VMWare Workstation pro 15.5.6: is it safe to turn host (WIN10) to power off while VM is running?

With VMware Workstation V16, if you shut down the Host, then VMware will shut down the guests as well. I am not sure what version of VMware started supporting this.

I think your version might, but certainly VMware V16 supports shutting down the Guest machines when the Host shuts down. You can try it to see.

A Guest machine cannot run when the Host shuts down and so must shut down as described above.

It is certainly safe for VMware V16 to shut Guests down with the Host shut down. You can just restart the Guest when the Host comes back up.

electrical power – How to reduce energy consuming of PC home server while running from UPS?

I have old and very cheap Core2Duo PC ATX box. I use it as my main computer in my dacha (seasonal second home), but more important, it constantly gets some data via ethernet and sends some other data via second ethernet. Sometimes energy is shutting down, that’s why I use UPS.

But is there any way to reduce energy consuming using any crazy hardware modifications? For example, it is OK for me to shut down all USB bus and all coolers (I have no heavy computing more than 1% CPU load) and especially a videocard for the time while PC works from UPS. Is it possible to have a possibility to shut down all devices which I do not need while working from UPS? Can I just shut down any voltages except 1V for CPU, 1.5V for DDR2 RAM and those which are needed for disk and network cards? Is it possible not to use 230V chain while running from UPS and use direct connection from 12V battery to 12V duty voltage with additional DC-DC for every device in my system that needs 5V or 3.3V?

It is a hobby project, nothing serious and I am ready to waste my motherboard if I will accidentally solder something wrong, and I am ready if something will literally explode. I do not need to save any data, all I need is to keep the server working as long as battery can run, without any useless chains.

All I have done in this direction – remove a videocard any time when I am leaving. So, if I arrive to the dacha, I need to shut down the PC, then install the videocard then turn on the PC and after that I can see a picture on a monitor. Also I am ready to switch from 2.5 HDD to anything more power-efficient like SD card, I do not need fast memory in this project. But I am not ready to switch from x86 because I depend from some proprietary software on that machine.

Hope my question is understandable.

windows – How to fix accentuation encoding with cmd.exe running inside bash?

I installed https://www.msys2.org/ and setup an ssh server for it. With this I can connect to my machine and work remotely. The problem is that some application as Visual Studio tools or windows specific cmd.exe programs cannot run from a bash.exe shell. Then, I nest a cmd.exe shell inside my bash.exe shell to run these applications (I also use winpty.exe for mapping the input arrow keys https://github.com/rprichard/winpty).

The problem with this setup is that accentuated letters are displayed as _, for example, running the command cp -h, I triggered an error which showed a message where the word informações was displayed as informa___oes:

enter image description here

I am not sure why this is happening. I know my cmd.exe console uses the encoding 850 because when I run chcp in a new shell, it outputs 850. I tried changing its value to 1252 and 65001, but it keeps showing accented letters as _:

enter image description here

I searched for this 850 encoding and I found https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page_850, where it is called as DOS Latin 1. Would this problem be fixed if I set my bash encoding to DOS Latin 1 before I nest a cmd.exe command prompt inside it? How could I set my bash.exe encoding to this CP 850 or DOS Latin 1 encoding?

macos – EvoCam (video camera software) did not capture audio for 2 weeks on Mac running Mavericks—way to find it?

I know it’s a longshot.

I have an old Mac Mini running Mavericks running EvoCam 4.2.6 (old software no longer available).

The Mac Mini is connected via WiFi to an Amcrest camera. The Mac Mini is not compatible with the built in mic on the Amcrest, so I have a USB microphone running from the Mac Mini. Video comes from the Amcrest and audio from the USB mic. It usually works fine.

It records in hour long increments and outputs to .mov files.

For some reason starting two weeks ago, the audio didn’t record even though I could see the system sound setting could detect audio from the microphone. Something on the software side messed up.
The videos are there but with no audio. It took a restart to get it to record audio to the files again from the EvoCam app.

The audio is important.

I’m wondering if there are any ideas as to where the audio might have gone–again I know longshot. It records to an external drive connected to the computer. I tried looking at hidden files and I can see a .Trashes folder, but it says I don’t have permission to open it.

