Terminal – Capture numbers in a file and save the answer (Linux)

I have a file with the following data:

1F 000000000000012MARCIO
2F 000000000000022NILSON
3F 000000000000032WALTER
4F 000000000000042CARLOS
16F 000000000000042MARIA


I would like to skip the first few characters and capture after space the first 14 digits and save them in a file with the answer:


Is it possible?

events – Save the email in the previous user field

Hello useful people on the Internet,

I have a standard form in one of my plugins to allow users to submit events. On this form, I would like to include a mandatory email field for their email address enabled by PayPal. Then this email will be saved in a user field already created with the field ID: dbem_paypal_account. As a person with virtually no coding know-how, I have a lot of trouble making sure that it works with plug-in support, even though it's hard to believe that this Is such a difficult task.

I am able to edit this template and the functions.php of my child theme and I understood (I think) how to validate this email field, otherwise an error will appear. All I need is that this email is saved in the back-end field that the user can not access.

I've got vomit code, which I will include, but it's not pretty, so I suggest avoiding it completely. It's been a few weeks since we're going around in circles, so any help is welcome. Thank you!

function em_event_form_custom2 () {
<input type = "email" id = "dbem_em_paypal_account" name = "dbem_em_paypal_account" /> <! -->
dbem_em_paypal_account, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'], dbem_em_paypal_account); } if (isset ($ _REQUEST['event_rsvp'] )) { if (! isset ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) || $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] == 0) { $ EM_Event-> add_error (sprintf (__ ("Please accept conditions && conditions.", & Nbsp; Events-manager & # 39;))); $ result2 = false; } } return $ result2; } add_filter (& # 39; em_event_save & # 39 ;, custom_event_save & # 39 ;, 1,2); function custom_event_save ($ result, $ EM_Event) { // assuming that the currently logged in user submits an event if (! empty ($ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) && is_user_logged_in ()) { $ current_user = wp_get_current_user (); // get the details of the logged in user update_user_meta ($ current_user-> ID, & dbem_em_paypal_account & # 39 ;, $ _REQUEST['dbem_em_paypal_account'] ) } return $ result; }

Note: Ignore the typo with the id field in the code (dbem_em _…). I have already corrected it.

dnd 5th – Does a cockatrice need to land for the first save roll of the DC 11 Con?

The bite must hit

Among the basic rules on monsters, we can see the following description of the notation "hit" (emphasis mine):

Hit. Any damage caused or other effects that occur as a result of an attack on a target are described after the "Hit" notation.

Since the bite of the cockatrice includes the backup shot to avoid being petrified after the mention of the shot, as part of the bite action (that is me who points out):

Bite. Melee weapon attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 feet, a creature. Hit: 3 (1d4 + 1) piercing damage, and the target must succeed the DC 11 build save shot to not be petrified as if by magic. (…)

As all of this is part of the same action, the bite must be touched for any effect to be triggered after the "Coup" notation, including the relief shot to avoid being petrified.

Roll20 seems to erroneously separate the quote into two sentences that may have caused confusion (although I should note that even with this text, the save move would still require success). The text on roll20 that you linked declares:

Hit: (1d4 + 1) piercing damage. The target needs to make a successful save of Constitution 11 to not be petrified like magic.

SQL Server – Save a single table

I would recommend using the BCP utility. From this documentation:

Copy rows from a table to a data file (with a secure connection)


This example creates a data file named StockItemTransactions_character.bcp and copies the data from the table using the character format.

At the command prompt, enter the following command:

bcp WideWorldImporters.Warehouse.StockItemTransactions on D:  BCP  StockItemTransactions_character.bcp -c -T

Logging – I use curl-logger with RestAssured and Java. I want to save curl requests to a text file or log file.

