java – What design model would best suit RPG skills?

I am developing a small Java digital card game project. In my game, players can perform skills when using cards. Each skill does different things, such as dealing damage, healing, etc. I'm looking for a way to program these skills into the game.

I saw an answer to a similar question online mentioning "Strategy Design", so I discovered the world of Design Patterns.

Due to the amount of different design models, I was hoping that someone could recommend me an appropriate design model to achieve the above goals. Would Strategy Design suit my needs, or is there a better choice?

Thank you.

rpg theory – What is the minimum required to create an RPG

This is something I did a lot when I was younger, and I want to go back there.

The types of RPGs that I did and want to continue creating are simple, similar to Dragon Warriors or Fighting Fantasy. This is strictly in response to RPGs heavy with statistics and rules, like MERP, AD&D or even to some degree D&D. For comparison, Fighting Fantasy offers a system with only 3 stats: Skill, Stamina and Luck.

Players will be friends who just want to role-play in a fictional setting, but without having to read player manuals or have a character sheet with more than 20 numbers everywhere.

Given that, what is the absolute minimum that I would need in terms of character rules / stats that I needed to create a new RPG that could be used to play D&D style campaigns (by example, a group of heroes going on an adventure, killing monsters, having a bad time, picking up loot, saving people, winning the day, etc.).

Obviously, the RPG systems that inspire me are quite old now. Out of interest, are there modern / new RPG systems with a similar level of simplicity. I focus here on the interaction of players with each other and with the parameters / NPCs, without having to memorize a huge amount of rules.

launch rpg – Do you need to launch a technological attack for all technological actions?

In the basic rules book p. 79, it reads:

TECH ATTACK: statistic used to carry out technological attacks and perform most technological actions.

So from that, I understand that we have technological actions and some of them, most of them BUT all do not require a technological attack roll.

The technical action (p. 70) "scan" and "lock on" does not mention any technical attack throw while for the invasion, it says that a throw of the attack attack is necessary.

In my group, analysis and locking are considered technological attacks. Does anyone know which one it is?

rpg – Need to create a track editor for the rhythm game

I'm doing Garfield-rpg. In short, it's similar to Undertale, the main difference being that it's with Garfield and his friends. And instead of a hellish segment between turns (as in the subtitle), there is a rhythm game, similar to guitar-hero / DDR

To see what I mean in action. You can watch this short video here

The tracks are really just a little table like this:

var track = (
"0/0 p d 4d",
"2/0 p r 4d#",

"0/1 p l 4e",

"0/2 p d 4d",
"1/2 p r 4d#",
"3/2 p l 43",

"3/3 p d 4d",

"1/4 p d 4d",
"2/4 p r 4d#",

"0/5 p l 4e",
"2/5 p x 3b",

"0/6 p d 4e",
"1/6 p r 4e#",
"3/6 p l 4d",

"2/4 for 4d #"

  • 2/4 being the time when it is generated
  • p being the type of granule. (so far it may be pellets or fish)
  • r being the button to press (arrow keys or x button)
  • 4d # being the note sound to play.

I need to create a small editor. Similar to mario-paint where I can efficiently grade notes and export a small table file as above. So far, I have tried to create a webApp, using Tone.js and javascript. But I'm having trouble making a pianoroll / stepsequencer. I would really appreciate suggestions for this.

Age system – Can a player use Fortune to reduce a roll of dice in The Expanse RPG?

In The Expanse RPG, a player can spend Fortune Points (FP) to improve a test by changing a dice value equal to the number of FP spent.

Can a player also use this mechanic to decrease a value obtained?

For example, when the player has a target number of 10 and rollers 2, 5, 6 (regardless of ability points), can she spend 2 FPs to change the 5 at 2, thus gaining stunt points (SP) while passing the test?

I am a little worried that players can (ab) use this rule too much to perform stunts with a low cost in FP, which could also give "free" FP using Addrenaline Rush.

System Agnostics – How To Choose A Location To Play A Table RPG?

Table games tend to take a fairly long time (usually several hours per session), can be quite noisy (it is quite difficult to be quiet with 4-6 people talking, playing and dicing) and often involve 39; use of small, light objects (character sheets, dice, sometimes playing cards, etc.). Most of the time, many of these objects are made of paper.

Therefore, any location you use for games should at least

  • Comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people with the rooms you use for your game (this means seats, a table, the availability of food and drinks, toilets, etc.)
  • Be tolerant that you will stay for several hours
  • Be tolerant of at least a moderate amount of noise
  • Not being exposed to the elements (strong wind and / or rain can really ruin a game)

Browsing through your examples, libraries are generally not a good idea because of the noise. Cafes may be fine if they allow you to stay as long and you are sitting inside (or if you just live in a very welcoming climate). An internet cafe could certainly work. Game shops are often recommended as they are used to hosting game groups and often have rule books, dice and knowledgeable people about the games if it turns out that you need them , but of course any other place that can and will welcome you would work as well.

dungeon crawl classics rpg – How does spell burn healing work with multiple ability scores

In DCC RPG, a magician can sacrifice certain points of strength, agility or endurance to give a unique bonus during a spell check. These ability point points do not disappear permanently, but can be healed.

Ability scores lost in this manner return when the sorcerer heals. Every day he doesn't try to cast spells, he recovers 1 ability score point.

(I underline.)

My question is what does this "1 point capacity score" mean? One point in total, increasing only one of the three ability scores that can be healed, or one point per ability score that has been used up? I can't find any other clarification in the book.

movement – Is there no "speed of exploration" in DCC RPG?

DCC RPG distinguishes between ten-second rounds for combat and ten-minute rounds for exploration (p. 76), and gives speeds for actions (p. 77) and for the earthly moment ( p. 308), but seems to lack the "speed of exploration" (or movement per turn) that is found in most OSR games (e.g. LotFP Rules & Magic, p. 38). Is this the case or is something missing?

Is the intention you just counted the move usually action by action, then rounded up to one turn after the fight? This would make exploring dungeons much faster in DCC RPG than in other old-school games, and would also seem to make the idea of ​​a ten-minute exploration somewhat redundant.

indie rpg – It seems impossible to play non-D & D RPGs

I don't like D&D, but it's like the only choice I have when I want to play an RPG with friends. D&D is so popular and so many people play it exclusively, that it takes far too much effort to even introduce other RPGs to D&D players, as they are generally too afraid to try other games. thing. It sounds like D&D is popular, of course, but all the other RPGs are still incredibly niche.

group dynamics – Should I leave an rpg table because my family disagrees?

Every Friday night I go to my best friend's house, I and my friends play Vampire the Dark Ages all night. But lately, my mom has become interested in the problems of my friend's family, trying to use me as Nosferatu for her. Since this started, I have the idea to "kill" my vampire, asking the GM that in the next story that there is a serious confrontation against the Tremere, my Cappadocia will die of An acceptable way for the story, because I feel badly being forced to discover problems in others just to satisfy the curiosity of my parents and to be able to have fun on Friday. What should I do? Should I stay active in the story and confront my parents or talk to the GM? We are all minors, except our general manager, so I always avoided confronting my parents. has anyone ever experienced this? Could you help me with that?