OVH – US? Run as long as you can ..

Hi guys,

My problem with OVH is not even a big problem.
I rent a server, I pay and I deposit an operating system on the box ….

The server is running … | Read the rest of

magento2.3 – Can not run vendor / bin / mftf generate: command-line tests in Magento 2.3

When I run this command line vendor / bin / mftf gener: tests in the Magento root, he shows me an error:

in ModuleReSovlver.php line 444:

Unable to recover Magento Instance API <403 Forbidden>

Anyone can help me, I do not know what's the problem here?

Can not run the Js View project from a command prompt

I'm trying to start my project view js, but the problem is when I enter the server name (main.js). It displays the following error message.
enter the description of the image here

Here is the structure of my project.

enter the description of the image here

installation – Problems encountered with Drupal for it to run an evaluation demo under Windows 10

I've installed xampp and run Apache and mysql that start without error (I have not changed port, etc., so everything is set by default).

When i run demo_umami's core / scripts / drupal quick-start quick-start & # 39; from the xampp shell, everything works fine and installs itself. However, once the browser is finished (chrome), a message stating that the virus has been detected is antivirus s / w (AVG):

& # 39; .ht.router.php & # 39; contains the virus & # 39; IDP.Generic & # 39; – I've scanned the Drupal zip code without any problem and viewed the antivirus website for more information. This report says that it can be a false positive because of versioning, but be careful if it is not s / w that you usually use.

I have repeated the installation in a sandbox and when I apply an exception for the virus message, drupal is launched in my browser, but it runs very slowly and continues to report messages "do not answer" If I try to drupal ctrl-c in the xampp shell, nothing happens, so I can not close Drupal and it looks like it has crashed.

Do you have an idea of ​​what's going on here? – I purchased Drupal and XAMPP from the Drupal website; I think that the virus report can be a false positive, but that does not explain the problem of slow execution and drupal blocking.

Any help would be very appreciated.

macos – ./dlc: ./dlc: can not run a binary file on mac

I've tried running an executable file called by doing


But it gives me

./dlc: ./dlc: Can not run a binary file
./ ERROR: zapped bits.c has not been compiled. The files are located in /var/tmp/datalab.dklee.30595.

When I type like file

It says executable Perl script text

In addition, I already gave the authority using chmod but it did not

A way to solve?

Run a shell script and pass arguments from mathematica

Is it possible to run a shell script AND pass Mathematica arguments to it? I have searched thoroughly and have not found a way to do it.

I want to avoid having to write a .wls for this particular case, although I'm starting to worry about having to do it.

How to run the cloud service | Talk Web Hosting

How to run the cloud service | Talk Web Hosting

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;)
// ->

  1. How to run the cloud service

    what operating system or software is needed to run the cloud service?
    solusvm, vmware, kvm are not obscuring I am looking for another

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How to run multiple shell lines (cmd) from R in the same shell session?

I have a problem in that I can not seem to evaluate several cmd lines of R in the same cmd session.

Minimal example

Open cmd on windows and run

put a = 3
ECHO% a%

returns the value of a (3) as planned.

I can not get this result with the same code as R using shell() (or any other R function, e.g. system()

What I have tried until now

I've tried 3 obvious attempts

shell ("set a = 3")
shell ("ECHO% a%")
# %a%

shell ("set a = 3 & ECHO% a%")
# %a%

shell ("set a = 3 && ECHO% a%")
# %a%

The desired result is obviously to be able to execute cmd code from R (using shell() or otherwise), and have something like "set a = 3 && ECHO% a%" return 3 instead of %a%

8 – Run the validation reminder before ajax

If the validation callback is not called, you can call it manually at the top of the ajax callback with $ callback ($ form, $ form_state).

That said, the validation is probably called, but the ajax callback does not know how to handle it. Here's how I handle ajax callbacks on some forms that I have.

At the top of the ajax recall:

$ messages =  Drupal :: messenger () -> messagesByType (& # 39; error & # 39;);
if ($ form_state-> hasAnyErrors () ||! empty ($ messages)) {
// If the form contains errors, reload it.
$ response = new AjaxResponse ();
$ response-> addCommand (new ReplaceCommand ($ css_form_id, $ form));
return $ response;

This verifies the validation errors and reloads the form. My form also has an item of status messages at the top.

$ form['status_messages'] = [
  '#type' => 'status_messages',
  '#weight' => -100,

Thus, when reloaded, the status messages appear on it.

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