Trip between San Jose CA and Phoenix

Driving between San Jose ca and Phoenix AZ from 03/17/20 to 04/04/20, because the airlines have canceled

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Joe's data center has been in business since 2008 and provides affordable, unmanaged data center solutions for the Midwest market. We own and operate our own facility located in Kansas City– MO. Our battery powered UPS and diesel generator
provide backup power for all virtual servers. We have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure as a service offering using the OnAPP Cloud control panel. Pay only for what you use!

Features of the IIAS:

  • High availability using the OnApp cloud control panel
  • On-demand provisioning
  • Hourly billing
  • Client private network (VXLAN)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • PCI-DSS / HIPAA compliant
  • Enterprise EMC VMAX 40k SAN
  • Redundant SAN A&B fabrics
  • SSD, SAS, SATA – Fully automated storage levels
  • 1PB of capacity attacked on 848 physical disks
  • Aggregated network ports (802.3 LACP)
  • Redundant A&B network switches
  • Mixed mix of tier 1 bandwidth providers
  • Free incoming bandwidth
  • DDOS protection
  • KVM virtualization
  • Business equipment
  • We own and operate the data center
  • Staff on site 24/7
  • Detailed resource graphics

Configure IAAS Cloud

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  • General calculation: 1vCPU @ 0.00821900 $ / h

    1 GB of RAM @ 0.00410959 $ / h
    10 GB SAN storage at $ 0.00068490 / hr
    ∞ Input bandwidth, 10 TB in output bandwidth + overruns @ $ 0.01 / GB
    1 IPv4 @ $ 0.00273973 per IP / hour
    Estimated hourly price: $ 0.01575322
    Customize now


Any questions you have contacted Sales support–
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FAI in San Jose / Mountain View


I have a client who has problems obtaining services in:
Mountain View CA 94043
San Jose CA, 95131

I am happy to send PM addresses. The client I have is having problems because ISPs are not readily available.
I have been told that one of their facilities is a Windstream circuit which costs more than my rent.

They need redundant ISPs to serve on-premise web servers and e-mail.

WIFI or MIFI can work for their needs as long as the speed is fast enough of 20 Mbps from top to bottom + preferably.

I was not sure who to turn to because the LEC is ATT and they are not quite useful all the time either.
I turned to WHT before and I was very lucky.

Thanks in advance!

routes – San Francisco to Sedona, Grand Canyon, Antelope (and Horseshoe bend)

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG) is the closest airport to these three destinations with commercial flights. I was able to find round-trip flights from SFO for less than $ 200 on AA.

From the airport, there is little difference in driving distance if you rearrange the destinations, as long as Sedona is either the first or the last, but in the order you indicated, Sedona, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon is perfectly reasonable and will give you a lot of scenic driving between the points.

You can put multiple destinations in Google Maps and rearrange them if you want, but you probably won't find anything shorter.

Of course, while you can drive between all these points in one day, you will probably want to spend more than a few minutes each! Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

Google Maps directions screenshot

California – Black Beach Outing in San Diego

If I go down to Black Beach here and go south (towards Ellen Browning Scripps Pier) along the ocean, how far can I go and where can I go out? I walked 15-20 minutes in the direction mentioned above and saw a car road going up from the beach. I could not find it on Google Maps. Where is it going I didn't go further south along the ocean, but it was possible to go further (although Google Maps showed that I was walking in the ocean). If I continued, where could I get out of the beach?

Alternatively, if we go north of the link point, are there exits?

Cabo San Lucas water taxi

I was recently in Cabo San Lucas for two days. We went for a walk and finally took a water taxi from the beach near the office, back to the marina. They charged us $ 3.55 per person.

The next day, we did the opposite. We started at the marina and went to the beach. We paid the same rate, $ 5 per person, but there was a guy on the dock who wanted $ 1 per person "for the government". We even received an official paper.

It was $ 3, so it doesn't matter, but I've been wondering since if the "government" guy was really with the government, or have we been scammed? I am wary because he was not there the first day, and he was not there when we returned to the marina on the second day. It was only there when we left the marina.

Was it a scam or was it real?

What publicly accessible viewpoints exist near Cabo San Lucas?

I am currently in Cabo San Lucas and would like to take a nice panoramic photo of the city. What are my options depending on the location to do it?

hiking – Can you hike from Cabo San Lucas to Lovers / Divorce Beach?

Yes, it is indeed possible. First, go to Solmar Resort and ask them kindly at the door to let you go to the lovers' beach. Then take a stroll through the resort and descend to their beach. Turn left and head towards the rock formation. Here you will have to climb rocks, but this should be easily achievable for most people. Hike through the rocks to a small, unnamed beach, then over another rock formation to reach Divorce Beach. Overall, it shouldn't take more than an hour from downtown Cabo San Lucas.

If you wish to take a boat on the way back, you can do it for $ 5 / person – just ask one of the boats as they drop passengers.