Are there any other places scuttled audio could have gone?

applications – Disabling Samsung battery management from putting my apps to sleep when the phone screen is turned off and running on the battery

I’m looking to disable Android’s battery management.
On my Samsung S10 Plus running Android version 11 are several apps running in the background,
but they only run when the phone’s USB port is connected to a charging source such as the mains adaptor or to my computer or when the screen is turned on regardless of being plugged in or running on the battery. The apps fall to sleep within a minute or two when the phone is running on the battery and the screen is turned off. All of these issues started after I upgraded to the current Android version on the S10+. Also this phone is not rooted. We also have older Samsung phones like the S9 and S8 running Android 10 without any app battery management issues.

I have done the following:
I wiped the cache partition.
I have the “Adaptive battery” setting under “More battery settings” turned off.
I have the “Put unused apps to sleep” setting under “Background usage limits” turned off.
I have added the apps to “Never sleeping apps” screen’s list under “Background usage limits” turned off.

Despite doing all of the above, the current OS seems to be ignoring all of the settings I have set. Do any of you know of an app or any additional settings that will stop my apps from being put to sleep like that? This never happened when running Android version 9 and below.

All help will be appreciated.

applications – Scrcpy calling ADB commands while running possible?

Hello all I am using the program scrcpy in order for me to control my Android phone from my PC.

It all works just fine with showing the android screen but I am wanting to call an app from within the scrcpy console box.

enter image description here

I have not seen anything on the Github about a feature like this – just the ability to add or remove an app.

Am I overlooking something?

active directory – Upon running repadmin /replsummary more than 15 servers are showing “8606” error

We are having an issue with Error ID “8606” ( Insufficient attributes were given to create an object. This object may not exist because it may have been deleted and already garbage collected).

After getting this error i removed the all lingering object by using the following command “repadmin /removelingeringobjects /ADVISORY_MODE” and then without “ADVISORY_MODE”, from the all affected servers.

But still i am geting 8606 error on the same server. Can you plz help me regarding this?

Thanks in advance!


Run Google Sheet Script Running for 1st entry only

I am currently running a google script to create a PDF from Google Form Inputs. I have moved my Form Response Sheet data to the 3rd row(image attached) (using the 2nd row for another formula). Every time I run the script it’s creating a PDF for 1st data entry only. Please suggest the changes I can make so that it gives the output every time i submit the form (trigger has already been set). This is the script-

function myFunction() {


function createPDF(){

const info = {
  'Timestamp' : ('4/7/2021 16:30:41'),
  'Location Code' : ('3456'),
  'Upload Image' : ('https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mietxRRzJLiOzwU71dJSmHJp9H833nul'),

const pdfFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById(“1I7ChP1xRbl7GwnvAcXV_9JIHegvsU2PO”);
const tempFolder = DriveApp.getFolderById(“1srcXlFgmh01e4Psw_dxM4bNgarY6tfli”);
const templateDoc = DriveApp.getFileById(“1xype5jUa6H8VJ4JSaV-KfccSjK5w6e-hmoI1k6MXSOc”);

const newTempFile = templateDoc.makeCopy(tempFolder);
const openDoc = DocumentApp.openById(newTempFile.getId());
const body = openDoc.getBody();
body.replaceText(“{Location Code}”,info(‘Location Code’)(0));
body.replaceText(” {Timestamp}”,info(‘Timestamp’)(0));
body.replaceText( ” {Upload Image}”,info(‘Upload Image’)(0));


const blobPDF = newTempFile.getAs(MimeType.PDF);
const pdfFile = pdfFolder.createFile(blobPDF).setName(info(‘Location Code’)(0)+”-“+new Date());


Only highlighted cell is running on each form submit

This is the google doc I'm using for pdf creation

c++ – Is it possible to use a windows container running MSVC/CMake as a docker based devcontainer with vscode?

We have windows containers building C++/CMake targets in CI. Is it possible to connect to these containers with


x86_64 / ARMv7l (AArch32) / ARMv8l (AArch64) Debian 9+, Ubuntu 16.04+, CentOS / RHEL 7+
x86_64 Alpine Linux 3.9+

the doc says only linux based containers. We would love to connect and debug failures on the remote windows containers if possible.

Questions for anyone running Blesta (or another WHMCS alternative)

Hi all – I realize Blesta has lots of opportunities for customization, at least based on what I have read. Before I go down any possible cus… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1842538&goto=newpost