US stocks fell in the United States and strengthened their presence in Persia, while demand for safe haven gold rose

Gold was hit by the rapid decline of the three major US stock indices before the markets closed on Friday (20) and finally reached about $ 1,516 / oz. In the short term, the trend of gold has oscillated under the pressure of 1 500 USD / oz, but it remains optimistic about the future bull market, the megatrend should reach a new high.Last week, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) had further reduced its interest rates by 1 meter (0.25). %), but the dot matrix chart indicates that there will be no interest rate cuts at the end of the year and that the interest rate cuts in the committee have which caused a collapse of the gold market and a drop below $ 1,490 an ounce. Above the ounce, this also means that the Fed has the potential to continue rising, even if it does not weaken anymore.
On September 14, US President Trump approved the addition of US troops to strengthen the air defense capability in the region. Washington believes the attack was launched by Iran. US Secretary of State Pompeo said that the United States was resolved to avoid a military conflict with Iran. The increase in troops in the Persian Gulf region aims to deter and suppress to defend, which has led to increased tension in the international situation and increased demand for safe havens. .

Forex – Technical Analysis (Gold XAUUSD):
Gold today on foreign exchange (September 23) in the morning around 1513.6 US dollars / ounce, according to the technical analysis, the observation of the level at one o'clock is in line with last week's forecast (20th), the current K-bar has bridged the gap, but because The ups and downs are high risk, so there is a chance of remove the correction and then reassemble.
At present, the range of pressure above the short-term line is between US $ 1524 and US $ 1524.5 / oz, while the initial support range is US $ 1507-1507.5 / oz. ounce. The transaction mentality is generally short, investors wishing to enter the market for a short time may consider a price of 1511 USD. To purchase a light warehouse at $ 1513 / oz, the MT4 operating stop loss may be less than $ 1508.5 / oz.

Forex – Technical Analysis (EUR / USD EURUSD):
EUR / USD exchange rate of 23 September (23 September) Early in the morning, towards 1.10156, advanced technical analysis, observation of the observation level over one hour corresponds to the predictions of last Friday (20 ), and the pressure has been corrected, and the current depth has rebounded. As a result, there is a chance to rebound and then fall back.
Currently, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.10400 and 1.10450, in the downward direction, the initial support interval is 1.99900 to 1.09950 and the Operational mindset is mainly short term Investors who want to enter the market in the short term may consider buying between 1.10300 and 1.10330. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is greater than 1.10400.

Forex – Technical Analysis (GBP / USD GBPUSD):
Pound sterling / US dollar exchange rate today (23 September) Early morning, around 1.25659, according to technical analysis, the trend of the observation at the level of the line of 1 hour is a fairly complete position for the long position, the high point continues to create highs, the lowest becomes higher and higher, there is the opportunity is raised after a slight correction.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 1.25850 and 1.25900. The initial support interval is 1.24550 to 1.24600. The operating mentality is generally short, but investors wanting to enter the market over a short period may consider buying positions between 1.24850 and 1.24900. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is less than 1.24680.

Forex – Technical Analysis (NZD / USD NZDUSD):
Today's exchange rate NZD / USD (23 September) Early in the vicinity of 0.62638, after technical analysis, the trend of observation at line level over one hour remained short, you can therefore find that it has fallen below the lower level of the previous band, so that it is possible to go beyond the lowest level. After the rebound, the pressure has dropped.
At present, the pressure range above the short-term line is between 0.63000 and 0.63050. The initial support interval is 0.62500 to 0.62550. The exploitation mentality is essentially short-term. Investors who wish to enter the market in the short term may consider buying in a range from 0.62850 to 0.62890. It can be considered that the stop point of the MT4 operation is greater than 0.62930.

The key data of the day:
1. Initial value of the French manufacturing PMI in September
2. Initial value of the German manufacturing PMI for September
3. Initial value of manufacturing PMI for September of the euro area
4. Monthly rate of wholesale sales in Canada in July
5. Initial value of manufacturing PMI in September Markit in the United States
6. Initial value of the Markit Services PMI in the United States in September

For more details, look at Forex and MT4.


brute force – Is it safe to implement 15-byte password reset tokens?

I want to know how careful it is to implement a 15-byte password reset token.

If we have 26 letters and 10 digits, 36 possibilities per byte. And we have a 15-byte long token, which means that the total number of possibilities is 36 ^ 15.

Is it possible to use brute force and find a token within a reasonable time? The amount of possibilities here is really great, so I do not understand why other websites implement +32 or +50-byte long tokens.

Can any one explain that and maybe the calculation behind that to know if this is possible?

Suppose we can use brute force at a demand of 15,000 per second

Is it safe to upgrade bitcoind?

Although some versions perform database upgrades, the upgrade is handled by the bitcoind binary file. Updating a node only requires modifying the binary file, whether you have downloaded a pre-built file or compiled it from the source.

If additional changes to the bitcoin data are needed, bitcoind update will perform them at startup.

If you download a preconfigured binary file, make sure that it comes from a reliable source (such as and check the signatures to make sure it's not been falsified.

Is it safe to make the export file for your Gmail filters public?

Gmail exports the filters in the form mailFilters.xml, which contains many identifiers. It is safe to download the file in public or not?

Safe investment –

I am not a director,

About us,


Safe Investment is an international trading organization, created to provide the safest and safest oil investments to its members, with the best returns possible and achievable with minimum risk. No unrealistic promises are made here, but a consistent and consistent result. That's why we call the oil "Black Gold" because of its rising price every day.

