europe – Should I get a residence permit or Schengen tourist visa?

I want to try living in about a dozen countries in Europe in next few years. My purpose is to answer the following question.

Based on my own experience of living in different countries, is there a country I want to move to in Europe?

To move around, I can get Schengen visa or I can get 2-year temporary residency from Portugal using D7. Here’s my comparison of the options.

Pros of residence permit

  • I don’t have to leave Schengen area for 90 days in 180 day period.
  • More freedom of movement in Schengen area, less headache, less fees. I’d request a 3 year Schengen visa but they might think I should start with a visa that’s valid for only 90 days, which would require me to go to an embassy in a specific country in person, wait for my passport to be mailed back to me, arrange plane tickets and long term stays months in advance, and repeat this process many times.
  • If I decide to move to Portugal, I’d be 2 years closer to being a permanent resident and citizen there.

Cons of residence permit

  • Extra effort. Finding an apartment to lease. Getting NIF. Navigating NHR.
  • Possibly taxes. I live off of my savings and have no income so this isn’t a problem for now. But I might start working (as a remote contractor for non-EU companies). If I conclude that I don’t want to move to Portugal, then I can treat the residence permit like it’s a 2 year Schengen visa. I’m not sure if this is ok. Is there anyone here who has or had temporary residence permit of Portugal who can comment on this? Maybe I should ask the embassy?

Portugal is at the top of my list because it has lower cost of living, easier requirements for resident permits, warmer winters compared to other Schengen countries. Never been to Portugal before but I’ve spent a few months in Brazil.

germany – How to fill Schengen visa form if I want to apply for a multiple entry 5-year visa

I have extensive travel history to Schengen zone on Schengen as well as national visa’s in the past. Right now, I want to apply for a 5 year multiple-entry schengen visa.

Here are few fields I need clarification with:

  1. Intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area / Intended date of departure from the Schengen Area

Should intended departure date from schengen be the intended date of first trip, or some date after 5 years from now?

  1. Number of entries requested.

I think it should obviously be “Multiple”

  1. Duration of the intended stay or transit

Should I write the duration of first trip here or standard 90 days or 365 * 5 = 1825 days here?

Can I travel freely (no COVID-19 restrictions) within Schengen Area after formally entering a Schengen country?

Does this US traveler needed to take any COVID-19 test again

No, testing is not necessary once you are vaccinated in most countries.

to go from Rome to Paris you need to have proof of vaccination although it’s unclear what they will accept and fill out the “Statement of honor” document there.

Paris to Marid? “You must complete the entire Form from the website or the app, and from 48 HOURS before the flight you can send the form to the health authorities. Once sent you will receive an email with a QR Code that will allow you to access the destination airport. You must have it printed or on your mobile phone”.

Or he/she can travel freely without having to do anything?


schengen – Long stay visa requirement for Chinese citizen married to a Romanian citizen

My wife is Chinese and I’m Romanian. We currently live in Beijing, but are planning to fly to Romania in February, where she will get the residence permit. After that, we want to travel for 6-12 months within the EU, by car. The issue is that with that document, she still won’t be able to travel within the Schengen area, Romania not being part of Schengen. As far as I’m aware, only Sweden is issuing visas right now. She received tourist visas in the past from France (last one was for 1 year) and I’m not sure if it matters, but we lived in the UK for 2 years, until the pandemic came.
From the website, I could find that she still needs a Schengen visa to enter the zone from Romania. Also, it’s stated there that there shouldn’t be any issues if she doesn’t have a visa, because the customs authorities are able to grant it on the spot, if shown proof of marriage. Now, we don’t prefer this option, as we would like to have everything in check 100% and get a visa beforehand. Also, it’s stated on the website that she would only be able to stay 90 days out of 180 days in the Schengen countries with a short stay visa. Would it be possible to stay longer with a long stay visa? How do we apply for that? We definitely don’t want to spend only 90/180 days.
The French government website states this: “A foreign national who holds a long-term resident permit-EU from a state of the European Union” is exempted from visa)(
Many other websites state that she needs a visa, even though she has a residence permit for family member. It is quite confusing.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I have a German (D type national visa) but was not allowed entry into another schengen state

I was travelling from Germany to Hungary on a valid German (D type national visa). The visa mentions Germany in valid to field. However while travelling to Hungary through rail, i was stopped and checked by Austrian police who after looking at the visa said it was not valid for travel to other schengen states but only Germany. They later handed me over to Hungarian police, who detained me for few hours, checked my visa, and later released me telling me that I should immediately return to Germany, without continuing to my destination (Budapest). Was this denial of entry legal, and would the Hungarian authorities have entered this incident in SIS, or could it result in problems now that I am in the process of applying for blue card in Germany?

