How would I answer this? I recently started doing computer studies at school

is this format okay? this is my first time using stackexchange.

email – Can my school see what I’m doing on my phone?

I have multiple gmail accounts logged in to my gmail app on my phone. One of them is my school email because I like getting the notifications directly to my phone without having to log in to my computer. I haven’t installed any software from them, but I have used their WiFi in the past. But when I’m at home, using my own WiFi, can they see what’s on my phone? I don’t log into google with my school email when I search something, but my account is still on the gmail app and the google drive app. Can they see my history, pictures and texts? Kinda scared haha, my friend told me they can, but I didnt believe him so I came here.

Is index access old school in frontend development?

I recently reviewed a PR and saw the following.

const parts = someString.split('.');
return parts(parts.length - 1);

was changed to

const (last) = someString.split('.').reverse();
return last;

I commented that I am against the change for the reasons that it is harder to read and not performant.

The answer was that it is only hard to read, because I am not used to it and that performance does not matter if you use big frameworks like React for example.

Who is right and why?

❓ASK – Learning alone at home or learning in school | NewProxyLists

I spent a year in a IT school, where there were teachers teaching us programming and i really liked it, but since this pandemic happened, we have to study at home, and as you know, it’s nowhere to be compared with visiting school, so there are a lot of issues, that you can’t find a solution for in the internet or your language doesn’t help you at all to explain them, unlike in school where there’s the teacher that can help you with everything, as well as the friends, and there is a lot of practice and exercices in the school unlike in home,
so what do you prefer, studying programming in a school or alone ?


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is it bad to disconnect from a school on your school laptop

So i wanted to download roblox on my school laptop. it is blocked. is it bad to disconnect from your school?

wifi – Can my school computer see my files via USB?

I was issued a chromebook, as was everyone at my school, to use for work in class and in case school has to shut down again. We bring it home so it connects to my personal Wi-Fi when I’m at home. I was working on homework and needed to transfer a pdf file off of my tablet to my chromebook, so I decided to just hook it up via USB. Could the school see all my files and pictures when it was hooked up even though I’m on my Wi-Fi? Are the files on my tablet no longer visible on the chromebook once the USB connection is unhooked?

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The London School of Economics (LSE) will be offering an online course on cryptocurrency investing, starting in August 2018, Financial Times reports Monday, July 9.

According to the announcement, the new course dubbed “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption,” will help students learn some “practical skills to interact with cryptocurrency exchanges,” including how to use cryptocurrency wallets, as well as “evaluate the analytics” of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The LSE, which is alma mater to 36 “world leaders” and 18 Nobel Prize laureates, claims it is known for its motto to “understand the causes of things.” By introducing the course, the university intends to help global “private organisations, individual investors, financial service firms, governments,” as well as “regulatory bodies” to make sense of the “highly disruptive trend” of crypto.

“The exponential growth and volatility of cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology underpinning them has led to a global interest in cryptoassets, ICOs and the distribution of digital wealth.”

The online course is set to be led by Dr Carsten Sørensen, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Innovation. Consisting of six modules that add up to 60 hours of class time, participation in the course will cost €1,800, or roughly $2,116.

The University of Malta was also reported today to announce a blockchain degree that will be taught starting in October 2018.

In February, Australian public research university RMIT launched the country’s first university course on blockchain technology. The 8-week course, dubbed “Developing Blockchain Strategy”, intends to teach not only theoretical aspects of blockchain, but also the practical skills needed to use the technology.

windows – Can my school track my laptop?

I do a distance education program in Australia. My distance ed school sends out laptops to all students on loan until they leave school/the program. The laptop is specifically a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e (5th Gen) if that makes a difference. My worry is that one of the head teachers had informed us they can tell if you install games and such on the laptops, which makes me think about what they could see on there. Is this just ‘scaring’ the kids into not installing stuff they shouldn’t have or could this be real. I have reset Windows twice, so all files were removed.

Determine the linear inequality that defines the following graph, I am currently study year 11 maths at school

Determine the linear inequality that defines the following graph