with a custom message between < > ):

    Server:  UnKnown
        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr =
        serial  = <a set of 10 number here>
        refresh = 16384 (4 hours 33 mins 4 secs)
        retry   = 2048 (34 mins 8 secs)
        expire  = 1048576 (12 days 3 hours 16 mins 16 secs)
        default TTL = 2560 (42 mins 40 secs)

Default Server:  UnKnown
Address:  <here there are 4 sequences of numbers separated by comma, like "">

I also tried to change the DNS manually, but I noticed that my router control panel is missing the WAN section under the NETWORK Page, therefore I entered the LAN settings and found Primary DNS and Secondary DNS there, see image 2:

image 2 - DNS in LAN settings

As I can edit them, I substituted the by entering some others indicated in the OpenDNS page, I saved and rebooted. But I still saw the old DNS server in the Network Map section (see image 1), so I reset to the factory settings.

I can’t figure out where I should go in order to set Open DNS:

  1. Should I change DNS manually from the router control panel? In this case, why do I see two different places with different DNS values and which one should I focused on? In any case, I can’t edit the DNS server in the Network Map (see image 1) and I miss the WAN section under “Network”.

  2. Should I change them from the OpenDNS web page? If yes, why I’m told that the IP is private? Did I add the wrong one or it’s a problem related to 4G modem routers or something else?

  3. What the nslookup -type=txt does and what does the output above mean?

man in the middle – MAC address of router changes when i connect to VPN

If I connect to my VPN and then run arp -a the MAC address of my router changes to 00:00:00:00:00:02. Is this normal behaviour? What is the reasoning behind this?

Furthermore a MAC address spoofing is only of real concern when there are more than one devices on the network, and they try to become the MITM correct?

router – Custom route module not working anymore

I’m trying a page from a custom module, but the magento is showing me this message

The URL you request is not accessible.

This url is (usually) reachable, I made it over a year ago and didn’t change anything in that module.

The weirdest, is that I’ve made a copy of the website 2 days ago (the problem is here since about 7 days), and I can’t reproduce the bug on my dump the url is reachable…

I’m on Magento 2.2.4, and I can’t easily rebuild the website on production…

wireless networking – Nokia router G-2425G-A maximum theoretical and practical speed over 5Ghz wifi

I have an internet connection (ISP Airtel) that promises a bandwidth of 1 Gbps. Over ethernet, I see a bandwidth of around 900 Mbps, however, over wifi 5Ghz, the maximum speed I receive is 450-470 Mpbs (with Macbook Pro 2019) under the best possible conditions.
The router provided by ISP is Nokia G-2425G-A. Is it some limitation of the router? I could not find any documentation regarding theoretical and practical speed on this router.
Can someone help me identify the root cause of this degradation over wifi?

Need help by identifying an unknown mac adress in my router

i bought a second hand avm fritzbox 7530 on ebay. when i plugged it in and opened the interface, the first device that connected itself with the router was the following:
„QOmega“ MAC adress D4:3D:7E:F5:D9:02

The MAC adress says it’s a MSI device, but i couldn’t find out more.

Does anyone know what this device could be?

Kind regards

javascript – Router de angular

tengo una serie duda que, he solucionado pero seguramente no sea la mejor opcion, mi caso es que tengo una ruta en angular tal asi

{ path: 'categorias/:cat', component: CategoriasComponent},

pero mi problema llega en que cuando entro a la ruta por ejemplo, al cambiar a no me actualiza los datos que tengo, es decir la funcionalidad que tiene es recoger la id de una categoria y sacar los producctos relacionados con dicha categoria pero aunque en la url la id cambie, los productos se mantienen, por tanto lo que he tenido que hacer es un setinterval

setInterval(()=> {
  if(this.categoriaId !={
    this.categoriaId =;

 }, 300);

y no creo que esto sea muy efectivo, que forma tendria de hacer funcionar correctamente esto?