Change in travel dates while waiting for Schengen Visa result

so I applied for a Schengen visa and waiting for the result. Assuming that I get the visa: In my application I stated the dates of travel from December 15 to December 31, 2021 I also bought the health insurance plan for said dates. Let’s say there’s a change in plan, and I want to go from Dec 10th, 2021 rather than Dec 15th.

Question: is it legal to do so, or will there be there any record on my Schengen visa, stating that I have to travel on the date that I used in my visa application (Dec 15th – Dec 31)?

air travel – Traveling by plane to Schengen Area. What are the possible reasons that prevent me from entering the country?

I recently applied for a Schengen Visa (from: Canada. First entry: Germany) and waiting for the result. Even with the visa, I’m still a little bit nervous and started making up different scenarios in my head.
Let’s say I get approved, I have taken at least 2 covid vaccine shots, I have the negative covid test result 3 days before travel date. What would be the possible causes that might prevent me from entering the country?

Schengen visa to Spain from Morocco

Asking about Moroccan people
If can enter a Spain with schengen visa without checking in negative couvid-19 test or still need it even they have password couvid-19 everything about travel in Morocco

usa – Do some Schengen area countries share entry-exit data with the United States automatically?

As a follow-up to this question I asked a while back, a recent article on QZ claims

Despite holding valid visas and proof of being out of a restricted area for more than 14 days, some travelers are being denied boarding at Dubrovnik’s airport. They are receiving little explanation as to why, other than it is the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that is not granting them permission to travel to the US.

What is happening appears to be nothing more than a glitch, and travelers who have been denied visa clearance were eventually allowed on later flights (…)

As I mentioned in my previous question, this claim seems true, as it happened to a friend.

The article then quotes the CEO of APEX:

Joe Leader (…) believes European citizens leaving the Schengen areas and eventually heading to the US might not have their passport correctly scanned when leaving the Schengen area, even if they request a stamp, because that is not routine for European passports.

The lack of an electronic record delays the time CBP needs to verify the European citizens meet the requirements to travel.

How likely is it that this is the issue? I thought until EES comes into service, even Schengen area countries do not have an electronic way to check entry-exit records for other Schengen countries. Does the US CBP really have access to electronic Schengen exit records?

Schengen visa (for tourism) requirements for an Indian student in the US

Like the title says, I am an Indian citizen studying in the US and I’ll be a student for possibly the next 5 years. The specific visa I am on is the F-1 visa. I would like to visit the Schengen area for tourism over the next few years, but I am unsure about visa requirements.

According to this, as an F-1 visa holder, I am a temporary resident of the US.

Now this says:

As per the foreign nationals residing in the US on a temporary or
permanent residence permit, the following do not need to obtain a visa
to enter Europe:

  1. Foreign passport holders coming from one of the countries that have established the visa-free regime with the EU
  2. Foreigners with dual citizenship, one of which is of a country that has established the visa-free regime with the EU (These people
    will have to travel with their EU-visa-exempt-country passport)
  3. Foreigners that hold dual citizenship, one of which is of an EU member country (These persons will have to travel with their European

On the other hand, there are still categories of people residing in
the United States that have to obtain a visa in order to be permitted
to enter Europe.

These categories are as following:

  1. Internationals living in the United States, coming from one of the countries that have not established a visa-free regime with the EU
  2. Internationals living in the United States, coming from one of the countries that have established the visa-free regime with the EU, but
    were previously denied entry to the Schengen Area.

The very first point is of interest to me. I am a foreign passport holder coming from the US and I am a temporary resident of the US.

My understanding is that IF I try to visit, say Germany, I don’t need a Schengen visa to enter the country as long as I am coming directly from the US (or any other country which has established a visa-free regime with the EU, say Serbia?). And I will need a visa if I am trying to visit Germany if I am coming directly from India.

Is my understanding right?

As Indian citizens don’t need a visa to enter Serbia, can I enter the Schengen area with my F-1 visa while going first from India to Serbia and then to one of the Schengen countries?