Unit: run multiple animations simultaneously on the same object

With Unity & Blender 2.79, the task is to animate a Dropship helicopter. The dropship lands, opens the door of its hangar, the troops leave, the door closes, the dropship flies away, simple. Cannot be felled and the rotors must rotate all the time.

An animation is for rotary rotors. One is for opening and closing the hangar door. And one is for the movement of the entire helicopter. (The helicopter movement will be pre-animated in a blender and the troops will be generated inside once it is stationary. There is no AI script or anything attached in Unity)

I clearly don't know what I'm doing here. Since up to three animations will be played simultaneously, but affecting different parts of the helicopter, I guess I need 3 separate animators. However, if I export the helicopter as a whole, I am stuck with an avatar and only one animator.

So I see two ways around this problem.

  • Animate the whole movement, including the rotors and the door using only one
    platform. This would create hundreds of keyframes for the rotors and
    greatly increase the file size.
  • Export Helicopter rotors and hangar door as a separate object with
    separate animations and put the three things back together in Unity.

There must be a simpler way.

enter description of image here

ip – Unable to run the FTP server on the WAN with Raspberry Pi (ERROR: the server sent a passive response with a non-routable address. Using the server address instead.)

I managed to follow this article: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/ftp.md

Everything is fine. I can connect locally with Filezilla to my Raspberry Pi. However, when I try to do so outside my network (from the Internet), things get confusing for me.

It seems like I need to configure a passive IP and ports in my ftpd.conf, but I think I am entering the wrong IP.

Should I enter my public IP / WAN as passive IP? Do I have to specify ports in ftpd.conf and do I have to forward these exact same ports in my router?

I can see Filezilla connecting, even connecting, but it will not overcome this error: "The server sent a passive response with a non-routable address. Using the server address instead."

linux – History of the run command box in Ubuntu

Most Linux desktops have a dialog box that opens when pressed alt+F2 where you can execute simple commands like suspend and shutdown. Where is the command history for this dialog stored?

I know full well that this story is separate from the story of the terminal, which is stored in ~/bash_history.

Besides, is this thing known by a special name?

put a function in the cloud and run from anywhere cell phone or tablet or laptop

Above all, I would like to have a small chain produced after entering a few whole …

anyway the functions are:

pw(j_Integer, nd_Integer, sl_Integer, oeo_Integer) := 
 Style(StringJoin(" ", 
   Map(ctec((# + 1)) &, 
    First(RealDigits(N(1/Prime(j*sl + oeo), (j*sl + oeo)*10*5), 
      Length(ctec), nd, -sl*oeo))), " "), FontSize -> 25, 
  FontColor -> Red, Bold, Background -> Yellow)

where ctec is a list of all key characters in Latin-kb

Windows – Cannot run Power-Shell Get-NLBClusterNode remotely

I have created a small cluster of 2 Win servers in one domain and another for remote executions.

I can run Get-NlbClusterNode locally on each of the servers.
I can establish a remote session with the 2 nodes and have all the permissions in place.
I can run the Get-NlbClusterNode command remotely if only one of the servers is in the cluster, but when both are in the cluster, I get:

PS C: Windows system32> Invoke-Command -ComputerName -ScriptBlock {Get-NlbClusterNode} -credential $ Creds Access is denied. . :

Is this what is called the PowerShell double hop problem? How could we solve this problem?

Thank you

multithreading – Run Bash scripts in parallel

I would like to execute a script several times on 10 files in parallel. What I need to know is how to structure the arguments by number. My non-parallel script is:

For i in {1..10};
    do python myscript.py "folder_"$i;

I have heard of mpirun but am not sure how to structure the arguments by file number or something similar.

Online comments only field on SharePoint is duplicated each time Microsoft Flow is run

I have created a feed that updates various fields in my SharePoint Online list, one of which being a Comments field to add only. This comment field is only updated sometimes. In scenarios where I don't want to add a new comment, the comment from the previous run is duplicated with a more recent timestamp.

How can I prevent this from happening in Microsoft Flow?

Are there antivirus for Windows that can be run without installation?

I am wondering if there are virus scanners that can be run without installation.
It would be very practical.
Just insert the USB key and scan …

It would be nice if the scanner also detects malware.

linux – Run the script when the power button is pressed

When I press the power button, I want to run a script. For reasons of this scenario, say file.sh. So when I press the power button, I want to run file.sh and only file.sh.

Most of the solutions I found involved editing /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh, but this file does not exist on my system. (I'm using Ubuntu 19.04) I tried to create it and populate it with standard content, but it didn't work. I also tried to listen to the keys with acpi_listen, but nothing happened when I pressed the keys, so I don't know if I did it wrong or what. I tried to use xev, which detected key events but nothing was recorded when I pressed the power button.

Anyone know how to accomplish this, or what am I doing wrong?

P.S. I should mention, I would prefer a solution that can be done on the command line, ideally without third-party software. Thank you.

Similar question, but without solution:


Looking for the Linux equivalent of what they did here:


adb – Where can I run a .sh script on Android without root?

Lately, I have been playing with .sh scripts in Android. At first, I used BusyBox and its built-in script utility, although I quickly realized that the coding on the phone was not the best, so I switched to my desktop and I started using ADB to push my scripts to my device. Everything worked fine for about two weeks, until recently the same scripts that worked perfectly, tell me : not found(0): syntax error: '{ Fault. I copied the exact same code from my script and used BusyBox to create it for me, and that way it works great. The code is therefore correct.

After some research, I think it's either because of the permissions, or possibly because of the encoding, or also because of the location of the scripts. I tried many different locations (because I want to be able to run scripts without root) and ended up choosing /storage/emulated/0. As I understand it, this is a symbolic link to the internal storage, which is read / write without root. But maybe sometimes executable and sometimes not? I do not know.

So my question is: Where is the best location on an Android device to run rootless scripts from? Preferably, a path that works on any Android device.


  • Rooted Samsung S7 SM-G930F
  • Android 8.0.0
  • j & # 39; uses #!/system/bin/sh inside .sh files
  • I run the scripts with sh script.sh
  • When you try to run it as an executable ./script.sh, I have a Permission denied Fault. With or without root.

PS: And if anyone has any idea why the same scripts stopped working out of nowhere, I'd be happy to know!

UPDATE: Thanks to @IrfanLatif, I managed to correct the : not found(0): syntax error: '{ Fault! I was using Visual Studio Code as an editor for the scripts, which saved them with the end of line sequence CRLF, that Android doesn’t like. For an easy solution, simply replace your line ends with LF, problem solved. See the comments for more information.