javascript – Can it save the Google Tag Manager script to an external js file?

My default html index like this:



So, I'm using google tag manager

But I want to move the inline js script to the external js file (combined.min.js). So, there is no online js in the default HTML. That's to optimize my site

Other than that I also want to change the call js. So I want to call the js file from the folder. Not online. So like that:

For example :

I want to change to be like this:

So I copied the contents of the file to my folder

So, the result looks like this:



Can I do it like this? Or is there a better way?

c # – How to get data from a column containing multiple rows of datagridview and save them to a SQL server

I have a problem, I would like to save the column to several lines of a .dgv file in the SQL database … Example
In the dgv

|ID | | Detalle |.                                                                                            
 1      Polo.                                                                                                    
 2      Camisa.                                                                                                 
 3     Bermuda 

I would like to save it in my sql array this way

|ID | |Detalle|.                                                                                                                                                                     
  1      polo, camisa , bermuda

I hope to have explained

I do it in C #

mysql – Save geographical points, in the controller, error in ajax

enter the description of the image here

I have a few points on the map, which are loaded by an Ajax query.

In my controller, I have this:

public function recogerForm(Request $request)

    $marker = new Marker;
    $marker->name = $request->nombre;
    $marker->address = $request->direccion;

    $marker->idG = $request->idG;

    $pos = strpos($request->LatLng, ',');
    $latitud = substr($request->LatLng, 1, $pos-1);
    $longitud = substr($request->LatLng, $pos+1,strlen($request->LatLng));

    $marker->lat = $latitud;
    $marker->lng = $longitud;
    $marker->idMarker = '1';//$request->id;


    return $request;

In my course, I have the following items:


In my js:

 function save_marker(marker, place, i) {
//Save new marker using jQuery Ajax
var mLatLang = marker.getPosition().toUrlValue(); //get marker position
var myData = { id: i, name:, address: place.vicinity, latlong: mLatLang, idG: }; //post variables
  type: "POST",
  url: "/bus",
  data: myData,
  headers: { 'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $('meta(name="csrf-token")').attr('content') },
  success: function (data) {

    var url = "/guardar";
    $form = $('
') $form.append(''); $form.append(''); $form.append(''); $form.append(''); $form.append(''); $form.append(''); $form.append('
'); $('.preForm').append($form); $(".nombre" +; $(".direccion" +; $(".LatLng" +; $(".idG" +; $(".idMarker" +; //console.log(myData); }, error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) { alert(thrownError); //throw any errors } });

When I try to insert into my database, Ajax commits an error if I delete the code from the database and leave it

return request

, that does not make me a mistake, why, why can not I save all the points of my database? On the other hand, if I do not save them, I have no problem?

unit – Easily save and load the complete state of a GameObject in Unity3D?

I'm working on place predefined tilemap rooms in my procedural dungeonsand I would like design the location of objects and monsters in these special rooms as well as.

Currently I "compile" my preconceived room scene in scriptable object, and the map generator loads this tilemap in tilemap "gameplay".

I'm already analyzing the special game objects in the scene (like objects and monsters), and store their transformations and prefabricated roads in the scriptable object.

But this has 2 problems:

  • Have each object and monster in the resource folder would make my executable huge.

    • But that could be solved by doing a "MonsterPrefabDictionary" on a manager like gameobject, and drop each prefab into this list in the editor. The map generator will simply use this dictionary to find the prefab of the object.
  • the bigger problem Is each monster variant would need another prefab (or prefabricated variant). And by variation, I mean also small changes.

    • Do you want a crowd to have only 50% health in the room early? Make a prefab for that?

    • You want a monster to start with a specific buff in this room? Make a prefab for that?

    • Do you want a monster to have a different position from the usual one in this room? Make a prefab for that?

    • As you can see, it weighs badly.

    • But that could be solved by store all MonsterScript data in the object that can be the subject of a script.

    • But that would be bad scale toobecause each new information about a monster should also be added to this serialization process.

is there integrated, automatic, easy for just register the complete state of a GameObject and just load everything with a single line later?

recording – How to save all the screen on Windows 10?

Is there a way to save the entire screen in Windows 10?

When trying to use the Windows game bar to record (see, I see that it only records windows the most recent ones you clicked on. before hitting the shortcut key of the game bar (I may be using the function incorrectly).

My current use case is that I have two monitors: a big one, where I want to save multiple windows to show something, and a laptop screen, where I have a script that I have to read (so need to capture the audio). I then edit these videos in the photo editor. I want to record all the screen of the largest monitor. How can I do this in Windows 10?

photoshop – How can I save this "no group" version of this image from ACR?

The sky shows bands in Photoshop, but if I press Ctrl + Shift + A to access ACR, they disappear.

I guess no real pixel is changed when I connect to Adobe Camera Raw and I do not touch any buttons / sliders … it's a preview of the image differently on my monitor. The preview of Photoshop displays the formation of tapes, but not the preview of ACR.

However, if I save the image out of Photoshop and visualize it, the tape is there. It's like I can preview a beautiful sky without a band in ACR, but there's no way to back it up.

This link looked exactly like my problem: why do I see a tape with Photoshop but not Lightroom?
BUT … according to the article, the grouping is not really there, it's just a visual artifact due to photoshop taking shortcuts to save memory.

But that does not seem right to me, because if I save the image and then open it, I always see the bandage.

How can I take what I see in ACR and save it in my final file png / jpg / whatever?

PS: I do not know if that counts, but the photo started as a 32-bit HDR .psb file, which I then edited and converted to 16-bit format.

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mysql – save a null value in a database via php

Thank you very much for the help, I have to save in a database this form in which it contains NULL values, it saves the rest of the values ​​and balances NULL values ​​that do not modify them in the database. I copy the code


    if(isset($_POST('desarchiva_sobre'))){// FUNCION PARA ARCHIVAR SOBRES

        foreach($_POST as $k => $v)
            if($k != "modifica"){
                if($k != "desarchiva_sobre"){

                    if ($v !=""){

        include 'abrir_conexion.php';
        $consulta = $conexion -> query ("UPDATE sobre SET ".implode(", ", $campos)." WHERE id_sobre = '{$_POST('id_sobre')}' ") or die ("Ha fallado la conexión1");

How to save the file as a KeyNote slideshow?

Just like saving PowerPoint in .ppsx format starts reading the presentation when you open it, is there a similar feature in KeyNote?

drools – How to save and access jbpm 7.3 artificial maven and deposit git

We want to use JBPM 7.3 for the development and testing of business rules. However, for the execution, we will run kie-base in our application, which is in java. For this, we need access to JBPM's Maven repository.

  1. How to extract kjar from the jbpm maven repository in my development environment with the help of pom.xml. I mean, can I access jbpm 7.3 maven repository, if so, what is the repository URL?

  2. jBPM 7.3 does not provide the backup option for the git and maven artifactory repository. Is there a recommendation, if yes. how to configure this Or it is not necessary, JBPM will automatically take care of that. (JBPM does not provide any setting options for maven and git repositories.)

Please let me know, if more details require.