Negative scanner – Epson Scan 2 option does not have transparency for film scanning

I'm using my Epson V600 (or sometimes, the GT-X820) for 6 years. I've looked at Apple updates and I've already broken the Epson software.
(Currently running OSX 15.1 Cat)

However, this time with the introduction of Epson Scan 2, I find myself in a difficult situation.

Currently, I have downloaded and installed all the appropriate drivers and updated all other related software, but the software does not display any sort of transparency options, which allows me to scan my movie.
Reference Photo Epson Scanner 2 Document Source Application

That's what I see, but looking around, I came across this video in which the guy who used Epson Scan was able to correctly select the transparency mode.

Screen capture of the video referenced in the paragraph above with the correct setting displayed.

I have tried to install on the Epson Scan 2 that I have installed on the US site with a version of the Epson Scan available on the JP website (Japan), but it did not work.

I will try to check if the uninstallation and the reinstallation have been corrected, but I do not know if it will work.
If there are any other recommendations, I am fully tuned because I can not get it to work with VueScan right now that I do not want to shell out $ 80 at the moment.

How to prevent Google Drive OCR from scanning your image files?

I realized that google drive image files are "scanned by ocr" to search for words (letters, numbers).
Because they then appear in Google Drive search results …
Is it possible to disable this & # 39; ocr scan & # 39; and this automatic indexing? For example for security reasons …

How to start face scanning for Apple Photos on Mac Mojave?

My photos Apple contains more than 1000 photos, but only over 100. It says that it will scan when my Mac is loaded and when the application is not used. However, it did not seem to work.

Does anyone know how I can manually start the scanning process?

Epson XP960 or better for scanning / printing fine art?

I am looking for a recommendation for the A3 scan / print at the Fine Arts home office (acrylic painting and photos)?

PCI scanning without certification | Talk Web Hosting

I wonder if there is a service (preferably free) that can perform a PCI vulnerability scan on a server, but does not give a true certification.

I am looking for something that I can use to analyze our servers, to see what could be corrected in terms of PCI compliance. I am not interested in this analysis officially certifying the server, but simply by elements that I can check to see what could be corrected.

This could be useful for VPS resellers or dedicated server. In this way, we can run the server during the PCI scan and see what needs to be fixed. Then, put the server back to the client where it can go through a PCI ASV system, which, hopefully, would show it compliant or nearly compliant (I think the ASV PCI check verifies the version numbers, which implies typically the requirement to display the output of the change log – RHEL and CentOS systems indicating that the changes have been reversed).

Someone knows of such a system?

I know that Qualys SSL Lab is similar – it's not really specific to PCI, but can give you a picture of the overall health of the server. But Qualys is only web. It does not check SMTP / POP / IMAP or other services. Although the ideal would be to imitate a PCI scan, simply using Qualys to check other services can help.

android – Mobile Code Scanning

I know that MobSF is generally well recommended as an OSS solution for mobile code scanning.

To my knowledge though, it only performs dynamic analysis of Android apps (and you need genymotion?). Is there a tool I could use to supplement MobSF and provide dynamic analysis to iOS apps. It would prefer to be automated, but if a manual effort is required, that would be enough.

All options would be great!

Scanning – What could cause vertical lines in the scanned photos?

I also suspect that there is Something inside your scanner interfering with scans.

Since the fault follows the direction of the scan, the problem is probably on the scanner (not on the glass).

For scanners using the CIS (Touch Image Sensor), it can be located on the "light conductor" that is almost in contact with the scanning surface. For scanners equipped with CCD sensors, the problem can arise on several mirrors or on the lens in front of the sensor.

If you have already detached the glass from the scanner case, you may have put it on the wrong side of the sensor. The glass could have coatings on one side that are needed to prevent reflections from interfering with the scan. The same goes for all the other components between the sensor and the target.

seo – The AMP product page does not show up when scanning for some websites, while others are showing?

I did the same research and found similar results. What I noticed was that the AMP sign (the sign of the bolt) was missing from the Visit button of the result of your product. This means that the website has not been optimized for AMP (see attached screenshots).Image 1.Image 2

The design of the AMP must comply with the AMP specifications of the AMP.

If you have both an AMP and non-AMP version of a web page, use non-AMP page to inform Google of AMP versions. Use also refer to the non-canonical version of the page.

Make sure to validate the AMP pages.

If I have a scanned photo at 300 dpi and the dimensions are 4×6, if I need to print in 8×10 or higher from scanning

the quality of printing would not it be so good? Do I need to scan at a higher resolution for larger prints?

What are the best Epson Scan settings for scanning black and white negatives?

I use Epson V600 as a scanner and with the default Epson Scan application.
What is the best setting to use for the application?

enter the description of the image here

For example, what is the right kind of image, resolution?
Similarly, should I check the blur mask, grain reduction, etc.?