.I get this problem by generating curl commands on Windows: – user "ashish: a26B) n ^ A?"% "6Wf! AsJw, This"! AsJw creates a problem. I add the complete application under curl "https://api2-preprod.incentivenetworks.com/v0/auth/wl partner_id = 81211 & iv = ExtLVWGlIkfSC32qOf5DUw"% "253D"% "253D"% "250A & token = 9ydAWTxZ7qb9hXqKBELZ8MU0pN8IsSF53Bgu0tGe4BeYIpqWp"% "25252FYr6L5wDidRqWWTvvWFS9DPXtqd"% "25250A5a8cc9vOovxnUGyCykVERBoEQd7LtuIVKIPNNeCDdfHsGhRgj"% "25252B4ol8B9XiKB"% "25252F5gc8eXy3Z"% "25252BUq1ka"% "25250AmTzKmCwR9WGXgKkTAw1rJbgxPThgkhmSwK4g08lt"% "25252B4j5FUt2sI1r9cizNfyJnw"% "25253D"% "25253D"% "25250A" –cookie "LSE5Xgebmy-_8Po7xHRyAlTVqKVtHI8D9lkYWu8VkUrY1gkOqMt1WG9XfMB1pRwpxb-AR5W2ApPl4y6aVa4TrrnWdLQLWhe7PybJuIZHmPipzh96kBrkMfH-gZ17hKChY8mfQbUtkND6EOMjiiGMhQ8Im3OuKbKDa6tM7gKCzHA = null" –header "Content-Type: application / json; charset = UTF-8 "- header" Accept: /"–header" Host: api2-preprod.incentivenetworks.com "–header" Connection: Keep-Alive "–header" User Agent: Apache-HttpClient / 4.5.3 (Java / 11.0.1) "- – user "ashish: a26B) n ^ A?"% "6Wf! AsJw "–compressed –insecure –verbose
This is what is being printed. But if I delete! AsJw Then the query works well. This value is generated by the system, so can you help me in this regard? Do not hesitate to get more information

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Good follow up!

mysql – Replace column with LEFT OUTER join to save space

I have a table t1 with 100M line. For column A, 95% of the lines have a value NO0, the other records have values ​​between 1 and 9.

To reduce my table, I think about moving the column A at the table t2. t2 would contain only lines where A is not NO0. The "original" table would then be created by performing a OUTER EXTERNAL JOINT enter t1 and t2.


  • Is this a common approach?
  • Is there a name for this model?
  • Are there any disadvantages except that I have to manage two tables now in my application code?

(I'm using MySQL, but I guess that's not so important for this question.)

Update: As it turns out, NO was not a good choice for my example (because, according to the database engine, it might not need any storage). I have rewritten the first sentence of my question to specify what I am asking.

php – do not save changes

hello it turns out that i do some queries and i found that during the debug it sends me a message where it says that the sample table is not found utilisateursAccessImpression. the problem is that I certainly have no table like this in my database, whereas in the code, it was like utilisateursAccessImpression and I've put everything in lowercase because it's in the base, I have solved other similar problems, the problem is already all to change and I continue to display the same message while I n & # 39; I do not even have that word and continue to show that I've corrected the upper and lower case errors. Does anyone know how to fix this problem that does not save changes or display them?

    $ sql = "SELECT u.idUser,
user name,
(SELECT COUNT (*) FROM bitacoraaruserfile b WHERE b.idFile = ap.idArchivo AND b.idUsuario = u.idUser AND b.idPermisoArchivo = 2) as impressActurales
DE fileperfilpermiso
WHERE idPermisoArchivo = 2 AND idFile = {$ idFile}) ap
INNER JOIN users or ON u.idProfile = ap.idProfile
INNER JOIN useraccessprinting on ON user.id = u.idUser
WHERE sa.idFile = {$ idFile} ";

slideshows – Save the Mathematica presenter notebook in PDF format?

I've applied Mathematica to present notebook as the main presentation tool. I found that it was an effective alternative to LaTex, and a cleaner alternative to PowerPoint.
However, when I project my screen with a projector, there are always problems with zoom or resolution. I wonder if it is possible to save my presenter notebook in a portable format, such as PDF?
Thank you so much.

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