The company succeeds thanks to a large number of profitable operations and the best specialists. We have been in the market since 2018 and still give our investor a significant profit up to now. We now plan to give everyone the opportunity to invest online in the BTC / USD market. It is a very popular and profitable activity today. Safe Investment invests in the development of this branch and generates good revenues. Over the past two decades, investment in the oil industry has grown almost explosively. For example, last year, we reached $ 600 million worth of investments, which could increase in the near future as the amount of investments increases by about 1000% per year.

We have a professional trader who has been working with us since the beginning of the company, they constantly monitor prices and prices in the global investment market. They know when we have to sell service and when to buy. They contribute to the development of our company.

IPB image

Investment plans:
– 292% after 1 hour
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– 638% after 15 hours
– 769% after 20 hours

Amount of investment:
– Minimum $ 9
– Maximum $ 12,000

Accepted payment:
– Perfect money
– Payeer
– Bitcoin
– Ethereum

Reference Commission: 5%

Program features:
– GC HYIP Script
– SSL certificate by COMODO RSA
– DDOS Secure Hosting Protection
– Instant removal

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windows 10 – Is it safe to unplug a flashing USB drive after ejecting it safely?

There is a lot of information about safely disconnecting USB hard drives. However, articles tend to stop where the operating system says it's safe to unplug, or if you're sure nothing is written to the drive, etc.

Relevant implementation:

  • Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 PC
  • External USB hard drive (not a USB key)
  • Click "Eject External USB 3.0"
  • Wait for the notification "Safe To Remove Hardware"

Once the operating system has declared that it is possible to unplug a USB hard drive safely, the LED on the drive will blink about 10 times before the drive stops.

I wonder if the 10 flashes of LED are just a courtesy to indicate which disc has just been ejected.

Things I've checked:

  • google: is it safe to unplug the flashing USB port

I've received a lot of advice on how to unplug USB drives safely, but nothing to do with the USB drive.

  • google: is it safe to unplug the blink + LED usb

Some other items appear, mainly about troubleshooting, but nothing to do with the routine 10 flashes when ejecting.

  • search super user: (usb) (hard drive) (windows-10) eject

This produces 7 results (or 8 if I replace (hard disk) with (external disk)), mainly about problems. Nothing about routine 10 flashes when ejecting.

Are DSLR infrared conversion companies safe? What about DIY infrared conversion?

I did my own conversion on a Nikon D80, including cutting my own rectangular filter into a 77 nm round hoya filter.

I did something a little unusual and I went so far as to remove the infrared filter from the AF sensor module and meters, as well as the CCD itself.

Really, the exchange of pure CCD filters is quite easy.

Pulling the filter on the sensor is a bit complicated.

Removal of the filter on the AF sensor is a nightmare – You have to take a lot All other components out of the camera, as well as several parts glued and spaced a few millimeters of the delicate circuits.

Reattaching autofocus is also quite simple. Basically, three screws adjust the distance and inclination of the sensor support. It's just a bit slow, takes a lot of shows and is rather tricky.

On the other hand, I have an infrared camera that AF perfectly in IR each time.

The meter also seems to work well. I have to dial a bit of exposure compensation, but I do not think I've changed it since. I think that adding visible light filters to the sensor (rather than simply removing the IR filter, as I did) would likely fix the measurement problem.

Really, infrared photography is really one of the nicest things I've done.

This seems to bring some of the art and imagination back to photography. You really have to think and imagine what your shows will look like, because you can not really see them again before you go to a computer, to make whiteness corrections.


I took pictures of the conversion process, including camera internal elements:
Note that the sensor filter is accessible very early in the photoset (_MG_1030.jpg, about 15 images in the format), and that the process usually consists of taking the back of the camera, unscrewing a circuit board, and then unscrewing the sensor. The rest of the set is what needs to be done to reach the AF sensor (ie remove ALL of the camera body.) It seems that the AF sensor is one of the first parts installed during assembly).

I've also destroyed a Sony alpha A-200, although I'm not able to convert it to infrared because the filter is deposited directly on the CCD's protective glass. The images are also on the link above, or here.
I thought to strip the sensor (remove the glass) or try to cover the filter (it was clearly vacuum-deposited on the surface), but I decided that it was not worth it, but I still wanted to try a Nikon camera. . I still have a bag of cerium oxide after experimenting with polishing the glass for the break-in process.

enter the description of the image here

If I understand correctly, the really striking color photos, as in Matt Grum's answer, usually take a filter of 900 nm or more ( a lot post), rather than 720 nm. In addition, the photo above has not undergone any treatment, except for a simple balancing of whites and clicks. The weak blue colors come from the sensor itself.

Anyway, I recently bought a Canon 5D, going from a Canon 30D (the Nikon was an experiment, I decided that I liked Canon's UI much more), so I'm going probably convert the 30d to IR soon because I have a lot Canon lenses, while I have only one lens for the Nikon.

Buy Amazon Reviews of is safe?

Some of my friends buy reviews validated by Amazon

They recommend me to buy reviews on this site. I want to know if my Amazon seller account is secure?

To use the APK mirror, Primezy asks for credit card information. Is it safe?

When I try to use APKmirror, he asks me to join Primezy who, without good reason, asks for credit card information. Is it legitimate?

hand luggage – Is it safe to travel with a radio frequency (RF) board packaged in a laptop carry-on?

In addition to a laptop,
I use a Radio Frequency (RF) card to implement a software-defined radio function (virtual e-node B or gNode-B, for example) with a small plug-in omnidirectional antenna.

Would that be a problem when going to an airport when it is packed in carry-on luggage and a laptop?

For information:
This is a USRP research group Ettus, National Instruments.