99% of Airdrops seem to be scams. | NewProxyLists

I have reached at least 30 to 35 "Airdrops" in the past two months and I have not received anything that has been promised or announced.

Very frustrating. I think instant airdrops would attract more people into a project, but 99% of the time, they make you wait for months and even then, you are not assured that you will receive Airdrop. Especially if the coin goes up in price.

They become greedy and sell hundreds or millions of dollars of the coin, then give up the project. I guess nothing really prevents crooks from creating coins with their own "DEX" and promoting the hell out of their coin, then selling it to all the people they've spun with for months on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook will not deliver. Scammers can become millionaires instantly if they create a billion pieces, place them on their "DEX" they control and cost them a dime per coin.

Most want you to join an Airdrop, then they encourage you to buy their coin with Bitcoin and Ethereum in exchange for their worthless coins that they will pump and discard as soon as the coin has been exchanged.

I posted some discussions on Airdrops and I apologize to anyone who was wrong about Airdrop.

In the future, I will ensure that, if I post more Airdrops, they will be legitimate first.

The Metahash Airdrop that I posted about where you get 1000 Metahash chips is a bit legit. You get the 1000 promised MHC chips, but they make you wait, which takes days or weekends. What they do not specify clearly is that these 1000 pieces of MHC are loaned to you, so you can not remove them. The 1000 MHC is used to "forge" (like staking) and you do not get 100% of the daily rewards generated by the 1,000 MHC coins. I get 20% of the daily rewards by joining their Telegram group, which has about 8 MHC per day. If you buy 1000 MHC with your personal money, you receive 100% of the daily rewards, which currently stands at around 39 MHC per day with 1000 MHC.

Once you have received the thousand MCH, provided they declare forging at least four hours a day, you will receive the daily reward, but your rewards only begin three days after the start of Forging. It's really confusing and not very clear, so I leave my Forging on 24/7. From what I've seen, if you use a VPN, your IP address will be considered public and getting the MHC 1000 is worthless if you do not use your actual IP address. If you buy your own MHC, it does not matter if you use a VPN.

I can not complain too much. The 1000 MHC were free after all. The creators of MHC have spent a lot of time and effort on their project, so it's something positive.

identity theft – Registration paper stolen from a glove box, what types of scams are possible?

I casually left my car unlocked and intruders searched the night. They only took the registration and insurance card (Ohio, USA). It seems strange to me, because these things are not really useful to anyone except for the personal information they contain, although I do not think it's enough information to support online accounts or to make me to pass for a person. Strangely, they did not take low-stakes items like change, or high-value items like a dashboard camera and expensive sunglasses, or even plates, that would have been helpful with the recording.

What should I worry about as a result of this leak of information?

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Domain name scams

"Domain Registry of America" ​​is a company that manages whois data via Trolls and sends fake invoices to domain name owners. If you pay the bill, they will ask you for your EPP authorization code to transfer your domain to them.

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Stay away from CPMstar, Scams Now

I work with CPMstar over 1 years.

But I did not receive my payment for November 2018 at the beginning of this month.

until 01.18.2019 I send an e-mail to ,, request my payment no answer. 23.01.2019, I suspended the ad code and asked for my payments, I got an answer from below and "account disabled".

& # 39; Your account has been reported and closed because you have sent fraudulent traffic. You are in flagrant violation of our terms and conditions and CPMStar is not obliged to pay on fraudulent traffic. We have no tolerance for this type of violation. & # 39;

Then they do not reply to my emails until now.

I have some questions:
Why do not they tell me that the traffic problem comes from my account? If the fraudulent traffic now appears, why are they closing all my payments?
Why do not they deactivate my account sooner? This payment cycle is lost two and a half times later.
Why not provide the details of fraudulent traffic?

They do not give me the details of the fraudulent traffic, and do not agree to check the traffic, but do not give any reason to pay.

So I suddenly understood that they wanted to defraud my payments ($ 1,983.82 in November, $ 1,666.27 in December), I am an individual and I am not in the United States, I can not not to prosecute. But I can remind everyone the webmaster "Do not waste your time. Stay away from CPMstar, "

How to protect yourself from Forex broker scams – Discussions & Help

Although you may appear as a sheep in front of the giant, wicked wolf brokers, it's not enough for you to accept their act of malice and abuse.
If you feel discouraged because it seems like brokers hold all the trumps, rest assured knowing that there are simple but effective steps you can take to equalize.


Take prices and compare brokers

Imagine an image of a horse with blinkers. The vision of this horse is limited to see only what is ahead.

Assuming there is a penchant on his pact, our hypothetical horse will have no other reasonable choice than to call upon the extra courage and effort needed to jump over the horse. ;obstacle. In the light of things; it's a very unhappy horse.
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NEW – Sweatcoinapp.uk. Pay for legitimate apps or scams? | NewProxyLists

This application is profitable, but before receiving your payments via Paypal, you must have more or less 20 to 30 people as your referrals. For me, it's a negative application. A true paid app does not require anyone to join it using its user. The app's functionality was good too, and makes the gadgets gobbled up all the time. It was only my opinion because I too had this application but I already uninstalled it from my device because it makes my device cluttered and it does not work well