xss – Let the attacker control the type of content, why is it safe?

I found a strange behavior from Shopify, where an attacker can change the extension on a URL and the backend will return an HTTP content type corresponding to this extension, for each of these extensions:

atom: application/atom+xml
bmp: image/bmp
css: text/css
csv: text/csv
gif: image/gif
jpg: image/jpeg
json: application/json
js: text/javascript
mp3: audio/mpeg
mpeg: video/mpeg
mpg: video/mpeg
pdf: application/pdf
png: image/png
rss: application/rss+xml
svg: image/svg+xml
tiff: image/tiff
tif: image/tiff
txt: text/plain
xml: application/xml
yml: application/x-yaml
zip: application/zip

For example, https://gavinwahl-test.myshopify.com/.foo.yml returns & # 39; Content-Type: application / x-yaml & # 39; even if it is # 39; a 404. https://gavinwahl-test.myshopify.com/ search.svg returns the HTML of the actual search page but with the content type image / svg + html.

The search page also allows you to insert text (escaped html) of your choice:
https://gavinwahl-test.myshopify.com/search.zip?q=%50%4b%05%06%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%0000 % 00% 00% 00% 00% 00% 00, for example, returns application / zip and is actually a valid zip file (despite the HTML code surrounding it).

It seems like there should be a vulnerability here. The search query is HTML escape, but we can tell the browser to interpret into another type of content which may have different escape rules. This has already been done with EML (Microsoft Outlook Express mail message) files. I know there are many vulnerabilities in which content of one type is interpreted as a different type of content, but Shopify claims that this practice is safe and not workable.

Is there actually a good argument that this is safe? Is there a way to get a thoughtful xss payload based on the content type confusion?

(I reported this as a problem to Shopify Security and they said it was safe, so I'm posting it)

Is e-exch.net safe to buy or sell electronic money?

I ask about the trust and security of the e-exch.net site

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How do you keep yourself, your servers and your clients safe online?

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Block access to windows in safe mode 10?

How to block access to safe mode from Shift + reboot and boot method?
I have tried to rename the registry folders but that will not allow it.
I tried this command bcdedit / set {bootmgr} displaybootmenu no, does not work.

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Bitcoin core – is it safe to skip the initial block check on startup?

The longest step in initializing bitcoin core is "checking the last 6 blocks at level 3". The number of blocks checked at startup went from 288 in 2014 to 6 today. Therefore, in order to speed up the initialization of the Bitcoin core, I am thinking of reducing this number to 2-3 with the checkblocks option.

However, I wonder how risky it is? In the event that the core of bitcoin stops incorrectly, is it not unlikely that the last 6 blocks will be corrupted? Isn't that 2-3 blocks sufficient?

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